15 Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World (in 2023)

Do you plan to go on a vacation to Disney World? Are you worried about the right type of footwear to wear while there? Well, you have found the right article.

Disney World is one of the most visited parks in the world, and on average, each visitors take approximately 14,000 steps while there.

One of the worst things that could happen to you is realizing that the pair of shoes you took to Disney World is not comfortable.

Your vacation could literally be ruined if you wear shoes that are uncomfortable.

Good news! I am here to help you avoid such a fate. As someone who has had this unfortunate experience, I am in the best place to guide you on the most comfortable sandals you should wear at Disney World.

Here are fifteen (15) of my favorite and best picks. I am sure you will find all of them to be worthy.

Sandals Features
Crocs Swiftwater Sandals Lightweight
Skechers Go Walk Flip-Flop High-rebound Cushioning
Vionic Amber 100% Synthetic
Teva Tirra Sandal Great Support and Traction
Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 100% Synthetic
Vionic Toepost Sandal Forefoot cushioning
Teva Original Universal Sport Sandal Lightweight Cushioning
Keen Whsiper Sport Sandal Superior Traction
Merrel Terran Slide II Sandal Great Shock absorption
Naot Sabrina Sandal Cork and Latex Footbed for feet cushioning
Vionic Rest Kirra Thong Sandal Durable Rubber Outsole that lasts
Ecco Flash Sandals Soft and Breathable
Skechers Meditation-Studio Sandal Padded Toepost for
Croc Eve Slingback Highly ventilated
Chaco Z1 Classic Custom Adjustable Straps

Crocs Swiftwater Sandals

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

A lot of people hate wearing Crocs footwear because they are not exactly stylish. However, as unstylish as they may be, we can not but admit that Crocs produce the best footwear in terms of comfortability.

Crocs shoes may not be stylish but you can surely wear them for a long period of time.

This Swiftwater Sandal is one of my favorite pairs of sandals. It is so comfortable that I wear it every day and everywhere.

I came across this sandal when I was in the most uncomfortable shoes and needed something to ease the pain in my feet. Since I started wearing it, I have not looked back.

I highly recommend this sandal because it is really comfortable. It has a rubber footbed that provides superb comfort while at Disney World, and it also keeps your feet secured.

From my personal experience, this sandal is really amazing because of how super supportive it is to my feet whenever I am walking around.

Skechers Go Walk Flip-Flop

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

Another footwear that is really comfortable and perfect for Disney World is this Flip Flop from Skechers.

I find this footwear to be similar to the Crocs Swiftwater Sandals I mentioned above. This footwear has a rubber footbed, and the back of the flip flop is a bit lifted so your heel does not touch the ground.

I love to recommend this footwear because, unlike many other flip flop brands, the fabric center that separates the big toe from the rest does not irritate the skin or cause painful bruises or blisters.

This is a footwear I loved wearing because of how cradled my feet are all day long as I walk in it. The comfort is second to none and I never feel stressed when I am on this footwear.

The footwear is very durable and is worth every penny. I have taken it with me to Disney World a couple of times and it never feels old.

Vionic Amber

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

If, like me, you also visit Disney World very often or you see yourself as someone who will be doing a lot of walking during vacations then the Vionic Amber sandals are the right footwear to invest in.

No matter the price it may be going for, this footwear is worth every penny.

Like every other footwear I recommended earlier, this sandal also has a rubber sole. In addition to that, it also has an adjustable hook-and-loop closure that accommodates the swelling of my feet during heat time.

The Vionic Amber has been honored with the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance because the footwear is a big deal when it comes to comfort.

Also, the sandal is built to provide phenomenal support to people who feel pain after walking long distances or people who just have a medical condition in their feet, legs, or spine.

Teva Tirra Sandal

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

A sandal that quickly caught my fancy and I do not regret wearing to Disney Land is the Tirra Sandal.

This sports sandal from Teva is actually one of the most highly-regarded sandals by Disney fans. In fact, you will find many people at Disney World wearing this same sandal.

This sandal is genuinely comfortable and can be worn throughout the day. The sole of this sandal is made of rubber, and you will enjoy using this sandal because of how it comfortably supports your feet.

You will find this sandal to be fashionable, in that, it comes in different colors and can be styled in multiple ways.

Personally, I do not rate this sandal as one of the most attractive in the market, however, in terms of comfort, there are not many sandals better than it.

The sandal is fitted with a heel cupping that provides additional support as you walk, and this feature further aids in why the sandal ranks so high in comfort ratings.

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

Walking in Disney World or in any park feels much better and comfortable since I started wearing the Yoga Sling 2 sandal from Sanuk.

This footwear has its footbed and cloth strap made with a yoga mat material. This sandal is also odour-resistant as I have not had to deal with a foul smell – either from my feet or the sandal itself.

I do not find washing anything with my hands enjoyable so you can imagine how delighted I was when I found out that this sandal can be washed in the machine.

I find this sandal to be perfect because of how I can easily wear it out to dinner and to the park as well.

The strap material fitted to this sandal stretches out to accommodate my feet as I walk around, and also provides great support that assures me that the sandal will not fall off.

