10 Crocs Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them)

Who doesn’t love Crocs? Maybe you love those foam clogs so much, you’d like to channel that love into working for the company. Or, maybe you just need a job and a Crocs Company suits your taste and you’re willing to work for them.

Either way, we’ve got you covered and added questions you’re likely to be asked at an interview with them. At Crocs, their interviews are usually one-on-one with informal questions most of the time.

Crocs Interview Questions

You’ll feel relaxed while it’s going on, so don’t worry. Though, interviews usually make people nervous, especially if they have no prior knowledge about what they are going to be questioned about.

So, come with me as I take you through a series of questions and answers that would do you some good.

Ten Questions You’re Likely To Be Asked At A Crocs Job Interview

How Did You Hear About Us Hiring?

Now, this question simply means “How did you get to know about this job vacancy?” There are numerous ways people get to know about job vacancies such as the internet, TV news, local newspapers, the recommendation from friends, etc.

The highest percentage is from the internet. Sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Twitter, and even Facebook ads. Your answer should be straightforward and simple.


I found out about the job vacancy through LinkedIn/Indeed/Twitter, etc.

If you got a recommendation from a friend or someone who is already an employee in the company, you can just say: I was recommended by a friend/ an employee in this company for this position.

And if you found out through local sources such as the news or newspapers, you say: I saw a TV advert about you hiring/I read about it in a newspaper.

If you could state the name of the newspaper and what time and date you read it, it’s good. It’ll give your interviewers the impression that you really did put the information in your mind and that it’s important to you.

Why Do You Want To Work With Us At Crocs?

Every employer would love to know why his or her employee chose to work with them instead of other companies/firms. We all know there is a lot of competition in business.

Especially if these businesses are dealing with the same type of products, or something similar. No employer would like to hire someone who would not help his or her company grow. They also prefer genuine workers.

There are lots of shoe companies that might be competing with Crocs. The company would want to know why it is them you are interested in. When you’re being tendered this question, make sure to smile.

Your smile shouldn’t be too bright (that would be creepy), and should not look fake either. The smile would give them the impression that what you’re about to say gives you a bit of joy, or that you’re about to say something honest.


I love Crocs and the work being done here. The products are a major part of people’s daily lives now, and I would love to be part of something that gives people comfort.

If I am given this job, I would work hard in order to help it grow and develop into a much bigger and better company.

At Crocs, We Do Not Tolerate Dishonesty. How Honest Do You Think You Are?

Everyone loves honesty and loyalty in their workers. Even villains do not like dishonest servants. When you’re planning to work for Crocs, they’ll want to be sure you will not be a thorn in their flesh and won’t get cheated on by you.

Can they trust you with their products, money/accounting, resources, and even other people? How sure are you that you will be able to cope with dealing with desirable things around you that are not yours? Give a simple answer, but let it be firm and true.


I am human and not perfect, but I adhere to rules perfectly and do not like dishonesty. I am very honest and I never cross boundaries lawfully set for me. I will be faithful to the company, and I want to assure you that I am the honest employee you’re looking for.

Do You Have An Experience With Dealing With Dishonest Co-workers? If Yes, How Do You Tackle Such A Problem?

At any company, not just a Crocs Company, you’re to know that not everyone will be particularly honest and just. The employers would want to be able to trust you to help them in fishing out or tackling down dishonest workers in your own sector.

Before you answer this question, relax and heave a small breath. Appear to be in thought for a few seconds(about one to two seconds) before answering.

It’ll give them the impression that you’re thinking the answer through, in order to give a sensible reply. Do not break eye contact and when you answer, make sure your voice is firm and not too loud.


Yes, I have had an experience with a dishonest co-worker before. Whenever I come across people like that, I, first of all, caution them if they’re in the same level as I am or they’re under me.

If I’m in the position to punish them, I will. But if I’m not, and if they’re in a higher rank than I am, I gather enough evidence then report them.

At Crocs, How Do You Deal With Overwhelming Emotions And Feelings While At Work?

Where they are different people, there are different characters and behaviors. Some people have anger issues and tend to throw tantrums when angered.

Others are crybabies and often burst out crying when scolded publicly or privately. Your interviewers would want to know where you fit in among this set of people.

Are you very fast to anger, or you don’t get angry easily? Do you cry at any little thing or you’re the type that just shuts people out?

