Do Crocs Get Softer Over Time?

Yes, Crocs are made out of a type of foam that softens when exposed to prolonged temperatures. In other words, they tend to soften and stretch over time, especially when they come in contact with high heat often.

Do Crocs Get Softer Over Time?

However, the softening possibility of crocs comes true to the types of clogs used in making the crocs. While some types have roomy toe boxes to make your feet really comfortable, some types ensure a more secure fit by offering less space.

But, irrespective of the clogs they are made out of, or the fit they provide, Crocs do tend to soften over time. From my experience in hiking with Crocs, I can tell you that they are always quite tight at first, but will gradually and eventually stretch after several times wearing.

There is more to these, though. Read on as I take you through the softening of crocs.

Are softer crocs good for your feet?

The obvious answer is yes, they are. However, some experts have their candid reasons why softer crocs are not for everyone.  People who are looking to buy Crocs for the very first time usually have a number of questions which include whether crocs soften over time.

Now, even if they do tend to soften over time, are softer crocs good for your feet?

First off, there have been several claims that softer clogs/crocs are not good for the feet. This got me worried because if the essence of having softer crocs is to aid comfort at your feet, why then should there be a downside?

This made me do deeper research on what Podiatrists say about wearing crocs and even softer crocs and here is what I found out:

Whether one is looking to make his or her crocs softer or not, it will always be safe and comfortable if he or she wears them once or twice a week.

But as for those who are looking to use their softer crocs more regularly, you should know that Crocs, even softer ones, are not suitable for all-day use. This is mainly because they do not adequately secure the heel.

So while they give you the right arch support and comfort at all areas of the feet, the heel is unstable for a long time and the toes tend to grip.

Also, wearing softer crocs, together with the fact that they tend to have a pretty loose fit on your feet, may not be ideal for you. This is worth considering especially if you hate your shoes sliding off of your feet throughout the day.

Nevertheless, I would say it is a good thing to have softer crocs that fit your feet and do not make your toes ache. But at the same time, you would want to consider the general cons that come with wearing softer crocs for a longer period of time as there is not enough heel support.

Do Soft Crocs mess up your feet?

Do soft crocs mess up your feet? No. But you should consider the low ankle support. There is a possibility of accidentally rolling your ankle wearing soft crocs. It has happened to me… not once, not twice.

Instead of making a mess on your feet, soft Crocs bring even health benefits to the two feet that take you to your destination. When you remove the advantage of the affordability and are easy to clean, you will see that the rest of the benefits attached to wearing soft crocs are healthwise.

There are many considerations to put in place when you think of wearing soft crocs. But while it does not fit some people’s style of fashion, we can all swear by its comfort, especially at the time when the new crocs are already used to the size of our feet.

However, some of the major things that one should frown at when it comes to softening crocs are the pretty inadequate ankle support that it provides, and also the fact that it is not an “all-day use” shoe.

In other words, if you wear softer crocs too much, it can cause some heel and arch pain for some. And I have heard some people say soft crocs develop smell over time. I consider it a minor concern because it can actually be a pro for some people.

The benefit of wearing softer crocs is way above the benefit of wearing one that provides less space for the feet. When you get new Crocs out of the box, it will seem a little tight for your feet, how then do you make the crocs softer? Are we limited to the only option of wearing it around until our feet fit in?

This leads us to the next segment.

Other ways to make crocs softer

The general way to make your croc softer is to wear them around the house with thick sport socks. This allows the crocs to stretch a little and become softer to fit in your feet whenever you wear it again, even without socks.

But people are now considering it as a bad experience when they shop online for crocs shoes and when the product arrives, they realize it is a little bit tight.

There are quite a number of easy and quick ways you can make your Crocs softer. I will show you a few that are recommended, safe and effective.

If you are looking for other ways to soften your crocs, These are some of the methods that will surely work for you:

Use Dryers and towels

This is one of the two methods I will show you. And when you choose to use this method, you have to be very careful.

So in this method, all you need to do is use an ideal hairdryer and very SLOWLY heat up the tight bands across the foot.

It will get to a point when they are warm, you will then stretch them just a little with your hand, make sure you are doing this GENTLY.

You can also stretch them by stepping into them and flexing your feet – do it gently.

