What Type Of Shoes Do You Wear On A Motorcycle

Wearing a motorcycle boot/shoe is not a corporate shoe that is accepted at work. You could get sanctioned for fired for wearing such type of shoe to work. This is one reason why a lot of people wear office dress shoes while riding their motorcycle to work. This is very wrong.

You can wear leather riding shoes, moto shoes, adventure shoes, riding shoes, touring shoes, and dirt bike shoes specifically for your motrocycle.

The simplest way to do this is to take 2 pairs of shoes to work whenever you want to ride your motorcycle to work.

What Type Of Shoes Do You Wear On A Motorcycle

Let’s talk about the 3 best types of motorcycle shoes you can ride in which guarantees you a smooth sail across any terrain or floor surface you plan to ride in:

Leather riding boots

A pair of leather riding boots is a great type of shoe you can wear whenever you want to ride your motorcycle. Most importantly, if you are a newbie/beginner in riding. The leather riding boot is the recommended type of riding shoe you should buy. It has amazing features which make it the best for you:

  • Leather riding boots are made of waterproof leather materials which are very durable and can last for years under any condition.
  • It has a slip-resistant and anti-skid sole which gives you enough stability and traction while riding your motorcycle.
  • It offers adequate protection to your ankles, feet, and toe. It has a steel toe cap which is added protection for your toes in case of an accident.
  • It has an impenetrable sole which no sharp object can pierce through.
  • It has added padding on the inside which is specifically built for added comfort. The soft and cushioned insole also keeps your feet and toes comfortable while riding.

Leather riding boots keep you at great ease while riding.

An example of one is the HARLEY-DAVIDSON FOOTWEAR Men’s Motorcycle Boot.

Moto Shoes

This is majorly for those who are in love with sneakers. If you are in love with sneakers and you need a riding shoe that looks exactly like sneakers, then you should try moto shoes out.

Moto shoes are a combination of both sneakers and a typical motorcycle riding shoe. Moto shoes look very simple but classic. You can wear moto shoes on a pair of jeans and look so cool with your helmet on while riding your motorcycle.

Furthermore, moto shoes have a breathable feature which is similar to that of sneakers. This breathable feature keeps your feet and toes cool from the heat that emits from the motorcycle while riding it.

Moto shoes are also very comfortable and protect your feet and toes from accidents and injuries.

An example of this is the DVS Enduro shoe.

Riding Shoes

This shoe looks like boots, but they are not as clumsy as riding boots. Riding boots are heavier than riding shoes. However, riding shoes also offer maximum protection to your feet and toes.

It is made of water-resistant and durable leather material. Riding shoes are classic, simple, and elegant in design.

Furthermore, the heel cups and toe caps ensure you have a safe and smooth riding experience. Riding shoes have rubber soles which are very comfortable to ride in because they are not as stiff as the soles of riding boots.

Apart from the weight and sole quality of riding shoes, there is no difference between riding shoes and riding boots. They both offer the same benefits to everyone who wears them to ride his/her motorcycle.

An example of this is the Alpinestars motorcycle shoe.

Touring boots

This boot is mostly for those who spend an extended amount of time on their motorcycle. If you are always mounted on your motorcycle for long and extended hours on a daily basis, then you should get a touring boot for yourself. This is especially for professionals. As a beginner, you don’t need touring boots.

This does not mean that beginners cannot wear it. However, it is more advisable for beginners to start with LEATHER RIDING BOOTS than touring boots.

Compared to leather riding boots, touring boots are a lot heavier and it might be difficult for a beginner to handle while riding his/her motorcycle.

Touring boots are one of the best protective shoes you can wear whenever you want to ride your motorcycle. It extends up to full length. Touring boots cover your entire legs up until your calves and they serve as protection against the impact that might be negative in the case of a sudden accident or collision with an oncoming vehicle.

Furthermore, wearing touring boots allows for effective foot control while riding your motorcycle. I bought a pair of touring boots some months ago and I must admit that they are very good for riding motorcycles.

Touring boot comes in a very stylish and elegant body frame which makes you look extremely cool whenever you are riding your bike.

You can tuck in your leather pants into the touring boot for a bit of style. Furthermore, touring boots have additional padding on the inside which is made with heavy foam material for proper cushioning of your feet; this makes your feet and toes comfortable.

You don’t have to worry about wearing touring boots for long because it has no negative effect whatsoever.

Apart from the fact that it does not have a breathable feature because it engulfs the whole of your legs (which is a feature of good motorcycle riding shoes), touring boots are very comfortable to wear and ride with.

However, compared to racing boots or dirt boots, touring boots do not provide torsional bracing. However, they offer adequate protection to the most delicate parts of your feet and toes.

They are very expensive and this is why a lot of motorcycle riders don’t use tourist boots. Furthermore, they come in a wide variety of designs, colors and brands.

