Do Vans Crease?

Yes, Vans shoes do crease. It is nearly impossible to see a true crease-free Vans shoe, especially among the Vans leather styles. However, there are many factors that can result in having ugly crease lines on Vans shoes.

Have it in mind though, that some of these factors have nothing to do with the quality of the Vans shoe.

Do Vans Crease?

By saying Vans shoes do crease, it does not translate that shoe creasing in your Vans shoes is warranted. In this post, you will be exposed to the breakdown of why Vans shoes do crease, how it happens, how to get rid of crease lines on Vans shoes, and how you can prevent your Vans shoes from creasing, especially at the soles.

How do Vans shoes crease?

When you discover that Vans shoes do crease, the first question that will probably come to your mind is “How?â€.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are many factors that can make Vans shoes crease, and most of these factors have nothing to do with the quality of the Vans shoe material.

Generally, shoe creases when you continuously wear them and flex your feet too often while walking in them. Creasing is prominent in shoes, and may eventually damage the shoe if you can not provide a solution to it.

Bad fitting

First off, a particular way Vans shoes can start creasing is when the shoes are bad fitting. A bad fitting shoe will surely result in bad creasing. You may still have a Vans shoe with a perfect fitting that still creases, yes this is because the shoe will have more room to crease when your feet are flex due to the excess space in the Vans shoes.

So one of the ways Vans shoe crease has to do with the fitting of the Vans shoes. Creasing in Vans shoes become prominent either when there is excess space in the shoe, or when it is a badly fitting shoe.

Quality of the shoe

Secondly, the quality of some Vans shoes, in line with the style and design they are made of contributes to how quickly and rapidly the creasing of the shoe will be.

It is not even about the superiority of the Vans shoe material. If you examine the vulcanized rubber soles of most Vans shoes, you will see that wearing it just makes the creasing more prominent.

So the more you wear it, the more you flex your feet while wearing the Vans shoe can begin to create wrinkles on the sides of the shoe.

Again, it is significant to mention that plain-toe shoes or whole-cut shoes would crease more. So the creasing of shoes also has to do with how the shoes are made. The creasing in Vans shoes just happens and mostly affected by the tension that your feet put on them.

There is also another disturbing problem with some Vans shoes, apart from just creasing. It is the creaking when you walk with Vans shoes. So before we look at the ways you can get the crease out from your Vans shoes, we will quickly run through how you can stop your Vans shoes from creaking when you walk.

How to stop Vans from creasing when you walk?

Do Vans Crease?

Ever experience a situation where you walk with your Vans shoes and it just keeps creaking? It can be embarrassing and annoying! The squeaking sounds in shoes can come from either of these three parts of shoes: the bottoms of the shoes, the outer parts of the shoes, or the insoles that are inside of the shoes.

But from most Vans shoes, the creaking noise you hear when you walk is usually caused but the bottoms of the shoe.

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to take your Vans to a professional cobbler to solve the problem. Here are the few approaches you can take to solve the creaking problem.

Using a dryer sheet to rub the bottom of your Vans

Some Vans creak and squeak when it is used on smooth surfaces such as tile or hardwood floors. If you work in restaurants and you wear Vans shoes, you will probably be able to relate better.

The squeaking is probably because the bottoms of your Vans shoes are too slick. So you can take these few steps to stop it from creaking when walking:

  • Use a dry sheet to go over the bottoms of the shoe
  • Do it a few times to make the Vans less slick. You will see that they will stop squeaking as much
  • I can also recommend you to rub the bottoms of your Vans shoes with the dryer sheet every few times you wear them
  • It completely helps in making sure the shoe does not creak again.

The use of sandpaper on the shoe bottom

Sandpaper can make the bottoms of your Vans shoes less smooth and polished. This will help to prevent the shoes from creaking even when you walk around in them. This is a really simple and straightforward method. I recommend using sandpapers like this 3M Pro Grade No-Slip Grip Sandpaper.

You’ve got to be careful with the sandpaper you use so you don’t scratch up your shoes too much.  Ensure you use fine sandpaper that’s 120-220 grit.

  • Get a fine sandpaper
  • Gently go over the bottoms of the Vans shoes until they feel slightly rough to touch
  • In this way, the creaking reduces and even stops.

Check the bottom of your Vans shoes if they are loose

Your Vans shoes produce creaking noise when you walk in them probably because it has loosed shoe bottom. So reattaching them with durable glue may solve the problem.

  • Check if there is a gap between the bottom and the upper part of one of your Vans
  • Fill in the gap with super glue
  • Clamp it down until the glue dries.
  • Alternatively, if you can not clamp it down, you can utilize wrapping rubber bands around the shoe to hold the bottom and upper part of the shoe in place.
  • Leave the super glue for 24 hours to do its magic before wearing your Vans

How to get the crease out of the Vans

So, it is time to get rid of those ugly crease lines in your Vans that are making the lovely shoe look old.

There are some methods of removing crease that is not palatable for Vans shoes. For example, the use of ironing can only be effective for leather shoes and Vans leather styles. But since the majority are canvas, sneakers, and Vans basic styles, we will focus on the general methods.

