Would I Lose My Contact Lenses if I Went on a Rollercoaster?

Your contact lenses are one of the most sensitive accessories that you probably have on your person at all times or most of the times at least.

It is important for you to keep your contacts safe and clean as you use them along the line, especially since they are closely affiliated with your eyes.

You might be wondering if it is safe for you to wear your contacts on rollercoasters and other theme park rides that give you a lot of thrills and excitement.

Can you lose your contacts if you ride on a rollercoaster? The simple answer to that is, probably not. You won’t lose your contact lenses on a rollercoaster, provided certain precautions are followed.

Would I Lose My Contact Lenses if I Went on a Rollercoaster

Contact lenses are much safer to wear on rollercoasters than eyeglasses, therefore, if you have the right fit and size of contacts, you shouldn’t have any problems with putting them on as you ride most rollercoasters.

How to protect your contacts from falling on a rollercoaster?

Although your contacts won’t probably fall off when you are riding a rollercoaster, it is still something that can happen to you if you are not careful enough to pick the right kind of contact lenses for your eyes.

Your eyeglasses definitely can’t be safely worn on rollercoasters because the heavy winds that are gathered from the speed of the rides could inevitably blow them right off the top of your head. Contacts are a safer option that will let you enjoy the day without much worry.

Most theme parks today require you to take off your eyeglasses based on the many previous accidents that have happened with these custom accessories in the past. You are much better off wearing contact lenses that fit the occasion perfectly.

Before you do decide to wear contacts on a rollercoaster, you should keep some preventive measures in your mind so that you don’t incur any unwanted and annoying losses as you have fun.

These preventive measures include the following:

  • Buy Contact Lenses That Fit Your Eye Perfectly
  • Consider Taking The Contacts Off Before the Ride
  • Bring Along Some Spare Contacts
  • Keep Your Contacts Away From Water
  • Prevent Your Contacts From Getting Dried Up In Your Eyes
  • Take Your Pair of Glasses Along (In Case Your Eyes Get Irritated)

Buy Contact Lenses That Fit Your Eye Perfectly

If your contacts don’t fit your eyes well enough, they will most likely fall out of your eyes at some point, and maybe without you even being aware of the situation and loss.

Your best bet is to buy high-quality contact lenses that rightly fit your eyes without damaging your vision in any way.

Remember that your sight is very important to you, which is why you got contacts in the first place. So, invest in contacts that are a perfect and wonderful fit for your eyes.

Good-fitting contacts won’t fall off your eyes during rollercoaster rides because they are more secure and more standard for your particular needs. The fear of loss is then alleviated for you to have all the fun you want.

Consider Taking The Contacts Off Before the Ride

Is your eyesight manageable without wearing either your eyeglasses or your contact lenses? If it is, if you can still see without needing any visual aids, then you should consider not wearing your contacts before you go on the rollercoaster.

This is purely a preventive measure that is aimed at keeping you and your property as safe as they can be. There is no point in taking the risk of losing your contacts when you don’t really need them as you go on the fast rides.

You can take off the contacts and put them in their casing before you go on a rollercoaster to ensure that they are safe and clean enough for you to wear again after the ride.

Bring along some spare contacts 

Just in case you lose your contacts on the rollercoaster – they can fall off even without you knowing – bring along another set of clean and safe contact lenses that you can wear in the theme park.

Bringing along spare contacts is a reasonable way to ensure that you don’t become stranded if you lose your contacts somehow in the theme park.

This preventive measure is especially important for you if your eyesight depends on the quality of the lenses that you are using.

Buy several pairs of great contact lenses for your eyes so that you don’t get in a fix whenever (or “if ever”) you lose your contacts.

Keep your contacts away from water

This is one of the most fundamental things that you know about keeping your contact lenses in good care and in great condition. Don’t let your contacts come in contact with water at the theme park if you don’t want them to fall off.

