10 Fencing Shoes Alternatives

In this article, we will be listing some shoes that can serve as the best alternatives to expensive fencing shoes.

These shoes will have more of what the regular fencing shoes have and offer even more in the aspect of comfort and protection from naturally occurring injuries or accidents per-say.

10 Best Alternatives to Expensive Fencing Shoes

Fencing Shoes Alternatives

Alternatives to Expensive Fencing Shoes Unique Features Ratings
Adidas Crazyflight Shoe Stretched meshed upper, durable & Lightweight 4.5/5
DLGJPA Lightweight Shoes Elastic straps & Rubber soles 4.5/5
Python Deluxe Court Shoes Light & Durable 4.5/5
ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 Shoes EVA Midsole & Orthotic Removable Sockliner 4.5/5
Adidas Novaflight Shoes Bounce 2.0 & Lightweight 4.5/5
YONEX Unisex Shoes Thick sole & Unisex 4.5/5
KD Vector Court Training Shoes Radiation Technology & Energymax 4.5/5
Mizuno Unisex Shoes Lightweight & Accelerated performance 4.5/5
ASICS Indoor Sport Shoes Synthetic leather paneling & Mesh Underlays 4.5/5
New Balance V4 Hard Court Shoes Made for hard court matches & Durable design 4.5/5

Adidas Crazyflight Shoe

Fencing Shoes Alternatives

Basically what a good fencer need is a pair of good shoes with strong toe sides that can protect the toes for both beginner fencers and professionals.

These Adidas Crazyflight volleyball shoes have a well-formed toe that is strong enough to give just the protection a fencer needs.

It is a great alternative because it is even stronger than some of the shoes used for fencing or tagged as fencing shoes.

It has a beautiful design, as most fencing shoes are mostly white due to the fact that most of the white shoes have non-marking soles, this lets you look fly while you fence.

Giving you outstanding comfort and letting you do the best of your performance. It is not as expensive as some fencing shoes and it will give you the best experience as a beginner or even as a professional.


  • Recycled polyester for durability
  • Made with Primegreen
  • Stretched meshed upper and Lightweight also durable
  • Rubber sole
  • Non-marking


  • No warranty

DLGJPA Lightweight Aqua Shoes

Fencing Shoes Alternatives

Think of something you can actually wear for days without having to worry about them falling apart quickly and easily due to regular use.

The DLGJPA Lightweight Aqua Shoes are built for this kind of usage. They are strong and durable and truly non-marking shoes.

They are perfect for fencing and can serve as alternatives to any fencing shoes you know like the Nike Air zoom fence shoes.

They also have a fancy shoe lacing system and they are engineered to be breathable in this case letting the feet be ventilated and refreshed to avoid sweating when you participate.

They are the least expensive compared to other fencing shoes just like the Nike Air Zoom as of now, you can get a pair of the DLGJPA Lightweight Aqua Shoes for as low as $32 online. You should keep an eye out.


  • Multifunctional
  • Anti-slip, stretchy and wear-resistant
  • Engineered breathable meshed upper
  • Lightweight breathable and cool
  • Unique shoelace design


  • Inaccurate sizing

Python Deluxe Court Shoes

Fencing Shoes Alternatives

Python is a new line of shoes on its own, they are known for creating sports shoes that offer the required comfort and support every athlete needs.

In this case, the Python Deluxe Court Shoes were made with the aim of giving indoor sportsmen the support they require.

Since fencing has to do with shoes that have strong toes and are non-marking shoes, this makes this Python creation highly capable of serving as an alternative to the regular fencing shoes.

Even though they have low arch support, you can easily take care of that by just getting customized footbeds that have the required arch you deserve.

For the fact that you use your foot for most of the movements and activity while fencing, you will need sets of lightweight shoes which also places this brand on the higher level for fencing shoe alternatives as they are lightweight right out of the box.


  • Non-marking sole
  • 3D overlays
  • Flexible shoelaces
  • Extremely versatile
  • They have removable insoles


  • Low Arch support

ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 Shoes

Fencing Shoes Alternatives

This is a shoe designed for sports with an outstanding feature of quick lateral movements and jumping just in case you need to.

They are nice court shoes, just perfect for Fencing since it has to do with the court also.

They have great arch support also which will assist your feet and your whole body medically and also help in dispersing the energy made as a result of the sudden movements done while fencing that might have caused some injuries or fatalities if centered in one place.

The fitting of these shoes is normal, ordering a normal size should do justice although they are not made for wide feet bearers as they go a little straight and narrow and in other words perfect for normal feet so you with wide feet need to order a size up in order to have a comfortable fit.