They stay in that new shape even when they become cool.

Remember to be very careful because they could be very warm.

Use hot water

Method One

There are two ways you can make your crocs softer using hot water. In this first method, all you need to do is to stand with the shoes on in as hot water as you can bear for a while.

Remember, in the beginning, I mentioned that the stretching and softening of crows is usually because of an extensive temperature. That is exactly what happens here -  the heat will allow them to stretch and mold to your shape.

Make sure you keep wearing the crocs till they cool down.

Method two

The other way you can use hot water to make your crocs softer is simply by immersion.

What I mean is, you dip the crocs in really hot water for 30 seconds

And then just stretch them

I want to warn you to be very careful about this method because once you dip it into hot water and then stretch, you may not be able to undo the shape again. So do not do it too much.

Making crocs softer in these ways is very simple, fast, and quite safe. However, it will surely require you to be slow and careful, especially with the hairdryer.

How do you break in Crocs shoes?

To be honest, I do not think there is a need to break in crocs. If you’ve just got a new croc and you have never worn it before, you do not need to break in them.

Rather, It is more like your feet need to get used to them. For a perfect illustration, Crocs do not need as much breaking-in as converse shoes.

I have worn different crocs for a few years now and each time I try on a new pair, they feel different – a little tight – but the shoe is usually my size. They only get molded and fit for the feet over time.

Again, Brand new Crocs have a little bump on the footbed, and this is included to massage your feet. So instead of the idea of breaking in Crocs shoes, just understand that they take just a little getting used to when they are new.

You can however make your crocs softer when they are new and a little tight using the methods above.

Other than that, you will be fine.

How should crocs fit?

Knowing how the crocs you are about to buy should fit your feet goes beyond looking at the size chart. And even though you want to know how Crocs should fit since you are about to make it softer, you should be able to know the right fit for your foot.

While Crocs have different roomy, relaxed, and standard fit styles, you should be able to know what fits you, either a narrow size or wide.

  • To start with, when you wear Crocs, your toes should not be touching the front. In other words, the crocs should have a generous length.
  • A well-fitted Crocs for your foot will also have lots of breathability due to the roomy across the top.
  • Another thing that makes the crocs fit is a little room.

This is why you should be careful when you try to soften them with some other methods. The good thing is that some models include laces or straps.

But straps or no straps, all should feel stable on your foot as you walk.

A croc that is said to fit your foot will also allow for a slight amount of room around the perimeter of the foot. So yes, the sides of your feet may meet the crocs inner walls, but occasionally.

Ideal crocs that fit should have minimal or no slipping as you walk.

Lastly, Even though many argue that crocs generally do not provide adequate heel support, your heel should rest securely when wearing an ideal crocs that fits.

If you put all these things into consideration when buying new crocs or trying to make them softer, you will be able to nod and decide how it should fit your foot.

Now, another help I can assist you with finding your ideal crocs shoe size is to check their size charts HERE  using a ruler to get the approximate measure of your true shoe size.

Do crocs run big for toddlers?

In my experience, yes. My nephew wears a size 6, but the size 6 Crocs seems big for him. We have decided to buy a smaller sized Crocs for him and this was true to size.

My candid advice will be for you to buy a smaller size for your toddler. For instance, it is better to get your kid size 4, if he is size 5. quite okay.

Before I bring this post to an end, “Do crocs run big for toddlers†is one of the most asked questions by those who are looking to buy a new croc, especially not for themselves.

And there are so many answers to this of which some are inaccurate. The thing is that there are some of the crocs models that actually run big for toddlers.

And these models do so probably because of their shape. So get it.

Some are designed for maximum comfort, while others are designed for a snug fit.

Bottom line: buy a smaller-sized Crocs for toddlers.


That is all on the stretching of crocs and I hope you have gained a lot from this post.

The beauty of crocs is not only in its varied design but also in the clog material it is made out of as it allows mold to your feet and ensures comfort. This gives clear-cut proof that crocs do tend to stretch over time. And we have been able to look at whether it is safe to wear softer crocs as well as the other ways to make crocs softer.

Every thought of stretching your crocs, or ways to “break-in†your crocs? I’d like to read your experience, Hit the comment box below!

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