How to Make My Converse Not Squeak

Having shoes that squeak could be really embarrassing and annoying; especially when it is your favorite pair.

With squeaky Converse, you’d have all eyes on you once you step into a silent and serious staff room, or any quiet place.

Here are a few DIY tricks to make your Converse not squeak.

  • Sprinkle the area with baby powder
  • Rub leather conditioners into your Converse
  • Remove affected insoles
  • Rub hand lotion to the heel end of your insoles
  • Roughen the underneath of your insoles with sandpaper
  • Use paper towels
  • Use coconut oil
  • Use saddle soap

How to Make My Converse Not Squeak

Ways to make your Converse not squeak explained

What seems to be the pervading solution when people have squeaky shoes is to attach a cotton pad, and hope for the best (hoping that squeaking will end).

But does this solution actually work? Absolutely not! It doesn’t silence them for good, you know.

This is why I’ve worked tirelessly to show you a few DIY hacks that will help make your Converse not squeak. Simply follow through!

The first thing to do is to locate where the squeaky sound comes from (it is impossible to treat a wound you can’t locate on your body).

To achieve this, you could ask your younger sibling or a friend to put their head close to the floor while you walk in your Converse.

If they pay rapt attention and are sensitive enough, they’d locate where the noise is coming from.

Sprinkle Baby Powder Around the Area

Now that you have located where the noise comes from, you are to sprinkle that area with baby powder, baking powder, or even corn starch.

What these things do is absorb the moisture that may have been trapped between parts of your Converse.

The same could be done for the insoles, the tongues as well as the base of the shoe.

However, if the insoles are not removable, simply rub the powder into the edge of the shoe base.

See these powders:

Burts Bees Baby 100% Natural Dusting Powder

Squeaky Cheeks Cooling Body and Foot Powder

Rub leather conditioners into your Converse

The leather conditioner works too. Simply rub some into the shoes, and then buff with a dry cloth.

If it is a suede shoe, the suede conditioner is what you’d be using and not the regular leather conditioner.

See these leather conditioners:

Saphir Medaille d’Or Leather Conditioner

Obenaufs Leather Conditioner

Rub hand lotion to the heel end of your insoles

If the squeaky sound is caused by the insole, you could remove it, and then rub a bit of hand lotion on the heel end of the insole, as well as the heel cup, if it is made of vinyl.

See this lotion:

Sof Sole Leather Lotion

Roughen the underneath of your insoles with sandpaper

Did I tell you about using sandpapers? Oh! They work well too. Simply get sandpaper to be used to sort of roughening the underneath of your Converse.

By so doing, you are doing away with squeaky sounds.

Perhaps your Converse got wet recently, some residual moisture probably hung between the sole and the insole, causing them to squeak.

Here’s an effective solution; get a blow dryer to dry the Converse on the inside and on the outside as well.

You should however not take the blow dryer too close as it could melt up the sole.

Use Paper Towels

Another effective way is to try using paper towels. Simply place the paper towels beneath the insoles as they help reduce friction which by extension could lead to squeaking.

If you do not have paper towels, napkins, or dryer sheets will suffice.

You should however make sure to change the paper towels, napkins, or dryer sheets time after time so that they do not begin to smell.

You can Use Coconut Oil too

Have you ever thought of using coconut oil? It works too in that it lubricates your insoles so that they are less squeaky when they move around.

Simply remove the insoles, and then apply the coconut oil on the surface from which the insoles were removed before reinserting the insoles. You need just a bit of coconut oil to achieve this.

You may have a loose heel or the bottom of your Converse may have unglued from the top. At this, all you need is just super glue to help join them again.

Do let the superglue dry for 24 hours before wearing your Converse again.

Use a Saddle Soap

If the squeaky sound emanates from the tongue and laces of your Converse, you may want to use saddle soap.

Simply apply it on the front side of the tongues to stop the squeaking. There is the likelihood that you apply the Saddle soap in the eventuality that it wears off.

Conclusively, if you cannot or do not want to do any of these yourself as a result of the fear of damaging your Converse, especially if it is an expensive one, a Cobbler is always a run to.

A cobbler who knows exactly his job will provide the necessary fix for this, along with other problems he comes by, or that you cannot fix.

Top Converse sneakers that do not squeak

Converse Unisex-Adult Low Top Sneaker PURCHASE
Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor Waterproof Sneakers PURCHASE
Converse Seasonal High Top Sneaker PURCHASE
Converse All Star Street Suede Sneaker PURCHASE

Converse All Star Canvas Low Top Sneaker

This Converse isn’t like every other one; it is a low-top sneaker, classic at that! With iconic elements such as the OrthoLite insole and canvas upper, you are sure to be comfortable in this pair.