In this case, the interviewers would like to hear something positive. So, if you’re the type that doesn’t keep your emotions at bay, you should fix yourself properly.


I am very good at keeping my emotions and personal feelings under my control. I believe that personal emotions should not interfere with professional work.

What Would You Do If A Customer Does Not Return That Respect And Gets On Your Nerves? 

Crocs Interview Questions

You will agree with me that some customers are well…irky! They’re troublesome and quarrelsome. So, what would you do if a certain customer is throwing tantrums at you or saying unlawful and insulting words at/to you?

You might be body shamed or called names. Some would even create a public scene and embarrass you. But, despite the fact that they’re in the wrong, the employers would not want you to fight back at them.

So, if you’re asked a question about your reaction to such a customer, how would you answer?


I am aware that some customers and business partners are very hard to work with, especially if they are fast to anger. B

ut, the customer is always right. In business, you have to overlook some unpleasant things in order to keep moving. So, in such a case, I’ll try my best to calm them down and even apologize if the need arises.

What Would You Gain If You’re Employed At Crocs?

As simple as this question seems, it is in the real sense, a tricky question. Employers would want to know what you get with working for them.

They could use it to boast about how they treat and make their employees’ dreams come true (a rare but real fact). The satisfaction of the worker is usually a thing of pride. But, if your reasons and answers seem too selfish and greedy, you might not be given the job.

Keep your answers simple yet intriguing. Do not say too much. And do not say too little as it would give them the impression that you’re just there casually.


Crocs Company is a huge firm with a lot of employees. Working here would give me the ability to fit in with people, and also create a healthy relationship with them.

It will give me the enablement to help and also rely on co-workers in a healthy work environment. Having a job at Crocs would make me fend for myself financially and build my knowledge on how to stabilize work and personal life.

What Would We Gain If We Employ You?

After hearing what you would gain in working with them, they would like to know what they would gain too. No company would desire to be backward in their business, and Crocs Company is not an exception. If you’re going to work for them, you should be able to help them grow too.

Are you the type that gives customer feedback to the company or do you just keep them to yourself? Do you bring new ideas that would be really useful?

Have you realized a common mistake the company does, maybe at the storage level, and you would like to report it to the person in charge in order to correct it and save costs?

If you’re this type of employee who contributes to the growth of the company you work for, tell me why you won’t become a favorite?


Crocs would gain a very reliable and trustworthy employee, who would put in his/her all into his/her work. With me in this company, there would be growth.

I would work hard and my sector would see improvements. I would also influence other workers into being honest and reliable. I promise to be the type of employee that would contribute to the success of this firm.

What Type Of Manager Can You Work With? And, How Would You Like Your Co-workers To Be?

Like we said earlier, there are different types of people in a work environment. The interviewers would like to know your taste with people and the type you would like to work with.

If you get the job, they might even be nice enough to put you with the people that fit your taste.


I can cope with any type of manager, but I would prefer to work with one who is kind to employees and listens to complaints. A manager who doesn’t look down on workers but gives each one a chance to thrive.

I’d also want a manager who punishes anyone that is in the wrong and has no partiality towards employees. As for my coworkers, I would like them to be kind and helpful also.

To correct me and others when we do anything wrong. I dislike workers who keep malice amongst themselves and cannot drop their personal relationships at home before coming to work.

If You’re Employed, How Would You Fit In With Other Workers?

Some new workers just resume work and sit at their desks, start work without even saying hi to other workers. Some do not want to mingle and prefer to never fit in with the rest. Employers like it when their employees share ideas together and work hand in hand to make the company grow.

Therefore, the answer to this question should be short and simple. If you’re employed, would you stick to yourself or would you try to make friends with the other employees?


I would, first of all, introduce myself to co-workers in my department and seek their help whenever I would need one. I’ll be kind and reciprocate help whenever another worker is in need of it.

I will also respect their space and not walk in on their boundaries. The key to fitting in with people is to respect their space and render help when need be.


Going for an interview can be both frightening and perplexing. Because you are not sure about the outcome of it. But like I said in the introduction, what you need is adequate preparation.

Now that you have gone through a few of the questions that you might be asked at an interview with Crocs Company, I hope you are prepared for your interview.

Always remember to be fluent with your speech, look relaxed, and not tense up. Do not dress too casually, nor dress too professionally. Put a genuine smile and trust yourself.

I wish you good luck and I hope you get that job!

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