What Kind Of Shoes Do Starbucks Baristas Wear?

Based on my experience working as a barista and extensive online research, I have put together these amazing shoes you can wear to work as a Barista. Wanna check them out?

S/N Shoes for Barista Features Rating
(From 1 to 5)
1. Adidas original superstar sneaker Affordable sneaker for baristas 4/5
2. ADIDAS hoops core sneaker Best barista sneakers for grip and traction 4/5
3. STQ mesh sneakers Best mesh sneakers for female baristas 3/5
4. BZEEZ women’s barista ankle shoe Best elegant barista angle shoe for women 4/5
5. DR SCHOLLS shoes for men Best orthopedic shoe for baristas 4/5
6. CONVERSE unisex sneaker Best unisex casual footwear for baristas 3/5
7. VANS men’s low-top suede sneaker Best low-top sneaker for baristas 4/5
8. NIKE women’s low-top trainers Best low-top trainers for female baristas 4/5
9. SKECHERS work shoes Best overall foodservice shoe for baristas 5/5
10. CROCS unisex shoe Best cheap rubber shoes for baristas 4/5

Adidas original superstar sneaker

This is a sneaker that offers multiple benefits to its users. The Adidas original superstar sneaker is the best sneaker that offers maximum comfort and satisfaction to everyone who wears them.

For baristas at Starbucks, this is one of the most effective shoes you can ever wear. I worked at Starbucks for 3 years and I never regretted using the Adidas original superstar sneaker for once.

It offers comfort beyond what you can imagine and it also ensures that your feet are protected from strains and unnecessary pressures.

It is made of 100% nylon material which is easy to clean and wash. Furthermore, it is lightweight as opposed to how it looks from afar when looking at it.

Adidas is known to produce the best footwear you can ever imagine; this is why their brand always stands out among others.

The Adidas original superstar sneaker has a rubber sole that makes walking comfortable; the rubber sole also has a high traction feature which is efficient for slip-resistant.

With the Adidas original superstar sneaker, you can rest assured of comfort. This is a footwear that ensures your feet and toes are effective whenever you are working.

It is not cheap, but it is partially expensive as compared to the extremely expensive ones. It also comes in an amazing white and black design which is simple and elegant at the same time.

ADIDAS hoops core sneaker

As a Starbucks barista, you need to look great whenever you appear at work. The ADIDAS hoops core sneaker is the best shoe I can recommend to you which would make you look elegant.

It is made of 100% synthetic textile and nylon which makes it easy to clean and water-resistant. It is not bad to look fashionable and trendy while working at Starbucks; this is where the ADIDAS hoops core sneaker comes in.

It has a blend of colors that fits in with any dress you wear to work. Furthermore, it has a beautiful long pointed-toe design that gives your feet a dazzling look every time you wear them.

The ADIDAS hoops core sneaker gives me confidence whenever I wear it because of how much class it adds to my appearance. It has a rubber sole which comes in a deep brown color as additional beauty to the already classic sneaker.

This sole is durable and lightweight which makes walking around very easy. I normally wear the ADIDAS hoops core sneaker for as long as 6-8 hours without feeling any numbness or pain in my feet or sustaining injuries in my toes.

However, this sneaker is for men alone which makes it limited in how much it satisfies its users. It is also expensive and does not have a true-fit size feature.

As a Starbucks barista, this is a footwear that would make you classy and elegant while you are performing your duties.

It comes in three different color variants from which you can make your choice depending on your preference and fashion taste.

STQ mesh sneakers

STQ is not a popular brand and I am sure you have not heard about it before, but the qualities and strength embedded in this shoe are second to none.

This is a shoe for female baristas at Starbuck alone and this is what makes it limited. However, the amount of satisfaction it gives to its target audience is second to none.

The STQ mesh sneakers is the best shoe that offers arch support to your feet. It is a shoe that is suitable for you as an individual with flat feet.

All my female colleagues are addicted to the STQ mesh sneakers because of its distinctive features and qualities. It has a breathable mesh lining that allows air to pass through and keeps your feet and toes dry, cool, and comfortable.

Its soft athletic mesh material enables breathability and comfort to your feet and toes; it keeps your feet cool all day.

Furthermore, it has an EVA rubber sole which runs a little bit stiff and might be uncomfortable at first, but it provides adequate stability to your feet while walking around.

It is also made of a quality cotton mesh material with pores all over for comfort and class.

The material used to make the STQ mesh sneakers makes it impossible for you to wash or immerse in water. In order to clean this sneaker, you must endeavor to use a damp towel to clean this sneaker if you want it to last long enough.

Compared to other sneakers, this is the best sneakers I can recommend for female Baristas at Starbucks.

I must also add that the STQ mesh sneakers has a comfortable padded collar which prevents blisters from appearing on the sides of your feet and the top of your toes.

It is also very affordable; you don’t need to break the bank before you can get this shoe.

BZEEZ women’s barista ankle shoe

This is a corporate shoe that can be worn to work at Starbucks. This is actually one of the best corporate shoes I can recommend for female baristas at Starbucks.

It is probably the safest for female baristas as well. It is made of rubber which makes it water-resistant.

When serving coffees or other hot substances, your feet and toes are secured from getting burnt in the case of a slip.

The BZEEZ women’s barista ankle shoe is insurance against injury and accident that might occur while you are performing your daily activities at Starbucks.

