How Long Does Vans Take To Refund Money?

Shopping online or in-store with Vans is a good idea but you may realize that what you purchased does not seem to fit well to your taste or satisfaction when you check them at home.

When that occurs, Vans allow returns of nearly all products, you just have to follow a certain policy to return them.

Wondering how long will you have to wait for Vans to refund your money? Don’t panic, Vans refund after 30days of completing your return process properly.

Therefore, the time frame to review your return process or return letter will determine how long you have to wait to get your money which is 8-13 business days.

How Long Does Vans Take To Refund Money

To hasten the review of your return process or letter; you need to comply with Vans’ refund policy and this also varies, we have a Vans online returns policy, Vans in-store returns policy and custom products return policy.

In addition, make sure that the item(s) to return were purchased in the last 30 days and evidence of purchase can be provided and be in good condition.

Also, your money will be refunded to your actual form of payment. If you used a gift card along with your credit card to make a payment, Vans will credit each amount back to the connected card.

What do you need to do before Vans refund your money?

Vans want you to be completely satisfied with their products, but if you are not satisfied and want a refund, then you have to do the following:

  • Return the item within 30days after purchase. This is what Vans tag as a 30days return policy, the item should not exceed 30days before you return it for a refund
  • Keep the proof of purchase or receipt of the item to be returned
  • Make sure the item is undamaged and unworn when returning
  • Put the item in its actual packaging and in good condition. For example, shoes can’t be returned with the shoebox taped loose up or exposed
  • Depending on the type of purchase, Vans have different policies to abide by

For online purchases, you have to do the returning via postal service.

Before that, put the item to return inside the original box or shipping box, write your name, return address, and order number on the box.

Then, attach the prepaid postal service return label to the shipping box and drop it at any post office.

Try to track your item to prevent the postal service lost package issues and make it arrive on time.

NOTE: For returning any item(s) to Vans’ online store, the item(s) are still in your possession and remain your responsibility until they arrive at Vans’ warehouse.

For in-store purchases, there is an extension to return the item within 60 days of the purchase date. Then you have to provide the order number of the item or purchase proof, original packaging, and a return form to the Vans store.

The return form will be in the original shipment. In addition, you can initiate Vans return requests through phone calls, meeting the storekeeper in person.

For Vans Custom purchases, Vans’ return policy is varied for custom products. Vans’ custom product with an uploaded portrait or needlework is not returnable.

To know more about Van’s custom product returns, you will have to contact Vans Customer Service.

Nevertheless, you can visit the DoNotPay website or download their app to return your item on Vans and also refund your money.

DoNotPay simple return procedure comprises only a few easy steps:

  1. You can use any web browser to sign in to your DoNotPay profile
  2. Select Item return request
  3. Reply to several questions related to your purchase
  4. Add a picture of the item if needed
  5. Submit the return suggestion

DoNotPay will put up with it from there by writing Vans return request letter using the information you submitted and delivering it to Vans on your behalf.

If you want to return the product through mail, DoNotPay will also mail you a return tag at no expense! This means you can ignore all return shipping fees.

To be sure your refund has been processed, you can also use DoNotPay to run a Vans gift card balance check. Also, DoNotPay provides an appropriate message on how to obtain the remaining balance or refund your gift card for the money.

  • The moment your return item reaches Vans warehouse and is received, Vans will process your return request and refund your money maximum of 30 days. You can also note your tracking number to track your item and see when it reaches Vans.

In what situations will Vans not refund money

There are some situations whereby Vans will not refund your money for an item you return.

Although, Vans always want customer satisfaction and part of it is the chance given to their customers to return items and refund their money but with guidelines. These includes:

  • The time frame after purchase: Vans will not refund your money if you are returning an item after 30 days of purchase.
  • The condition of the item: If the item(s) to return are worn or washed, Vans will not refund your money. Also, no refund for returning a damaged product.
  • No proof of purchase or order number: One of the prerequisites to refund money for a returned product is a means to confirm the product was sold out by Vans. If there is no genuine proof to show either a receipt or order number to track the item, Vans will not refund money.
  • Returning custom products: Returning custom products with uploaded images or embroidery are not returnable which means money for such items is not refundable with exceptional cases.
  • Original packaging: If there is the displacement of the original packaging of an item especially an item from in-store, Vans will not refund your money.
  • Return form: The paperwork enclosed with your order is important when dealing with a retail store and if not included in your return item, your money will not be refunded.

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