What Shoes Do Chipotle Employees Wear?

Chipotle employees have no specific shoe products to wear to work but rather they require their staff to follow strict dress code guidelines and regulations.

Some of the recommended rules include that it must be non-slip, cover your entire feet and provide support while you work.

The restaurant environment is usually filled with the movement of workers and customers, as an employee at Chipotle, you often spend long hours on your feet.

This can lead to foot fatigue, swelling, cramps, and soreness if the proper footwear isn’t worn, therefore finding the perfect shoes for you is very relevant and can’t be overlooked.

Great shoes for Chipotle employees

Let’s get into the list of the shoes I believe you should wear as a Chipotle employee.

Shoe brand for Chipotle Employee
Description Ratings 1-5
Skechers women squad  food service
  • Sole; synthetic, flexible sole
  • Insole; memory foam
  • Lightweight, slip-resistant
Skechers women Ghenter Bronaugh work shoe
  • Sole; rubber sole
  • Insole; memory foam
  • Material cover; mesh canvas
  • Anti-slip
Fila men’s memory work shift slip-resistant work shoe
  •  Leather covering
  • Hard rubber sole
  • Insole; memory foam, sock lined.
  • Slip-resistant soles, comfortable
Skechers men Cessnock food service shoe
  • Rubber sole
  • Slip-resistant
  • Breathable mesh canvass
  • Bungle lacing
 Crocs unisex on the clock slip resistant
  • Synthetic sole
  • Cleaned easily
  • Very slip-resistant
  • Covered toe box and heel
Dansko professional
  • Tough rubber outsole
  • Cushioned insole
  • Strong grip
  • Anti-slip tread designs
Birkenstock professional unisex profi
  • Covered with Alpro-foam
  • Insole and outsole produced with Alpro foam
  • Slip resisting rubber sole
Shoes for crews men’s freestyle ii non slip work shoes
  • Synthetic covering
  • Rubber soles
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight


Vans made for makers
  • Nonslip
  • Tough canvass
  • Durable rubber sole
Dansko women’s professional clog
  • Fabricated leather
  • Nonslip sole; Polyurethane sole
  • Insole; breathable foam footbed



Skechers for women

These particular sketcher women’s work shoes are very sleek and they feel very lightweight when you wear them.

The insoles are quite firm and provide moderate support when you walk in them. With leather attachments around the heels and toe area, it feels like it’s glued to your feet as shuffles around the restaurant.

It’s a perfect fit for anyone who wants to work at chipotle Mexican grill and I recommend them for wear. The outsole is designed to be slip-resistant and holds well when it comes to gripping the floor.


  1. The body is a mixture of smooth quality canvass material and leather giving it a unique style and feel.


  1. The rubber sole feels a little stiff and absorption of pressure feels shallow when walking for long.


Skechers Ghenter Bronaugh work shoes

A slightly similar design to the one above, but sturdier and wider at the base. They have enough space for your feet to roam preventing bruises or blisters from happening.

If you have wide feet, this model is very suitable for you, with its insole memory foam providing adequate comfort to you.

Its extended rubber soles adequately provide relief from pressure when you stand in them for long hours. The canvass is a mesh material and wide treaded under the sole to ensure grip.


  1. Made to be wide and spacious, they are the best choice for those with large feet.


  1. People with small feet will find it uncomfortable to wear


Fila men work shift slip-resistant work shoes

this shoe definitely feels and looks different giving you the extra support and comfort you find in most brands of work shoes.

They have an original leather covering with intricate designs with a large sole and strong rubber for significant grip.

Its sole design gives it a high slip-resistant capability making it suitable for outside activities such as running, sports, athletics, and hill-climbing.


  1. Complete leather covering suitable for winter seasons
  2. Very ideal for those who have low ankle bones
  3. Inlaid memory sock liner for added comfort


  1. Quite chunky and large looking
  2. Not as lightweight as others


Skechers men’s Cessnock food service shoe

These Cessnock work shoes feel extremely lightweight and firm when you put them on. Working at chipotle you would surely enjoy the comfort its breathable mesh canvass and bungle lacing provides.

They feel very easy to move in and are extremely flexible giving room for your toes to stretch, with a long and wide design they fit well and are ideal comfort shoes for any employee at Chipotle Mexican grill.

Walking In them feels great with its bungee lace technology securing them to your feet at all times and extremely slip-resistant.


  1. wearing them and taking them off is very easy
  2. They are comfortable due to their canvass been breathable and thin enough to bearable.


  1. Canvass might feel a bit tight for big persons with large feet.


Crocs on the clock slip-resistant

These crocs are pretty awesome shoes to choose to wear while working at Chipotle Mexican grill because it completely molded to cover both your heels and toes with quality rubber material.

The rubber sole is slip-resistant with soft insoles for an added cushioning effect. Having them on gives a feeling of stability and evenness throughout the day.


  1. Strong arch support
  2. Easy to clean and maintain


  1. Might feel stiff during first try-outs


Dansko clogs

This professional shoe brand has a long line of loyalists addicted to the unique support and comfort it provides.

With a tough rubber sole and tread designed with the latest anti-slip technology. Their heels are elevated a little and also have comfortable insoles for long hours of protection.


  1. Good covering against spills and oils.


  1. Doesn’t feel light when walking in them


Birkenstock slip-resistant work shoe

Birkenstock manufactures quality shoes with finesse while putting things like safety and comfort into considerations.

