Can You Put Orthotics in Crocs?

Yes. Crocs are one of the most compatible shoes that can be used with orthotics because it has a deep insole that makes it fit perfectly for orthotic inserts.

With a custom-made orthotic insert, all crocs clog can use orthotic inserts because of their deep insole and footbed. However, I would suggest the Crocs RX collection.

There are several types of orthotic inserts which are used for various purposes.

The custom-made orthotic inserts can be used in a wide range of shoes.

However, for crocs shoes, orthotic inserts can be used. Crocs fit perfectly with orthotic inserts and they are very comfortable with orthotic inserts.

Furthermore, the fact that Crocs shoe has very good arch support makes it very compatible to be used with orthotic inserts.

Crocs shoes have a deeper and softer insole that makes them very comfortable for orthotics.

When you wear your crocs shoes with orthotics, you would experience comfort in your feet because of the deep insole of the crocs shoes.

Crocs is a good choice of shoe to be used with orthotic insoles for those with foot ailments.

Advantages of putting Orthotics in Crocs

Can You Put Orthotics in Crocs


Orthotics are made of very soft foam material which makes you comfortable when you use them. Most importantly, when you use them in crocs, your feet would be super comfortable.

Crocs are also made of Croslite foam material which is comfortable in itself.

Furthermore, it comes with a very soft memory insole that is also good for your feet. Therefore, adding an orthotic insert would simply mean ADDITIONAL COMFORT to your feet.

If you are feeling pains in your feet and toes, try using orthotic inserts with crocs shoes. Using orthotic inserts with crocs shoe would relieve you of the pains and give you such relaxation and comfort which you have been looking for.

Furthermore, using the custom-made orthotic insert is more comfortable than using the over-the-counter orthotic inserts.

The custom-made orthotic inserts are made specifically for your leg. This orthotic insert is exactly for your feet which means it would not be larger or thinner.

This makes you very comfortable since it’s your exact type. I would suggest a custom-made orthotic insert for maximum comfort most especially when you wear it with crocs.

However, using the over-the-counter orthotic insert also brings comfort but it is not as much as custom-made orthotic inserts.

Since orthotics are made of foam, you should expect comfort and satisfaction by using it.

Using your orthotic insert with crocs would mean additional comfort and relief from foot pain and aches.

Pain relief

Orthotic insole helps to relieve your feet of pains and aches which might arise from wearing of wrong shoes like:

  • Shoes with hard and stiff soles.
  • Tight shoes.
  • Shoes without arch support.
  • A shoe without a soft memory foam insole
  • Shoes without proper shock absorption features.
  • Shoes without a wide toe box prevent your toes from bending upward as a result of less space.

These types of shoes are the wrong shoes to wear if you want to prevent pains and aches. As a matter of fact, it is possible to develop severe health issues in your feet as a result of wearing the wrong shoes.

However, orthotic inserts were made as remedies to this recurring situation among a lot of people. Orthotic inserts relieve your feet and toes from pains caused as a result of wearing the wrong type of shoe.

Furthermore, crocs is a brand of shoe that provides one of the best shoes that makes your feet healthy and comfortable. Using orthotic inserts with crocs would simply provide additional relief from foot pains and aches.

Medical practitioners have always recommended crocs as a shoe to prevent foot pain and aches.

It has been recommended for those with certain foot conditions like hammertoes, arthritis, and so on.

This makes it clear that Crocs are the best shoe that fits perfectly with orthotic inserts for pain relief.

How do orthotic inserts take away pains in your feet?

Can You Put Orthotics in Crocs

Helps to improve stability

Once pressure is not evenly distributed between your heels and arches, then there would be pain and aches from the part of your foot that bears the most pressure.

Most times, this is caused by shoes with no arch support. However, orthotic inserts with crocs help to achieve proper foot alignment and movement.

Crocs have arch support which also helps to distribute pressure evenly to prevent pains in the arches.

Orthotic inserts help to make your feet aligned properly and stable when walking. This prevents pains in your feet.

Gives additional relief

Pains are caused by constant shock as a result of walking on the hard ground surface.

A good shoe should have a shock-absorbent feature that prevents your feet from feeling the impact of the hard floor surface.

However, once your feet are constantly exposed to this kind of pressure constantly, then you would definitely have foot pain and aches which might also lead to severe foot conditions.

Orthotics inserts help to absorb this shock.

Orthotic inserts also divert pressures away from the pain points in your feet and toes. This simply helps to relieve you of pains in your feet.

Furthermore, Crocs is a shoe that has a shock-absorbent feature that prevents your feet from feeling the impact of the hard floor surface. Crocs have always been known to be a shoe with ergonomic benefits.

Using orthotic inserts with crocs would simply lead to additional relief from pains caused by pressure and constant contact with the hard floor surface.

These are the main benefits of using orthotic inserts with Crocs.

Other benefits are these:

  • It lowers the risk of injuries.
  • It makes walking more comfortable.
  • It helps in athletic activities like running or jogging.

What Crocs can Orthotic go in?

The best type of crocs that I would recommend for anyone who plans on using an orthotic insert is the crocs RX collections.

These are the crocs shoes that are certified by medical professionals to be good for those with foot conditions. I would be talking about them briefly.

Below are the types of crocs shoes orthotics can go in.

CROCS specialist vent clog

This is one of the recommend clogs by medical professionals. It has certain qualities which makes it certified for those with foot conditions.

It has a wide toe box that helps your toes to spread out well with spaces in between that keep them relaxed.

it has a deep and soft insole which makes it the perfect clog to use the orthotic insert. It comes with very good arch support and this is very beneficial to everyone who has experienced major foot issues as a result of wearing a shoe that is not shock absorbent.

The CROCS specialist vent clog is a great type of crocs clog that can be used with orthotic inserts most especially if you need relief from pains in your feet, ankles, and arches.

The CROCS specialist vent clog has a strong arch support feature which makes it very good for orthotic inserts.

Without the orthotic inserts, the CROCS specialist vent clog helps to reduce pressure on your arches and heels.

It also prevents your feet from getting sores and pains from constant contact with the hard floor surface.

Using the orthotic inserts simply means an additional relief from pains and aches.

The CROCS specialist vent clog is for both men and women who are looking for relief from foot pain and aches.


CROCS women’s Neria pro ii clog

This amazing clog is also very suitable for orthotic inserts because of its amazing qualities.

The CROCS women’s Neria pro ii clog has a very flexible and soft sole that prevents your feet and toes from aching while walking or standing for long hours.

Using orthotic inserts in the CROCS women’s Neria pro ii clog makes it extra comfortable to walk around in for long.

There are many people who use orthotic inserts just for comfort. The CROCS women’s Neria pro ii clog is the best suitable shoe for women who needs comfort.

Orthotic inserts are very soft; therefore using them in a shoe that has a soft and flexible sole would simply mean additional comfort.

Furthermore, just like the CROCS specialist vent clog, the CROCS women’s Neria pro ii clog is also certified to be comfortable for everyone who wears it.

It comes with arch support and a soft cushion memory insole that keeps your feet comfortable while standing for long hours as well.

Orthotic inserts fit perfectly in the CROCS women’s Neria pro ii clog. The CROCS bistro pro literide clog is for men who also need a comfortable shoe that goes with orthotic inserts.

It has the same qualities as CROCS women’s Neria pro ii clog.

I would recommend that you should use a custom-made orthotic insert if you want to achieve maximum comfort and relief from pain. It does not cost much to build an orthotic insert.

However, using an over-the-counter orthotic insert would do a nice job as well.


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