As much as this one looks good, you do not want to be disappointed when it finally gets to you.

Therefore, you should beware of the color and size when placing your order as it comes in different colors and sizes.


  • Very much affordable
  • Durable
  • Classic fit
  • Keeps you comfortable
  • It is Unisex, meaning that it is suitable for both genders

Converse Men’s Chuck Taylor Waterproof Sneakers

With its rubber soles, this black Converse for men is super comfy when worn (in cold and warm environments) and doesn’t squeak. Reviews by customers on Amazon attest to this fact; you may want to check them out already!

To wash this pair, remove the inner soles before washing in cold water. Remember you do not want them to squeak, hence, the aforementioned procedure should be duly followed.

Anyways, they are waterproof; this suggests that they wouldn’t retain water.

You should however pay rapt attention to the fit size when placing your order to avoid getting oversize or undersized.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • It does have a good grip
  • Stylish and protective
  • Waterproof
  • Value for money; it isn’t all that expensive though
  • Great fit!

Converse Chuck Taylor Seasonal Sneaker

This Converse is a high-top sneaker meant to be laced up and does have a classic canvas upper. It also has the OrthoLite insole for cushioning.

It is timeless, durable, and long-lasting! Most importantly, it does not squeak except you allow it to.

This pair of Converse brings you pure comfort! Why have a rethink before getting yours?

Converse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor All Star Sneaker

With rubber soles and a material composition of 100% Canvas, this Converse is just as amazing!

A high-top sneaker with nubuck upper, it is. It also has a padded collar and tongue, the OrthoLite insole as well; all to keep you comfy.

Now, tell me why you wouldn’t love them! After all, they aren’t squeaky.

How do you stop your bare feet from squeaking in shoes?

Many a user of shoes, Converse specifically; usually complain about their bare feet being squeaky right in their shoes, and are thus, on the lookout for ways to put an end to this.

What causes your bare feet to squeak right in your shoes is perhaps because your bare feet are producing moisture, and then your shoe and foot rub against each other, leading to the creation of squeaky sounds.

However, there are proven ways to stop the squeaky sounds. In case you didn’t know before now, it behooves me to apprise you that;

Use socks

Putting on a pair of socks could help you circumvent around squeaky feet right in your shoes. However, you cannot resort to putting on just any pair of socks; it has to be with intentionality!

Cotton socks or socks made with very high cotton content are usually susceptible to squeaking after wearing them for a short while.

In light of this, putting on a pair of socks made mostly of synthetic material would save your bare feet from squeaking.

You could as well opt for a thin no-show sock that covers your heels, soles, and toes; this goes a long way in stopping your bare feet from being squeaky.

Rub Baby Powder

If you do not like putting on a pair of socks, there’s another comfy way to stop squeaky feet; simply by sprinkling some baby powder or corn starch IN your shoes.

This would do a lot to eschew squeaky bare feet, and at least put a smile on your face as you walk down the aisle or walk through the silent hallway.

You know, taking each step with all the confidence.

Can I return squeaky Converse?

How to Make My Converse Not Squeak

This depends solely on the product you have purchased, and if it is stated by the manufacturers that you could return them once any defect is spotted.

Certain products allow for money back, giving you the chance to return them once any irregularity from the manufacturers is spotted.

You of course wouldn’t return a product that has been damaged by your carelessness. What I mean is this;

Many times, the squeaking may be caused by manufacturing defects, and you may be able to return the Converse.

In this scenario, fixing the squeak yourself may leave you with a damaged Converse, thus, voiding its warranty.

Without any ado, check the product description or user manual if it is stated. As a matter of fact, it does not even need to be stated! You’ve paid for a product, but it’s not meeting up your demands.

What comes to mind is to lodge a complaint and return it to the manufacturers afterward. It is as simple!

I once had a Converse that squeaked. Well, I thought it was with me and that they would wear down soon enough until a colleague at work also complained of experiencing such.

I then decided to return the pair to the manufacturers (although it wasn’t stated if I could return). Guess what? I had instant money back!

Final Thoughts

Another reason many shoes squeak is that they are too new.

At this, wearing them around the house after they are newly bought will help stretch them out before you eventually have somewhere to go, thus, eschewing the tendencies of squeaky sounds emanating.

I hope that you found this piece thrilling and most importantly, helpful.

What did you do to stop your Converse from squeaking? How effective was it? I’d like to know in the comments section down below.

If you have any thoughts to share with me; suggestions, questions, etc, the comments box is open.

Also, do forget to share with me what played out after you followed the steps I recommended, simply drop them in the comments.

Thanks for engaging!

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