10 Dr Martens Interview Questions (You Should Know)

What likely questions do Dr. Martens interviewers ask? Let’s get to it and see for ourselves.

Dr Martens Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself

Interviewers ask this question as a means to get to know the interviewee a little more, as no one wants to employ someone they know nothing about.

The question is also a means to ease the interview session by breaking the ice and lessoning any tension before proceeding further into the interview.

To answer this question, it is advised that a present, past, and future format be used. This is a kind of format where the interviewee tells the interviewer about his present, past jobs, and future hopes.

The question should not be answered mechanically or in a rehearsed manner, as this is the opportunity to make the interviewer see you in a different light as opposed to other interviewees.

This is one way to answer the question:

Sure. As a kid, while helping out at the family’s shoe store, I was passionate about helping customers find a pair they were bent on having or in the case of those who just couldn’t decide, finding a pair they would immediately love.

Having discovered that I greatly enjoyed satisfactory human exchanges and conversations where everyone ended up satisfied I immediately knew I loved working in places oriented in helping customers to attain satisfaction with their purchase.

Why do you want to work at this company?

The reason is that any company hiring a prospective employee would want to see how seriously he/she has taken the job application and if they have indeed conducted research on the company in order to get to know what they’re all about.

Answering this question requires a straightforward answer detailing why you would like to be hired, and what makes you the best fit for the company.

If you have no idea why you want to work there, then you might as well apply somewhere else.

For example:

Having seen the positive impact that Dr. Martens have had on different cultures and the youth today, I’d like to be a part of this revolutionary organization by establishing a connection with a few of the subcultures as I can identify with a number of them.

This will greatly amplify the impact of Dr. Martens in such a way that there is a great improvement in the interaction between consumers, promoting customer satisfaction and ensuring that a customer is never left unsatisfied.

I have worked as a Sales representative and although that has helped me a great deal in evolving as a person, it is time to move ahead and broaden not just my work experience but my life experiences and grow as a person.

What do you consider your greatest strength?

Of course, they would like to know your greatest strengths. What exactly you can do to get the company or organization the best results they need.

The best way to answer this question is to tell the interviewer what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants positioning for the same job. Let him know your strengths, without sounding arrogant or boring.

Do not list out your strengths in single sentences or as one word. Inject enthusiasm into every reply.

Here’s an example:

I understand that there are times when a person may come up confused or in need of assistance with something, and I have unending patience, and understanding to handle these matters and bring the utmost satisfaction to customers with whatever it is that they’re dealing with.

I also work well in teams of people and I’m quick to put in my best to achieve the set goal as I am very goal-oriented.

Finally and I’d like to say most importantly, I remain original and true to myself in all situations and conditions. This enables me to give my very best as my own self and not under-selling myself.

What is your greatest weakness?

This question comes up at interviews as hiring companies would like to know your weak points and if they can in any way trigger the downfall of the company.

How you answer this question portrays how you handle your weaknesses or rather shortcomings. Don’t try to paint yourself as perfect and lacking weaknesses.

Or use some repetitive line to try to get through with it. Let them know what you may have as a weakness but at the same time point out how you’ve been dealing with it better.

But if you have a drinking problem or anger issues, this is most assuredly not the time to mention it if you would like to get the job.

Response to the question:

I wish I was better at handling my acute sense of disappointment at not meeting a customer’s expectations or requests.

I’m prone to getting extremely dissatisfied if I come short of providing a customer with the best service they need but this has essentially made me great at providing excellent services and so I do not get to feel this quite often if at all.

I am working on my overachiever traits as I’d prefer to always remain calm and level-headed when dealing with personal as well as and most importantly work-related issues.

Why are you changing career path?

It is likely that this question will come up if there is an obvious change in career paths indicated in the applicant’s resume. It is always best to strongly state that a person needs to sometimes diversify in order to grow.

If possible, tell a story of how you switched career paths when applying for your previous job and that that, didn’t affect or slow down your success rate, if anything it improved your skillset and you thrived in the new field.

Never say anything bad regarding your previous boss or anything negative as no one wants to hire a gossip or someone who publicly badmouths the work environment or boss at work.

