What Shoes to Wear at Starbucks

Starbucks strongly advises and encourages that you wear slip-resistant shoes in order to avoid injuries that might arise from slips or falls.

The shoe must also cover the whole of your feet.

For safety purposes, Starbucks has narrowed down the types of footwear that are allowed for employees. This is found in the employees’ handbook and I am going to be listing out a few for you.

  • Leather shoe.
  • Rubber shoe.
  • Suede shoe.
  • Lace-up boots.
  • Faux leather sneakers with accent.
  • Closed heel clog.

For safety purposes and to prevent injury in the event of a hot substance or heavy object dropping on your feet, the types of footwear recommended must have a closed toe, with a flat closed heel covering the top of the food as much as possible.

The Types of Shoes to Wear At Starbucks

LARNMERN steel toe safety shoe

This non-slip shoes provide both comfort and safety to your feet. It is lightweight and makes walking convenient, comfortable, and without fatigue.

It has a breathable upper because it is made with knit fabrics which makes the feet cool and very comfortable.

You can adjust the firmness of this footwear by adjusting the lace on the shoe to your best preference.

This shoe is both for males and females. Unlike other safety shoes, the LARNMERN steel toe safety shoe is very affordable and does make your feet heavy when you wear them.

It has a steel toe that protects against injury while at work. This type of shoe is recommended and permitted at Starbucks.

It also has a return policy and a very effective customer experience. As an employee at Starbucks, this is a shoe that meets all the safety requirements, is cheap, and has a stylish feature and a lot of color variants that adds a bit of class and style to your outlook.

LARNMERN steel toe safety shoe.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It offers comfort and safety to your feet and toes.
  • It has an insole that absorbs sweat and adds extra comfort to your feet.
  • It has a steel toe that protects you from injury while at work.
  • It has a rubber sole.
4 out of 5


TIMBERLAND work shoes

This is a brand that has been around for a long time with a high-standing reputation among other brands of footwear.

Timberland produces varieties of footwear and also produces and manufactures safety shoes that are suitable for Starbucks.

These safety shoes are light weighted and comfortable, they have steel toes, they are very classically outlined and designed and they are affordable.

It has a very amazing anti-fatigue technology that absorbs shock from walking and gives energy to your feet.

This footwear has been verified as safe for anyone within a working environment.

It has a synthetic sole and a firm grip underneath that prevents you from injuries that might arise as a result of tripping or falling down while walking.

It is very durable and comfortable to wear while on the job. There are sections for male and female footwear on their website.

I would list the shoes for males and females and you can check them out. Your satisfaction and safety are guaranteed while using this amazing footwear.





You can check them out and your satisfaction is guaranteed. This footwear also meets the requirements of Starbucks as an employee.

  • It has an anti-slip sole.
  • It has a beautiful design that adds a bit of class and style to your looks.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has a firm grip under its sole that prevents you from falling.
  • It might not be affordable compared to other footwear.
  • It has different footwear for males and females.
  • It has a steel toe that prevents you from sustaining an injury that might result from falling.
5 out of 5

Shoe for Crews

This brand also produces the best footwear that is suitable for comfort and safety. It has an anti-slip rubber sole and made up of durable leather quality. This brand has both shoes for males and females.

This brand ensures you work hard, stay safe and be comfortable. It has a trip-guard technology that prevents trip hazards that might result from walking between different floor panes (from oily to wet to greasy floors).

Also, it has a spill-guard technology that protects your feet and toes from an injury that might result from harmful, hot, or heavy objects when they fall or spill.

This brand provides affordable shoes that are beautifully designed to add class to your outlook. I would briefly talk about the male and female sections;

SHOES for crews senator for male

This is male footwear and meets the requirements of Starbucks’ appearance policy. It has an exterior leather cover with a rubber sole.

It is not lightweight, but is very comfortable and makes walking less stressful.

It is water-resistant and repels liquid when they spill on it. It is also fashionable and adds class and elegance to your looks.

It weighs 2.89pounds. It also comes in different sizes for different people’s preferences.


This is the female footwear for this brand and it meets the requirements of Starbucks appearance policy. It is extremely light weighted and comfortable for shoes.

It has an anti-slip sole that prevents you from sustaining injuries as a result of falling. It has a breathable upper that keeps your feet cool and adds extra comfort to your walking. It is durable and lasts longer. It is also affordable compared to the quality it offers.

SHOES FOR CREWS (male and female)
  • It is slip-resistant.
  • It is water-resistant
  • It has a classy and elegant design.
  • It is affordable
  • It is durable.
  • It is suitable for safety footwear while on the job.
4 out of 5

Can you wear Converse to Starbucks?