When water hits your contacts from the outside, they can easily slip off your eyes and fall off the rollercoaster due to the heavy winds and reduced traction of the contacts on your eyes.

For this reason, it is not safe to wear your contacts on water rides on the theme park because of the sure eventuality of them getting splashed around by the ensuing waves of water on these rides.

Asides from falling off, your contacts could also become irritating to your eyes and itchy when they are doused with a lot of water – this could lead to some unsavory infections if you are not careful enough to check the situation up.

To be safe, keep your contact lenses away from water while they are in your eyes. You need to avoid eye infections that will affect your sight in very bad and distasteful ways.

Prevent your contacts from getting dried up in your eyes 

Your contacts should always be safe and clean, but they should not be too dry whenever you use them. When your contacts get dried up in your eyes, it is easier for them to become irritated and uncomfortable for you to keep wearing.

On rollercoasters, the fast breezes and quick thrills make it easy for your eyes to get dry quickly so you need to watch out for this and take the best precaution to prevent the irritations from happening.

The best way to stop your eyes from getting dried up as the wind hits your face on rollercoasters is to keep blinking as often as you can while taking on the rides.

Don’t worry about missing any of the action when you blink, blinking is a safe way to keep your eyes lubricated enough to keep the contacts in.

When you blink, you actually adjust the contacts lenses in your eyes better and you even add enough moisture to keep it in its place as you ride the rollercoaster.

Take your pair of glasses along (in case your eyes get irritated) 

If you use eyeglasses along with your contacts, you should take a pair of them along with you when you go to a theme park – so you don’t get stranded if something happens to your contacts.

You might not lose your contact lenses as you ride on the rollercoasters, but they might, however, become too dry and too itchy for you to wear on your sensitive eyes after you have had all the fun.

After all the rides, you should take off your contacts and wash your face and eyes thoroughly before you make your way home. Going home, you can then wear your backup pair of glasses so that you can relax your eyes a bit.

If your eyes still feel comfortable with the contacts on, you can still just do a quick wash of your eyes, face, and contact lenses before fixing the contacts back on and going home.

These are the best kinds of cool contacts for you to purchase and wear today:

Would I Lose My Contact Lenses if I Went on a Rollercoaster

Do people lose glasses on rollercoasters?

Eyeglasses are probably one of the least secure eye accessories for you to wear on a rollercoaster.

The probability of your eyeglasses falling off the rollercoaster as you ride on it is so high that it is not safe at all for you to wear on rollercoasters.

A lot of people have lost their nice glasses just because they went on a rollercoaster (or similar theme park ride) with the glasses and had them blown off their heads in the thick of the action.

Eyeglasses most likely would fall off your head when the rollercoaster goes upside-down for a moment. If you don’t want to lose your pair of cool and/or expensive eye glasses, you should never wear them on rollercoasters.

At many theme parks across the world, it is often a standard requirement for customers and thrill-seekers to take off their eyeglasses before they come on the rollercoaster rides at any time. This is to ensure the safety of the well-being and properties of everyone involved.

Take your glasses off before you go on the rollercoaster, and place them securely in their packs and/or cases so that you don’t go through some incidents that could leave your pair of glasses broken and permanently damaged.

You can place your eyeglasses back on when you are done with the rollercoaster ride.

Can you wear contacts on water rides?

Contact lenses are not safe to wear when you are going on one of the water rides at the theme parks today. Doctors and/or opticians advise people to keep their contacts away from water in order to keep them clean and healthy.

When your contacts are wet, there is a much higher possibility of them becoming irritating to your eyes and most likely infecting and affecting your sight once you have kept putting them on for a while.

Eye contacts are unsafe when they are wet because, at this point, different kinds of viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms, chemicals, can get attached to them.

When these things attach themselves to your wet contact lenses, they can attach to your eyes later and irritate the hell out of you if you keep them on.

Your eye health is very important so you should always play the safe card by keeping your contacts away whenever you want to go on the water rides. It is safe to do so.

