Dr. Martens vs Uggs: Comparison

Dr. Martens and UGGS boots are two brands that could not be any more different. One of the features that sets them apart is comfort and warmth.

The Doc Martens boots can’t keep your feet warm because they are not insulated, unlike the UGGS boots which are made with fleece, and except you are going to wear thick, woolly socks with your DM’s, this is not a quality you will get to experience.

Another feature is that of water resistance. Even though the UGGS boots are super comfortable, they are not water-resistant like the Doc Martens because the major material used in their production is sheepskin and wool, unlike leather which is used in making Doc Martens boots.

The reviews from people have also stated that UGGS boots are much more fashionable than their counterparts.


Dr. Martens vs Uggs

What are UGG boots?

UGG 1974 is a third-generation Australian footwear brand that manufactures quality UGG boots and has maintained its originality despite fierce International competition.

The company progressed under the management of Arthur Springthorpe, a former wool classer whose experience in Australian woolsheds drove his passion for quality wool and sheepskin products.

Arthur’s expertise in examining wool and grading it together with other raw materials would prove a valuable skill when he ventured together with his wife Faye into handcrafting sheepskin shoes and accessories in New South Wales.

The UGG boots rose to fame in 1970 with increased popularity on the East Coast of Australia. These boots were sold as part of the collection of sheepskin products they made to sustain their growing family.

UGG relocated its factory to the Gold Coast in the 1980s and by the 1990s, it would become an iconic brand patronized by celebrities, politicians, and other elites in Australia.

Technological advancement and the internet innovation would be catalysts that gave the Australian brand more fame by widening its reach and in no time, the American outdoor company, Deckers Corporation trademarked the brand name “UGG” despite it being a generic name for sheepskin products being sold In Australia and different parts of the world.

This led to the sales of Australian-made and authentic UGG boots being prohibited across 174 countries of the world and after a long legal battle, Deckers Company lost its trademark in Australia and New Zealand.

The company, which is now managed by Todd, Arthur’s grandson and his wife, incorporates the knowledge, experience, and techniques handed down over the years.


  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Variety of color options to choose from.
  • Warm, cozy, and soft insole made from sheepskin.
  • Use of quality build materials.
  • Impeccable craftsmanship
  • Offers insulation and is perfect for both winter and summer seasons.
  • It is affordable
  • Classic designs.


  • Longer waiting time since it is made to order.
  • There is a high risk of buying a fake pair of UGGS boots if you don’t know how to distinguish the Made in Australia brand from the others.
  • It is available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand and that will warrant extra shipping fees to other countries.

What are Dr. Martens Boots?

The Dr. Martens boots which are also referred to as Doc Martens or DMs are a footwear brand whose story begins with the convalescence of Dr. Klaus Maertens who manufactured the air-cushioned soles to help himself cope while recovering from a broken foot.

The soles of this shoe were preferable and more comfortable than the traditional hard leather.

Maertens would go on to create prototype footwear which he showed to his old friend, Dr. Herbert Funk, who doubled as a mechanical engineer.

Dr. Maertens and his friend partnered to start a shoe brand, using trashed military supplies.

The business boomed and in 1959, they had adverts for their shoes in magazines overseas.

During the early years, Dr. Martens boots were worn majorly by older women and Britain’s working class until a fashion revolution happened and then they became more iconic footwear than workwear shoes.


  • The shoe soles are lightweight and soft making them comfy for walking, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.
  • Doc Martens are made with wax-treated leather which makes them water-resistant in light downpours.
  • It has a casual look making it possible to be styled with different outfits.
  • Doc Martens are versatile footwear and their wear is not restricted to a particular weather condition.


  • The upper of Doc Martens are heat-fused to the soles and this makes it almost difficult to re-sole and repair.
  • They are made with light, thin leather which is single-stitched. Its durability is not assured.
  • The leather is not waterproof due to the thinness of the leather and will get soaked if worn during winter or heavy rains.
  • The yellow stitching around the welt is not very stylish.
  • Finding the right fit might pose a challenge since Doc Martens do not come in half sizes.
  • These boots might look shapeless with time as there is no shank to give them shape.
  • Eco-friendly components are not used in its production and some parts of this shoe can’t be recycled.
  • It takes time to wear in.

Comparison between Dr. Martens boots and UGG since 1947?

What are the differences between these brands and what are the reasons why you should choose one over the other the next time you are shopping for footwear?

The UGGS boots have a more feminine attribute to them and are preferred by the female gender for some reason.

This is not the case with Doc Martens boots which has a unisex look and can be worn by both genders without attracting quizzical looks.

Since it is made of fleece, wool and sheepskin majorly, the UGGS boot requires higher maintenance than Doc Martens which are just plain old leather and easy to take care of.