  • These are synthetic and mesh
  • 3D overlays
  • Removable orthotic Sockliner
  • EVA Midsole with enhanced cushioning
  • They have a non-marking sole


  • Not made for wide feet

Adidas Novaflight Shoes

Fencing Shoes Alternatives

Volleyball shoes happen to be great shoes that can also be used for Fencing probably because of their non-marking feature and also for the fact that they too also possess the protected toe box and flexibility that regular fencing shoes have.

They are comfortable, durable, and will even offer more support to you compared to regular fencing shoes.

Support like a well-formed cushioning that offers a 2.0 bounce ability, you never know when bouncy shoes will come in handy while fencing right.

The exterior of this brand is quite astonishing. It is plain with just 3D overlays to keep it nice and simple and also professional. There is absolutely no reason not to like these shoes, look them up.


  • Have a bounce of 2.0 provided by cushioning and lightweight
  • Made with recycled materials
  • They have an indoor outsole
  • Non-marking sole
  • Breathable mesh


  • Thinner tongue

YONEX Unisex Shoes

Fencing Shoes Alternatives

This is unisex wear for athletes in general, it has an aggressive grip for support on top-notch performance, it is more of an improved version of the ROPHOD fencing shoes, it is lighter, more comfortable, and least expensive as of now on amazon.

This comes with a credible and required toe box that will offer you protection and hinder any accident like twisting of the fingers or anything related.

We can all agree that they are fancy too and are classic, you can’t help but look trendy when you turn up in one of these.

It is more like a modern feeling that comes with all the support and comfort you deserve as a fencer. They are cool alternatives to fencing shoes.

Keep an eye out!


  • 2cm thick sole
  • Non-marking sole
  • Colorful and flexible shoelace
  • Rubber outsole
  • 3D Overlays

KD Vector Court Training Shoes

Fencing Shoes Alternatives

These shoes are simply great for court floors; they might squeak a bit but that’s okay for Fencing shoes.

They have really nice air cushioning and are anti-slip. You won’t go drifting when you fence in them. They have really nice arch support; the ankle collar is padded for additional support.

They are great when it comes to fencing, a review left on them says they are among the best used for the sport so far, they are non-marking and are very comfortable.

We can all agree that this has an elegant design, a touch of professionality I’d say, they are more suitable for indoor activity so be mindful not to use them regularly, especially off the court.

With proper care and maintenance, they should last longer than expected.

There is no warranty covering them so you might want to take good care of them.


  • These are versatile shoes
  • Non-marking shoe
  • Rubber sole
  • Medium shoe width
  • Padded ankle collar


  • No warranty

Mizuno Unisex Shoes

Fencing Shoes Alternatives

The Mizuno design is very flexible and energetic when it comes to regular use and credibility.

They tend to offer a specialized kind of comfort regardless of who is wearing them as they are for both men and women athletes.

They are lightweight and durable and are sure to serve as the best alternatives for fencing shoes.

One added advantage about this shoe is the fact that it has arch support which comes in Leggy for fencers and also it features a unique design of a strong toe box and powerful heel, with this, our feet are protected and fencing must have gotten better in them.

They can be worn by both beginners and professional fencers. They have a great rubber sole that is also long-lasting and non-marking too.


  • Flexible shoelace
  • Non-marking sole
  • They have a 2cm thick sole
  • Made with Rubber sole
  • 3D Overlays in red

ASICS Indoor Sport Shoes

Fencing Shoes Alternatives

Asics are one of the great shoes that can be used as alternatives to regular fencing shoes and still stand a chance of offering you support more than the normal fencing shoes would.

They are light and durable and also come with Non-marking soles. You don’t have to worry about going into fencing court unprotected.

This shoe is designed to have strong toe box, if you look at the toe area you will notice how the rubber comes up a bit higher than regular shoes and the material is rubber, thickened rubber that looks and feel like plastic just to ensure adequate safety for the wearer.

If you are looking for long-lasting alternatives then this is one of them, although this has a narrow fit so people with wide feet won’t have a comfortable fit with these.


  • These have mesh underlays
  • Synthetic leather paneling
  • They have a rubber sole
  • They offer great stability
  • They are non-marking shoes


  • Narrow fit

New Balance V4 Hard Court Shoes

Fencing Shoes Alternatives


  • Rubber sole
  • Non-marking
  • Lightweight cushioning
  • Supportive and durable
  • Stylish finish


  • Too Narrow


The shoes reviewed here are great and regarded as some of the best alternatives to Fencing shoes, they are carefully selected and reviewed with their individual unique features and what you stand to gain when you fence in them.

Links are embedded in them leading you directly to where you can get them at a cheaper and considerate price.

Fencing should have just gotten better when you fence in one of these. You should consider getting yourself a pair or two for yourself or as a gift for someone.



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