A good response would go like this:

Having worked as a sales rep for a long period of time, I thought it was time I set out on a different path, and seeing the opportunity offered by your company promised a chance for growth and diversification.

Shoes are something I am most definitely familiar with and I would like a chance to not only return to something familiar but to grow in a different career altogether.

I had started feeling a little slow-paced at my old work and needed a career change to quicken the pace and help me grow further while honing my skills.

How would you style an outfit with a Dr. Martens shoe?

This is a question that is likely to come up as Dr. Martens is a shoe company that is popularly known as trendy wear that matches mostly everything and is associated with different youth movements from the 90s till date.

Often, most people ask how to wear a Dr. Martens pair of boots or what sort of outfit would look better paired with it. It is a question that is more likely to be asked during an interview with an aspiring stylist for the company.

Best possible response:

As people of ages and or any gender can rock any Dr. Martens shoes; Dr. Martens pair of boots can be worn with either an official or casual attire.

As the company started out as a shoe production company based in the UK whose first pairs of boots sold to both housewives and working-class men and women, a Dr. Martens boot can ultimately be worn with a plain trouser and tucked into a long-sleeved plain or plaid shirt.

It can as well be paired with a t-shirt and jean trousers or shorts. An official look can also be matched with Dr. Martens boots. Of course, it’s best to know that the boots are better worn with socks than without socks.

If hired as a customer service representative, what change would you effect to boost company sales?

Prospective question for an applicant for the job of a Customer service representative as it would reflect on the person’s thought creative process and idea formulation for the growth and development of the company in a way that is suited to their job portfolio.

In answering this question it is best to make use of already made research as the only way this question can be answered positively is if the applicant knows how to ensure the progress of the company in his/her capacity if hired.

Answering this effectively will show that you already have the company’s best interests at heart even prior to getting the job and this will increase the chances of being hired.  An appropriate response should go like this :

Dr. Martens is a revolutionary brand that isn’t all too popular in Africa due to its expensive nature and owing to the far distance between the UK and Africa, there are no shipping options for counties such as Nigeria and Ghana.

This prompts people who love the brand and would want to purchase a pair to sort for more strenuous and time-consuming ways to receive their package early.

This will naturally deter at the very least a few from purchasing and so it would be greatly profitable to provide direct shipping options for more African countries to enable easier and faster delivery of packages.

How would you handle a workplace conflict?

Although everyone prefers a most peaceful and quiet workplace where there’s no existing conflict it is unfortunate to say that yes conflicts do arise and if I were to find myself in the face of one, I would prefer a face to face conversation with whoever I’m having issues with so as to reach a mutual solution.

What was your previous relationship with your co-workers like?

A crucial question as any interviewee would want to know how you related in the workplace with co-workers.

It is apparent that any previous quarrels or petty grievances with past co-workers if any (and if not, even better) should not come up during this time.

Enunciate the fact that you got on really well with your coworkers because no one would hire an instigator to cause chaos or enable discord amongst co-workers.

It was a pleasure working with my coworkers as we all existed in peaceful harmony, there were times when it was almost boring to be there but we all tried to give each other space to work individually and create individually without unwarranted malice or antagonism.

It made for a very peaceful and goal-oriented environment.

If you had the prvivilege to win a lottery, would you stop working today?

It may seem like an unlikely question but it does come up quite a lot now. More and more people leave their jobs with no notice when they feel they’ve gotten better opportunities.

Whatever your reply to this question is, it will show how seriously you will take your job if hired.

No one will hire a seemingly unreliable or flighty person to take over a job as that would most definitely create a job vacancy again in a few months or less.

It is crucial that you relate how seriously you take any responsibility placed on you and any you willingly take on. Earnestly reply to the question as this is a testy question of trust and reliability.

The applicant can reply by saying:

While the end goal of working is to earn money, that is not the only gain in working. There are different forms of discipline working enforces in a person.

It helps you learn how to effectively and emotionally manage money and learn how to progressively earn more money. I personally wouldn’t quit my job because asides from all other given reasons, I love my job.

And although I would appreciate and be greatly excited at winning the lottery, I wouldn’t quit my work. I take any commitments very seriously as this will ensure I deliver the very best that I can.

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