There are some other features we will compare and contrast to help us make the right choices when next we go shopping for shoes. A few of these differences will be spotted and compared below.

Dr. Martens vs Uggs: Material build

UGG boots are made with authentic merino fleece that stabilizes the temperature in winter and summer assuring the comfort of the wearer all year long.

The Australian Shearling, sheepskin, and wool are all quality materials used in the production of these shoes.

The soles of the UGG boots are made of EVA rubber.

Leather and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) are also used in producing Dr. Martens.

Winner: UGG since 1947 boots

Dr. Martens vs Uggs: Design

There are varieties of fashionable designs to select from in both brands. The UGGS brand has about twenty different colors available and over twenty different designs to choose from depending on your taste.

UGG brand also has provisions for their customers to personally design their boots themselves and choose the materials they want in making their unique footwear.

Dr. Martens’s brand has fancy floral designs for female footwear with other wide-reaching and peculiar designs too. Doc Martens manufactures about 250 different designs yearly.

Winner: UGG since 1947

Dr. Martens vs Uggs: Sizing

According to their size chart, Dr. Martens’s boots do not come in half sizes. Customers would have to size down to the nearest size expecting it to stretch with wear or go for a bigger size if they would like more room.

The soles of the UGG boots are larger than other shoes and this is so it fits the density of the sheepskin used in its production.

Using the simpler other shoes to figure out your right size will only make you buy smaller sizes that is why the company recommends that their customers check the shoe charts on the website.

With UGG boots, it is not necessary to size up. Wool naturally compresses with weight so while shopping, it is important to go for a firm and snug pairs that won’t have your toes cramped and do not slip at the heel either.

Winner: UGG Boots

Dr. Martens vs Uggs: Pricing

The prices of Doc Martens footwear have skyrocketed over time, just like the brand’s prestige.

Doc Martens boots are not expensive and can not be considered luxury products, even though they are favored by celebrities, they fall in the mid-range categories.

Based on the quality of these boots, the price is fair even though the materials used for the newer versions pale in comparison with the vintage Doc Martens which are of superior quality to their modern models.

Original short boots from the UGG brand costs around $129. The variations of color and designs go up to $526 for the most expensive.

UGG shoes are not only affordable but they also offer unique customization services for personalized, fancy designs like no other and with no extra charges. 

The boots from UGG are not mass produced but handcrafted carefully by the workers. They also use quality raw materials ensuring durability so this justifies their pricing.

Winner: Tie

Dr. Martens vs Uggs: Insole

The insole of the Doc Martens brand is made from polyurethane foam that helps to stabilize the heel and arch.

The cushioning, however, is in the heels of the insole and raises the heel a bit too high to the point of discomfort.

Contrastingly, the inner linings and insole of the UGGS boots are made of shearlings, which are basically sheepskin with the fleece still attached.

The insoles of these boots are so comfy and customers are advised to ditch their socks in order to have the full experience of these insoles.

User reviews have given these insoles a 100 percent rating as they have confirmed all the qualities mentioned on the company’s web page.

Winner: UGG since 1974

Dr. Martens vs Uggs: Overall quality

Unlike other footwear brands with factories in Asian Countries, a plan which supposedly reduces the cost of production, the UGG brand has resolved and continued to uphold the standards of production over the years by sticking to production in Australia.

This helps the managers oversee the processes involved and the quality of the material being used directly.

They make use of A-grade Merino wool which is easily the best in the market as compared to others who make use of lower qualities and even synthetic sheepskin.

The UGG since 1947 company assures its customers of a 12-month warranty and five to twenty years of wear depending on its use.

One of the major characteristics of Dr. Martens’s brand setting it apart from others is the soft rubber soles which do a wonderful job of impact resistance and shock absorption.

Doc Martens shoes make use of the Goodyear welting technique. The soles are joined to the upper of these shoes making it difficult to re-sole if it wears out with constant use.

However, the upper body of Dr. Martens is made with smooth, thin leather which will possibly wear faster if not handled carefully.

Reviewers are also biassed to the models Made in England as compared to the boots produced in China with regards to the quality.

Winner: UGGS since 1947

The better boot: UGG since 1974

Though they are both reputable brands, you should choose UGGS since 1974 if you had to choose between both brands.

Not only is UGGS since 1974, a local company that has refused to compromise its quality despite the stiff competition from Capitalist brands who have trademarked the brand name, but the ninety-eight percent of positive reviews and feedback from new and returning customers also shows that they are doing something right.

The quality of the UGG boots is second to none, the comfort and warmth undisputable and the pricing is fair for the standard this company has upheld over the years.

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