What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear?

The shoes zookeepers wear must protect the feet of the zookeeper. Since you will be entering a habitat where animals reside, then you need to protect your feet. Your shoes must be sturdy boots or work shoes that are strong enough to protect the legs from injury and harm.

A zookeeper should wear hiking boots and work boots. They wear these shoes or boots because they are able to withstand the part of the zoo filled with water that is why the boots are water-resistant, they protect the ankle and are also durable, unlike the normal causal shoes that would easily wear off or tear.

What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear?

With that being said, a Zookeeper is a person who works as an animal attendant in the zoo and they are known as animal experts who are in charge of taking care of the health of the animals and they also make sure to take proper care of their habitat.

Their duties there are to feed the animals in the zoo, take care of their habitat and take care of their health. Zookeepers have their costume which is khaki, boots, or work shoes and they also have tools that they use.

There are a lot of shoes that zookeepers can wear because these shoes provide all that a zookeeper’s feet need and they also last longer.

What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear?

In this article, I’d recommend the shoes that zookeepers can purchase and wear in the zoo.

Cungel Men’s Steel Toe Shoe

What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear

The cungel Men’s work Boot is one of the must-have shoes for a zookeeper. The sole material of the shoe is made with ethylene-vinyl acetate, the outer material is made with polyurethane.

The shoe has a Zipper that is made by the side which makes it easy to wear and put off, it is also made of suede leather, nylon fabric upper with fore and back bumper which is in the toe and feet.

This makes it water-resistant and also increase the hardness and strength for it to last longer.

It has a steel puncture-resistant plate that has been embedded in the sole of the boot so as to avoid danger in the upper and lower part of the feet.

This shoe is also lightweight, the outsole high grip has the features of resistance of slip and oil, absorption of shock, and self-cleaning.

It is made with a soft mesh lining along with a padded collar and this makes the shoe breathable and also keeps the feet dry and cool.

The suede leather and nylon offer your feet the comfort it needs.

Throw Tactical Boots

What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear

These are Military Boots but they can be worn by a zookeeper. It has amazing features that would provide what a zookeeper’s feet need.

The outer material of this shoe is made with leather, it is durable and so fancy, the upper is made of real cowhide and nylon which is attached with wear resistance and appearance.

It has a very strong grip with a patterned sole. It is flexible, it supplies shock absorption, it is breathable and lightweight- it has mesh lining plus the inner part of the boots is made of lycra fabric which is very soft and convenient.

The buckles of the boot stop the Zipper from slipping and it also keeps sand and dirt from going into the boot.

They are not heavy, I’m sure you would think that they are heavy because of the way it looks but these amazing boots are lightweight. These boots can be used for various purposes- hiking, working, and all.

ORISTACO Work Safety Boots

What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear

The sole material of this shoe slip-resistant, the outer material is made with mesh upper. This shoe offers protection against high energy, nails, and some other harmful objects. It is lightweight, reduces stress on the feet and it can be worn all day.

These shoes are breathable, they are durable and they are wear and tear-resistant. They are very comfortable and they have adequate support.

It has a foot-like shape in the sole which makes it long-lasting and comfortable. It can be used by any worker including zookeepers.

Original SWAT Duty Shoes

What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear

These boots have absolutely everything and anything a zookeeper needs. The sole material is made of rubber, the outer material is also made of rubber and the closure type is in Zipper which is by the side of the boots and it makes it so easy to be pulled off.

This boot allows lateral movements when it is supported with a stationary cushion and it has a shank made of nylon for stability. It has no stitch in the forefoot which allows free movement and large flexibility.

It provides all-day comfort to your feet. The rubber sole of these boots prevents you from slipping, it allows you to stay on target. The lacing style which is Zipper allows a perfect fit for your feet.


What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear

This boot is also a must-have for a zookeeper. The outsole of the boot is made with rubber, the outer material is made of rubber while the closure type is in lace. This boor can be worn in any season- summer, spring, fall, etc.

The outsole is made with rubber which makes the boot slip-resistant, wear and tear-resistant, and also the sole have enough traction for stability and shock absorption. It has a waterproof effect and it also protects the toes and feet.