The polyurethane material feels comfortable when I walked in them, sticking firmly to the floor with its superior anti-slipping.

The insole feels roomy and wide preventing stale odor from accumulating over time.


  1. High back heel to give extra support against back pain and stress.
  2. Quality Alpro-Foam makes it long-lasting.


  1. Might feel a bit chunky to your feet.


Shoes for crew’s nonslip service work shoes

This footwear feels great and its elongated design makes it eye-catchy. Walking in these shoes was an enjoyable experience with its revolutionary tread Patterned design making it highly slip-resistant.

Its synthetic leather cover is completely waterproof and its rubber sole feels sturdy and firm.

The insoles are woven with a soft canvass to provide long hours of relief and comfort as you bustle around your workspace without ever feeling like a burden due to it being extremely light weights.

The lace is straight up and gives an extra fit to your feet, with its arch securely protecting your feet reliving you from fatigue.


  1. Resistant against liquids, oil spills.
  2. Unique tread design for better grip


  1. The toe box area is a little tight and your toes might feel restricted.


Vans Made for makers

Vans produced this model with a desire to satisfy persons of all professional walks of life. These include athletes, artists, surfers, skaters, barbers, maintenance professionals etc.

With its advanced tread design, they really are one of the best slip-resistant footwear in the market.

They include a range of classical design models to the Sk8-HI high-tops and modern slip-on. Its canvass feels smooth and tough made worth a durable material that resists tear.


  1. Sole is designed with vulcanized lugged treaded rubber.
  2. Canvass repels dirt and most liquids.


  1. Constant use might shorten the lifespan
  2. Lack of hard toe box


Dansko women’s professional clog

This professional clogs is a perfect choice for anyone willing to take the shift hours at chipotle Mexican grills.

It has enough room space for your feet to roam and they do not feel loose when it comes to their fit. The leather covering feels original and can resist most spilled liquids.

Its wide toe box prevents injury from heavy objects or bumping accidents. Its rubber sole is polyurethane fabricated making it highly slip resistant, the heels are raised and gives stamina over long hours of standing on your feet.

The insole feels firm and comfortable to the feet with its memory foam providing additional support.


  1. They have a high ability to reduce impact shock and absorb pressure giving you composure at all times.
  2. Further safety precaution against blisters or soreness by having padded collars on the insides.


  1. Has a bit of weight than most work shoes
  2. Not really flexible.


Shoes and footwear used by professionals in restaurants or any work environment you find yourself in should be a great asset. They should provide protection for your whole body.

These work shoes listed above are shoes verified and adopted by most professionals around the world and they were all designed with the latest in technological advancement to meet and exceed all expectations and standards.

They are a sure choice against slipping and injury from falling objects, very affordable when it comes to price, and can be cleaned with simple methods of your choice.

Why good work shoes matter in a restaurant

Experienced professionals who have spent time working in any restaurant chain can confirm that the job requires completing many leg miles within the confines of the restaurant on a typical work shift.

For efficiency in productivity at your workplace, you require footwear that can hold up to work tasks and still protects your body and keep you comfortable in long shift hours. Some reasons you should have good shoes include;

To protect you from splatter and liquid spills

Accidents involving splattering of food substances, grease, water, etc. cannot be avoided. A drop of an ice cube or discarded vegetables can cause slipping or falling incidents, so anti-slip shoes are a must to survive workplace accidents.

Protection from objects

Moving around the restaurant with objects, food orders, hot oils, and other tools can cause them to be drooped in a loose grip incident. Also, hot objects like pots, pan, and even wooden boards and rollers can cause harm when dropped on one’s feet.

To prevent harm from being inflicted on you make sure you get shoes with a complete cover over your toes. No open-toed shoes are allowed in the workspace.

Sturdy arch support

A research study discovered that working in a typical restaurant would require you to make about 23,000 steps a day. This number is almost the equivalent of ten miles, it also means long strenuous hours standing on your feet.

This puts enormous stress on your feet and any footwear without proper support for your natural arch is bad for you. Shoes that are designed with arch support for your feet significantly increase comfort and prevent ankle sprains, twists, and foot fatigue.

Finding the recommended shoes can be quite a task but with following a few guiding principles that decision can become pretty easy. Proper work shoes ensure protection, comfort, and stability even after long shift hours.

The proper and right shoes keep you safe and comfortable as you engage your daily routine. Some of the factors that must be followed before picking up work shoes include;

  • Comfort; comfortable shoes are a quality that cannot be traded and any footwear you buy must provide maximum comfort all day, they should have wide toe boxes for extra comfort for your toes and significant support for the natural arch of your feet. Footwear purchased should have rubber soles with excellent shock absorption and grip.
  • Anti-slip; slipping and falling incident is possible to occur due to wet floor or food substance in your workspace. The tread should be designed with intricate patterns that move water away from your feet, and also the surface area has to cover a large enough area and have large contact with the floor.
  • Protection; good shoes have sufficient coverage to protect your feet from injury against falling objects around the restaurant. They should also be water-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Durable; any footwear you get should be durable and made from long-lasting materials and made of original quality.


The above-mentioned shoes aren’t the only ones in the market today but are among the best choice to have based on people’s ratings and professional recommendations.

Whatever pair or brand design you decide to stick with I highly advise that you follow the requirement needed for the best experience.

Chipotle Mexican Grill also has their dress code policy and finding out what their stand is on shoes is key. Cheers as you embark on your new journey.

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