The following steps in this segment will put you through how you can remove crease from your Vans shoes. It can also work for other sneakers and canvas.

The use of alcohol and shoe stretcher

If you are dealing with older creases, this method will work well and more effective.

  • First, mix together water and rubbing alcohol with equal parts in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the mixture onto the crease area of the Vans
  • Gently work into the shoes with your hands.
  • Slide shoe stretchers into the shoes and expand them to stretch out the creases
  • Wait until the shoes dry.
  • You can decide to let the stretchers stay in the shoe until you are ready to wear
  • You will notice that the crease is gotten rid of, or reduced.

The use of Blow dryers and shoe trees

If the creases in the Vans are deep, you may want to try out this method. It involves inserting a pair of shoe trees and using a blow dryer

  • Slide a pair of shoe trees into your shoes
  • Expand them to stretch out the creases.
  • Put the blow dryer on low heat.
  • Hold the blow dryer about 13–15 cm away from the surface of the shoes
  • Let the blow dryer move over the shoe back and forth
  • Keep the blow dryer moving to gently heat them up and loosen the shoe
  • The creases gradually disappear

Warning: make sure you do not keep the blow dryer in one spot to prevent warping the shoe material.

Going to a professional shoe specialist

These methods require attention and carefulness. So if you still think you can not really go the DIYs, you can always take your Vans to a shoe repair specialist or cobbler who can have the crease lines professionally removed.

This will come with a cost, though. And it is likely that they will use some of the methods we have discussed here. Only that they are more exposed and experienced in handling shoes without flaws.

Review of Vans crease protector

They say prevention is better than cure. A very good way you can keep creasing away from your Vans shoes, no matter how often you wear them, is by investing in a durable Vans crease protector for your Vans shoes.

What the shoe crease protector does is help stop your shoes from creasing. While it fits perfectly inside your Vans shoes, it helps in keeping the shape of your Vans or sneakers intact.

Shoe crease protectors are made of Thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) and Polyethylene (PE) materials that make them durable and sturdy for long time usage.

Here are the best ones I can recommend, particularly for Vans shoes:

The YOLOPARK Shoe Creases Protector: Unlike other shoe crease protectors you will see on the market, this one is superb for Vans shoes, and features a breathable design that keeps your Vans dry and extends the life of your precious Vans.

It is made of high-quality PE and TPR to ensure strong hardness, with auxiliary cutting lines.

You can also adjust them according to your needs for completely suitable. All you do is to put it inside the shoe and leave it inside the shoes for optimal performance. It comes with 4 pairs of durable sneaker creases protector.

It is however not ideal to use this shoe crease protector during exercise. Make sure your Vans are not tight and are loose if you want to use  YOLOPARK Shoe Creases Protector.

The ForceFields Shoe Toe Box Crease Protectors: This one will perfectly fit into the toe box of Vans shoes and sneakers to prevent creasing and the appearance of wear. It features a patented design that protects the look of Vans shoes by helping to hold their shape.

Even if you need a shoe crease protector to protect your shoes from the holes that your toes love to rip in them, this is still a perfect choice.

If you just bought a new pair of Vans shoes and scared about it having crease lines, I absolutely recommend these for your shoes.

Lastly, the Comfowner Shoe Crease Protectors: This is the perfect shoe crease protector to not only protect the shiny and bright look of your shoe but also restore your old Vans shoes. I also like the fact that it is suitable for a variety of toe curves on the market.

It is designed with 26 venting holes that are designed to keep the shoes dry and breathable, avoiding being sultry and humid. It does not move while you are walking – it has been designed in such a way that it firmly stays stuck to the top of shoes.

They come in multiple colors, but I do not really know why. As far as I know, you don’t get to see the color of the product once you insert it into your shoe, yeah?

Well, all in all, it is a very good shoe crease protector you can get to do away with your shoe creasing problem.


Do Vans Crease?

Vans is unarguably one of the most popular shoe brands on the market. They now have nice Vans styles that are ideal for walking, running, and lifting.

Shoe creasing is popular with other kinds of shoes too, not only Vans. So if you notice that your Vans shoes are getting those ugly crease lines, do not be quick to conclude that the material of the Vans shoes is inferior.

We have been able to look into some of the many factors that can cause Vans to crease as well as how the creasing in Vans happens.

I hope with this article, you now know what to do when you see those ugly wrinkles on your Vans shoes.

Most importantly, the use of the above-recommended shoe crease protectors will go a long way in preserving the shape and look of your new Vans shoes.

Creases in Vans and sneakers are nearly inevitable, so if you are not ready to go through the hassle of removing crease lines on your Vans, you can invest in a shoe crease protector to protect your feet, the shape of your Vans, and its look.

Vans shoes have a high level of comfort and appealing looks, which makes them very good walking shoes. But the more you use a shoe, the more prominent creasing becomes on the shoe. So, take leverage on the information on this post to bid the final farewell of shoe creasing.

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