It is lightweight and breathable, breathable enough to be worn in the desert. It is durable. This boot is in different colors and sizes plus the size you pick would determine the amount you would pay.

KECLOUD Men’s Trekking Boots

What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear

This boot is made with a Nubuck fabric, the sole material used to make these boots are EVA midsole and rubber outsole.  The EVA midsole provides a cushion while the rubber outsole is oil and stain resistant and it has a nice grip.

This boot has an ankle protection layer which is made on the shaft of the boot, it also provides long-term support and it provides the ankle during outdoor activities.

It has flexible nylon laces that offer a quick fit and this lace lock hinders the laces from slipping off while it always you to wear and put off the boot.

This boot is Abrasion Resistant and it has a rubber toe cap which makes it suitable to be worn during cold weather.

You know most times zookeepers work during the cold weather to keep the animals warm. These boots can be worn all day as they are very comfortable

Columbia Boot Hiking Shoe

What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear

This boot is made with leather and textile and the sole material is made up of rubber.

The Omni-tech offers air-permeable protection that is water-resistant and very breathable.

It keeps your feet cool and dry, it is lightweight and can be worn during any weather for multiple activities.

The lace-up of this boot promotes a combination of upper, leather, webbing, and mesh which allows the shoes to be durable.

This boot provides long-term comfort, cushion, and a very high-energy comeback. It has advanced traction, a non-marking outsole with a perfect grip.

Just like the name, it is made for women so a woman that works as a zookeeper can wear it

Timberland Waterproof Ankle Boot

What Shoes Do Zookeepers Wear

This Timberland Men’s boot is one of the best-selling boots which has amazing features. The fabric is made of leather with a sole made with rubber.

It has full grain water-resistant and also rustproof lace hardware with hooks at the top for the lace.

It has an EVA midsole and Eva footbed and also a solid rubber outsole with dual directional lugs.

It has authentic protection for your feet and toes, it is durable and lightweight plus it is also breathable.

It has a padded collar and it also keeps your feet dry and cool. It is available in different sizes and colors.

The size of your pick would determine the amount you would pay but they are very nice boots for zookeepers.

ROCKROOSTER Waterproof Hiking Boot

This boot is also another good shoe for a zookeeper. It has hydro guard support which Is known as a water-resistant membrane system that makes the boot durable, dry, breathable, air and water permeable.

It has the Poron XRD support which gives high dimensional stability, energy absorption, and a low compression set, it has a sanitized support that provides long-lasting freshness and eradicates odor.

It has a high consistency on the fabric performance, perfect fabric stability, a nice wash fast, and colorfast performance.

It has a memory foam that reduces vibration, disperse weight, and makes the boot fit your foot perfectly and it has a comfortable impact absorption system.

The fabric type of this boot is suede leather and the sole material is made of rubber. It is available in different colors and sizes.

Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots

This boot has amazing features and it is highly recommended for a zookeeper. The fabric type of this boot is suede leather, the sole material is made of rubber while the closure type is in button.

The suede leather plus mesh lining makes the boot breathable and water-resistant which seals out any type of moisture to make the feet dry.

It also has a breathable mesh collar which is good for air circulation.

It is lightweight and very comfortable, it can be worn all day and it also has a well-padded collar for cushion around the ankle.

It has removable foams in the inner sole which gives your feet relief and protection.

It has shock absorption midsoles. It also has great support and is durable.

It is available in different sizes and colors. It has a perfect grip to prevent you from slipping or falling off. It also provides long-term usage.


Shoes or boots are very important for zookeepers because of the environment where the zoo is there can be harmful objects around so putting on boots would help prevent those objects from hurting the feet plus boots are also part of the costume for a zookeeper.

I recommended different types of boots from different brands which are very good and useful for a zookeeper and they all provide and have the needful features a zookeeper needs in a boot.

I hope I have been able to provide help on which shoe you can purchase as a zookeeper, I hope the one you purchase would work for you. Kindly put down your comments in the comment section below.

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