You should take no chances when it comes to the safety and cleanliness of your eyes and eye-sight accessories.

You shouldn’t wear eye contact on water rides because they could easily get wet and infect your eyes with different kinds of objects that would surely get attached to the wet, damp body of the contacts.

Who should not ride on rollercoasters?

Rollercoasters are relatively safe and controlled rides that can be enjoyed by most healthy people today if they follow all the safety precautions that have been laid down by health professionals as well as theme park attendants.

However, some people should not ride on rollercoasters, or most other theme park rides, because of their health conditions and other factors that might very well threaten their health if they get on these thrill rides.

For safety reasons, the following people should not ride on rollercoasters:

  • Pregnant Women
  • Epileptic Patients
  • People With Heart Conditions/Issues
  • Little Children
  • People That Have Back And/Or Neck Injuries And Sores
  • Hypertensive Patients
  • Patients With An Implanted Pacemaker or Defibrillator

Pregnant women

Pregnant women definitely should not be on any kind of rollercoaster rides at the theme park because of the delicate condition that they are in.

The rough tumbles and bumps of the rollercoaster can affect the babies in their wombs adversely if they get on rollercoasters.

Doctors advise pregnant women to get as comfortable as they can before they go into labor and give birth to their kids.

The strain and stress of a rollercoaster are often no fun for the mother and the kid in her womb because it is not safe for either party.

Epileptic patients

Patients with epilepsy and unexpected epileptic episodes should not ride on rollercoasters because the thrills of these fast rides could inevitably trigger their episodes and thereby make the fun experience a sour one for them and the other participants.

Epilepsy can be triggered at any time, but the risk of an episode occurring is greatly increased when epileptic patients go on rollercoasters in the theme park. It Is definitely not recommended for epileptic patients to ride on rollercoasters.

People with heart conditions/issues 

Medical doctors often advise patients with several kinds of heart conditions, diseases, and/or abnormalities to stay off rollercoaster rides that could trigger their heart problems at once.

Most rollercoasters are fast enough to increase the rate of heartbeats of an individual’s heart; for people with heart issues, this increased heart beating can lead to more problems that could be fatal to their health.

Studies have shown that most of the people that incur fatal injuries on rollercoasters are people with previous health conditions that were triggered by the huge levels of excitement on the theme park rides.

People with bad hearts should avoid rollercoasters like their lives depend on that – because it might just be.

Little children 

Little children (especially from age 7 and below) should not be riding rollercoasters at the theme park because they are not really old enough to properly handle the risks that are associated with these death-defying rides.

Young children are not really safe on rollercoasters because their brains are most likely not developed enough to take on the strains that come with the fun of the rollercoaster rides.

People that have back and/or neck injuries and sores

If you have a sore neck or a bad back, you should not ride on a rollercoaster so that you don’t aggravate your injuries.

Your neck and/or back should be well-rested at home, in a comfortable position that lets you heal properly.

Doctors will always advise people with neck and back injuries that stay off the operation of heavy equipment and also the riding of fast rollercoasters.

In fact, stay off all kinds of rollercoasters if you have serious injuries like this.

You don’t want to make those injuries much worse now, do you?

Hypertensive patients

People with a history of hypertension and/or hypertensive occasions probably should not ride the rollercoasters at theme parks because of the great risk that is involved with doing this.

When hypertensive patients ride rollercoasters, there is a high chance of their stress levels becoming increased in a way that triggers hypertension in them and brings it out.

The results of this could be deadly if care is not taken.

Patients with an implanted pacemaker or defibrillator

Don’t ride on a rollercoaster if you have a pacemaker or a defibrillator that is implanted into you. The results could be deadly because of how these machines can get into frenzied readings when the balance is off.

If you are having issues that require you to use these medical devices, it is not safe for you to get on rollercoaster rides at all as this could lead to you complicating your health and risking your life.

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