You can wear converse to Starbucks, but not all converse can be worn to Starbucks.

Canvas-converse footwear is not allowed because it does not protect your feet and toe from injury as a result of harmful or heavy substances and objects.

The converse that is allowed is the leather-converse footwear because of its coated material that repels liquid.

Types of Converse to Wear to Starbucks

I would list three examples of converse that can be worn to Starbucks. Click on the links to purchase them if you love Converse.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dress code at Starbucks

Can I wear leggings to Starbucks?

ANSWER: In the dress and appearance policy, wearing leggings is allowed only as socks and not a pant.

You cannot wear only leggings to Starbucks as an employee because it goes against the appearance policy of the organization.

Leggings are allowed only as a sock and not pants. When wearing leggings, you cannot wear them alone to work, you can wear them underneath a short skirt.

Can I wear sweatpants to Starbucks?

ANSWER: You cannot wear sweatpants to Starbucks because they are against the dress policy of Starbucks.

Sweatpants can melt if they come in contact with a hot liquid substance and is therefore seen as dangerous to employees.

Furthermore, it is not a corporate outfit. Any stretch pants like leggings, joggers, and sweat pants are not accepted as an outfit at Starbucks.

Can I wear jeans to Starbucks?

ANSWER: Jeans are allowed in Starbucks. However, it must be durable, fit, and comfortable, without rips and tears, patches or distress.

You are allowed to wear jeans because it is thick and safe for you as an employee.

The color of the jeans that is acceptable at Starbucks must be in dark shades or hue; no light color shade is allowed.

The jeans should not be too long in order to allow free movement while walking and working.

Jeans are allowed, but, they must be according to the color as stated in the Employee’s handbook. It can either be skinny or cuffed.

Can I wear hoops at Starbucks?

ANSWER: Only tiny hoops are allowed at Starbucks. The pieces of jewelry that are allowed must be small, moderate, and of simple design.

If you are going to use earrings, they must be small and very moderate.

According to the dress policy in the employee’s handbook, you are not allowed to wear big hoops to Starbucks because it is hazardous.

Can I wear gloves at Starbucks?

ANSWER: Gloves are optional for employees at Starbucks. The advantage of using gloves is that it prevents contact with germs while performing your duty.

Furthermore, gloves serve as protection from getting your bare hands injured as a result of direct contact with hot substances or harmful objects.

Gloves are allowed, but they are optional for every employee. There are various protective measures that prevent germs or hazards that can be used instead of wearing gloves (for those who don’t want to wear gloves).

Gloves serve as a barrier between hot coffee and bare skin. It also reduces the risk of contamination either from the employee to the client’s coffee or from the client to the employee as a result of physical contact like shaking of hands, etc.

Can I wear earrings at Starbucks?

ANSWER: Earrings can be worn to Starbucks. However, there are certain guidelines for wearing earrings as an employee of Starbucks.

The earring must be short, simple, and void of any harm or hazard. You can only wear a maximum of 2 earrings per ear.

Long or heavy earrings are not allowed at Starbucks because they can cause a distraction to the employee or be of danger to the employee while performing his/her duty.

Your earring must be short and moderate in order for it to adhere to the dress policy of Starbucks for its employees.

Can I wear nail polish at Starbucks?

ANSWER: Nail polish is not allowed at Starbucks because they are full of very dangerous chemical substances which can be dangerous to clients.

Nail polish is not allowed because it can slip off and fall into the coffee or whatever you are serving your client and expose your client to danger.

According to the dress policy governing the employees of Starbucks, nail polish is prohibited for safety reasons.

Can I wear my hair down at Starbucks?

ANSWER: It is prohibited to wear your hair down at Starbucks. Wearing your hair down puts you at risk and also puts the client at risk.

Wearing your hair down makes you susceptible to danger because it can come in contact with fire or other hot and harmful substances which might be harmful to you.

It can also be very harmful to your client because strands of hair might fall into the coffee or anything substances you are serving them which might pose a threat to their health when ingested.

Can I have tattoos working at Starbucks?

ANSWER: Yes, you can have tattoos on as an employee of Starbucks. However, it is required that you cover tattoos that are profane, racist, political, offensive, seductive, or harmful to clients.

Visible tattoos on the face and neck are not allowed as well. But you can have tattoos on other parts of the body such as the arm, etc. Furthermore, if you have a tattoo that is not allowed in Starbucks, it must be covered with clothing.

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