Do You Wear Shoes for Krav Maga?

Is Krav Maga done barefoot? That’s one of the questions you need to ask yourself before jumping on the training ground. You might have come across the “no shoe” rule in martial arts.  However, you can wear a good pair of shoes for krav maga. These shoes will help protect your soles and keep your … Read more

Shoes for Crews Vs Skechers: Similarities & Differences

Both brands are actually American brands that have carved decent spaces for their names in the footwear market. Nonetheless, their similarities are as much as their differences. Sketchers is a footwear brand that was founded in 1992 and based in California. Manhattan Beach precisely. It has become popular for its casual, cool, and trendy designs. … Read more

Timberland vs Doc Martens: Which Brand is Better?

If you want a better brand, then you should know that Timberland boots are made for optimum protection. Thanks to their powerfully durable leather uppers and sturdy outsoles. Doc Martens boots, on the other hand, will protect you and still make your feet comfy, and your footsteps a bit squishier than expected. They’re comfortable and … Read more

Boxing Shoes vs Wrestling Shoes: Differences & SImilarities

For the general sporting essence, boxing shoes prevail over wrestling shoes with so many reasons to back. The difference is that boxing shoes are shoe more suitable for most sporting activities. People who like shoes with higher ankle height and great protection commonly refer to them as “booties.” Shoes with higher ankle height are often … Read more