You can walk in touring boots and still experience great comfort and stability. Likewise, while saddling or motorcycling, you would enjoy great stability and comfort as well.

Touring boots are very compact and they hug your legs so tight that they cannot fall off. Furthermore, the sole is high-traction which is necessary for stability while riding your motorcycle.

My Alpinestars Corozal Oiled Boots is my favorite when I talk of Touring boots.

Dirt Bike Boots

Off-road motorcycling is a very difficult type of motorcycling exercise that requires a lot of technicality and expertise.

Without proper preparation and skill, you can be assured of having an accident.

Off-road riders are those who veer off the road and decide to ride on very rough terrains either uphill or a downward slope.

This is why it is very important that you get an appropriate boot that offers protection more than any other feature.

Dirt bike boots don’t compete for elegance, comfort, or other features. An off-road biker simply needs a boot that can offer adequate protection to his/her feet, toes, ankles, and heels.

This is why dirt bike boots are very functional and important for this cause.

Dirt bike boots are the heaviest bike boot I have ever motorcycled in. they are very stiff and rigid.

The construction of dirt bike boots is intentionally made this way because of the terrain of off-road motorcycling.

One of the common things you would find with off-road bikers is that they always put their feet down whenever they want to corner with speed. This feat requires a lot of technicality and skill.

Furthermore, they require a boot that is strong and stiff enough to protect their toes from impact.

This is where the dirt bike boot comes in. It is built for this and it provides adequate support to your toes and feet.

Dirt bike boots have a strong shock absorbent feature that prevents shocks or impacts that might affect your feet and toes negatively.

Dirt bike boots always have buckles either at the toe cap or around the sole. This is one way to identify dirt bike boots.

Dirt bike boots also come in a lot of various styles, forms, and colors. Furthermore, they are well-ventilated boots that allow air to pass through in order to keep your feet and toes dry and cool enough during your motorcycle expedition.

Dirt bike boots have a firm fit that closely hugs your legs for compact.

As a newbie, dirt bike boots are not good for you. It is highly possible for you to hurt yourself while trying to ride in them.

This is why a lightweight and less rigid motorcycling shoe is what you need whenever you are just starting out. Dirt bike boots are for professionals and those skillful on the off-road rough terrains.

Compared to the touring boots, dirt bike boots are a lot cheaper. Dirt bike boots are difficult to walk in because of what they are made for.

Here is an example of dirt bike boots.

Adventure Boots

I tried off-road cycling just once and as much as it was a great experience, it was a difficult time for me. I prefer riding on-road or tracks to off-road or tracks.

However, there are a lot of riders who ride off-road and on-road. For these types of riders, it would be too expensive to get different types of motorcycling shoes.

This is where adventure boots come in. adventure boots combine the features and function of an off-road and a normal riding shoe in order to suit the purpose and need of adventure riders.

Adventure boots combine both the protection that comes from dirt bike boots with the comfort that comes from touring boots. This makes adventure boots the perfect hybrid shoe for every professional motorcycle rider.

As a newbie, adventure boots is the next boot to buy once you cross the beginner phase. Adventure boots afford you the opportunity to ride off-road and on-road with just one boot.

Adventure boots are the best boots for riders who ride for long hours. Adventure boots are very durable and can withstand the toughest and harshest weather condition.

Under extremely hot weather, your feet would be so cool and comfortable. Furthermore, under cool weather conditions, your feet would be cozy and warm. Weather conditions do not affect the quality of adventure boots.

This type of boot has the strength and protective feature of a dirt bike boot which is necessary for off-road biking and it also has the flexibility and lightness of typical touring boots which is necessary for pavement or on-road biking.

This hybrid shoe comes in a very classic design which would make you look cool and stylish whenever you wear it with your helmet on.

It is very affordable when compared to touring boots. Dirt bike boots are a little cheaper than adventure boots.

However, the best budget would be to buy an adventure boot instead of buying a touring boot and dirt bike boot separately.

This Gaerne G-Adventure Boots is my favorite.

While riding, wear your riding shoe and when you get to the office, you can change to the normal corporate shoe that your organization deems appropriate. It is not a good and safe decision to wear work shoes while riding a motorcycle.

You are going to suffer the same fate as the one who wears a sneaker to ride his/her motorcycle.

This is the simple solution to the problem. Simply take along your office shoe. But don’t ride in them.

What your Motorcycle shoe must possess

What Type Of Shoes Do You Wear On A Motorcycle

A good biking shoe must have the following features:

  • It must offer a lot of comfort to your feet and toes.
  • It must offer maximum protection against any sudden accident.
  • It must be highly shock absorbent.
  • It must have a firm fit on your leg. It must properly lock in your feet.

These are the four main features of a good biking shoe. These features are going to give you a smooth and safe riding experience if you find them in your riding shoe.

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