It is heavy when compared to sneakers, but it is not that bad for your feet and toes to carry whenever you wear them.

It offers arch support and its rubber sole serves as a shock absorber to prevent your feet and toes from having pains that might result from constant pressure from walking around.

It comes in total black color which is one of the official colors of every organization. You can wear any outfit with the BZEEZ women’s barista ankle shoe and still look good.

However, it does not have an elegant look because it was not made for that purpose; but it is strong enough to carry you for as long as you want to keep wearing it.

DR SCHOLLS shoes for men

This is a HEAVY DUTY†shoe for men. This is the best corporate shoe for male baristas at Starbucks. My verdict is based on my experience with this shoe. It is very strong and durable.

It offers adequate protection to your toe through its steel toe-cap protection feature.

It is also made of synthetic leather material which makes it easy to clean and dry. It has a rubber sole that has high traction and provides stability for your feet every time you wear it.

It comes in a glossy black color which makes it appropriate for you to wear in an organizational setting.

This is one of the shoes that adheres strictly to the employee’s dress code regulation at Starbucks. It is safe, it is sturdy, and makes walking comfortable; furthermore, it is also very affordable.

However, I must say that this is a shoe that is heavy. Maybe at first, you might have a problem wearing it just like I did for a few weeks; but as time goes on, your feet and toes would be able to carry it just as it was a sneaker. It is not as lightweight as other footwear.

Furthermore, it does not have a breathable material that keeps your feet cool and comfortable.


Finally, this is a shoe that solves the puzzle of satisfying both male and female baristas at Starbucks. This is the best unisex shoe for baristas you can ever find.

Converse sneakers have a high reputation in organizations and industries.

It is the most used casual shoe in organizations because of its amazing qualities. This is a high-top sneaker that covers your feet and a larger part of your leg. It is lightweight and makes walking around pretty easy and comfortable.

It is has a rubber sole which is light and flexible enough to bend to any degree you want it to.

The rubber sole is anti-slip and grease resistant which makes it the best shoe for a barista because of the nature of work you would be engaging yourself with every day and every week.

The CONVERSE unisex CHUCK TAYLOR sneaker does not offer adequate arch support which might make you uncomfortable most especially if you have flat feet.

Furthermore, compared to the ADIDAS hoops core sneaker, it might not be as durable.

If you want to enjoy the CONVERSE unisex CHUCK TAYLOR sneaker, I would advise that you have one or two other pairs of shoes that can be used as a substitution for your CONVERSE unisex CHUCK TAYLOR sneaker; this is exactly what I did when I realized that it was beginning to look weak.

Consistent use of this shoe would make it deteriorate easily.

However, this does in any way demean its value and importance. The CONVERSE unisex CHUCK TAYLOR sneaker would give you the most amazing experience and comfort you ever want.

VANS men’s low-top suede sneaker

This is a casual shoe for men. However, it is the best I can think of while writing this article to you. Over time, I have become so obsessed with my VANS men’s low-top suede sneaker because of the experience I have whenever I wear it.

The VANS men’s low-top suede sneaker is made of suede material which makes it very easy to clean. You must not put this shoe into the water if you want it to last long. All you need to do is to wipe the suede material clean with a damp towel and allow it to dry before wearing.

The suede material used in producing this shoe is quality and has a breathable feature that makes your feet cool and comfortable.

It has extra padding on the inside that provides maximum comfort to your feet. There is a cushy feel you get whenever you put your feet into the VANS men’s low-top suede sneaker. This feeling stays with you all day.

This is why it is the best casual shoe I can recommend for male baristas at Starbucks. It is made of rubber sole which is lightweight and has high traction for stability while walking on slippery floor surfaces.

The VANS men’s low-top suede sneaker is the best choice for you if you are looking for stability and comfort while performing your duty as a male barista at Starbucks.

NIKE women’s low-top trainers

This is the best casual shoe for female baristas at Starbucks. The only distinctive quality that makes this shoe stand out is in the comfort it gives to its user.

It is made of foam which is the best material that can be used to make any shoe that has the comfort of its users in mind.

This is made by the NIKE brand which makes it a trustworthy shoe. As a female barista at Starbucks, you would be standing for hours and you need a shoe that would keep your feet in perfect position and comfort while standing.

The cushion material used to embed the inside of this shoe is so huge that it totally absorbs your feet and keeps it comfortable.

Furthermore, it is durable and has a rubber sole that makes walking steady, comfortable, and safe.

SKECHERS work shoes

SKECHERS is known for providing shoes for food service employees. Their footwear comes at a very cheap rate which makes their brand common among foodservice organizations.

The SKECHERS work shoes is one of the cheapest shoes you can find which also offers multiple benefits alongside. It is work shoe that provides maximum support to your feet, toes, and ankles.

It has a rubber sole that runs stiff but is very strong and durable enough to withstand pressure.

My SKECHERS work shoes were eventually abandoned in my shelf after wearing it for years.

This is a shoe you would literally get tired of. It is made of a water-resistant synthetic material that is suitable for foodservice organizations. It is affordable and good for male baristas.

This is the best overall foodservice shoe that is appropriate for baristas at Starbucks. The comfort and protection it offers are next to none.

CROCS unisex shoe

This is the most affordable shoe for baristas at Starbucks I would recommend. Furthermore, it is lightweight and water-resistant. The rubber make of this Crocs shoe makes it very durable.

This is a footwear that is guaranteed to last long irrespective of how much you use it.

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