Banana Republic vs Calvin Klein: Brand Comparison

Banana Republic and Calvin Klein are two popular American clothing brands we are all definitely obsessed with. We definitely have an article of clothing from one or both brands in our closet. Both brands are known for their stylish and sophisticated clothing options. The major difference between the Banana Republic and Calvin Klein brands is … Read more

10 Best Blue Jeans that Don’t Fade (in 2023)

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Red Tape vs Campus Shoes: Which Is Better?

The prominent difference between Campus and Red Tape shoes is in the type of sole they are constructed with. Campus shoes are built with Eva outsoles while Red Tape shoes are built with TPR outsoles. Eva soles have an elastic property and more ability to absorb shock compared to TPR soles. It makes up for … Read more

Freesole vs Aquaseal: Comparison?

The major difference between Freesole and Aquaseal is that Freesole is designed especially for repairing shoes while Aquaseal is designed for repairing wet gear. Both are manufactured by the same company, Gear Aid Inc. Freesole is designed with the same materials you find in most shoe soles. So when you use it to repair your … Read more