Vionic Toepost Sandal

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

I was really sceptical about this sandal when I first learnt of it because I thought they looked to dressy and will not be great for walking.

However, after giving it a try, I can confirm to you that this sandal is excellent. This sandal from Vionic is a really supportive walking shoe and you can get it in thirty (30) different beautiful designs.

This sandal is very comfortable and durable. It is so comfortable that I now wear it as my daily walking shoes, replacing all my tennis shoes.

In terms of durability, I have been wearing this pair for three (3) years now and it is still as good as the very first day I got them.

This sandal offers great support to people who have high arch, foot pains, or plantar fasciitis. You will have little to no foot problem wearing this sandal. In fact, your feet will be happy each time you wear this sandal.

Teva Original Universal Sport Sandal

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

This sandal is one of the best sandals I have worn while at Disney World, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This sandal has a synthetic sole and durabrasion rubber outsole.

It also comes with a hook and loop closure, and a universal strapping system. Like the Vionic Sandals, this sandal also comes in different types of design and my favourite of them all is the coral sand design.

I just love how this sandal has a ‘bohemian’ look to it.

I never would have thought myself as someone who would love, and be loyal, to a sandal so deeply. Owning one of these sandals simply means that you will not need to get any other sandal again.

This sandal from Teva has a very simple design and does not have any random extra straps which I am sure contributes to the comfortability of the sandal.

This sandal looks and feel great, you should get yourself a pair.

Keen Whsiper Sport Sandal

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

Before I finally got this sandal, I had heard lots of reviews and great things about the sandal and the Keen brand as a whole.

Even with the great customer reviews, I was still hesitant on getting it because I worried that it looked way too sporty than I usually like them.

I did go on to get one and I am sure my feet still pray for me for that decision.

If you participate in many outdoor activities, like walking around in Disney world, then you will really enjoy wearing this sandal.

This sandal provides great traction on all kinds of surfaces which helps you stay on your feet and avoid falling.

I find walking to be easier and less stressful anytime I wear this sandal. It is fitted with a compression-moulded EVA midsole which provides enhanced cushioning that protects my feet from the hard impact of walking around.

Merrel Terran Slide II Sandal

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

This sandal is one of my top favourites. I have tried all sandals in this list but this sandal is one of the very few sandals I always come back to. This sandal has accompanied me to three (3) different trips to Disney World and not once has it disappointed me.

You will find that this sandal has a rubber sole, a nubuck leather upper, and an air cushion heel. I love this sandal because of how easy and fast it is to slip them on or kick them off.

The sandal is very versatile in that, I do not wear it to Disney World alone, but also to the pool, beach, or when I need to quickly run an errand.

This sandal provides great comfort that I sometimes forget that I am wearing anything on my feet.

Naot Sabrina Sandal

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

Whenever there is heat, my feet swell terribly which is why I make sure to always wear shoes or sandals that are very comfortable.

One of the most comfortable shoes that I have worn is the Sabrina sandal made by Naot.

I love this sandal because of how it accommodates my feet when they are swollen and lets them breathe.  Naot, as a brand, are known to make the best walking shoes.

This sandal is one should take along with you when going to Disney. It will fit on your feet like a glove and provide the best comfort.

This sandal also provides an arch support that keeps you on the move. When it comes to walking shoes, this sandal is one of the best and cutest.

Vionic Rest Kirra Thong Sandal

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

If you currently deal with or, like me, have dealt with plantar fasciitis and are looking for the best sandal to wear to Disney world, then I welcome you to the best choice.

This sandal from Vionic is the best at expertly managing your plantar fasciitis condition whilst also being the best walking shoes you will ever wear.

This sandal is very comfortable to wear. Whether the weather is cold or hot, you get optimal comfort from this sandal. All my expectations from this sandal were exceeded. It has a great design that makes it look adorable, and it also perfect for people with high arches.

There are not many sandals that cater to the needs of people with plantar fasciitis than this Vionic Sandal.

This is one of my favourite sandals that I do not wear to Disney world alone but everywhere. I find it to be so comfortable that I wear it all day.

Ecco Flash Sandals

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

One of worst experiences at Disney world was having painful blisters on my feet from wearing a shoe that did not fit properly.

However, since I have owned and started wearing the Ecco flash sandal, I have not had to deal with painful feet.

This sandal is lightweight, soft, and very breathable. All these qualities make me enjoy walking in this sandal.

The straps attached to this sandal are adjustable, which means that you can tweak the sandals to be accommodating to your feet when it swells.

I love how versatile this sandal is. I have worn it to walk, hike, and also to paddle, and while doing all of these, I was very comfortable.

This sandal is insanely durable. For a couple of years now that I have had it, the sandal spends every day on my feet.

This sandal has been able to withstand rigorous outdoor activities, so wearing it to Disney world is just a walk in the park, literally.

Skechers Meditation-Studio Sandal

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

The Skechers brand is known for making shoes that are really comfortable, but with this sandal, they raised the bar super high.

This sandal is one that beats all comfortability records and I think it is so because it was made from rubber and stretchable jersey

This sandal is one of my favourites, especially for long distance walks. I am sure you will find this sandal to be amazing when you walk around with it at Disney world.

As someone who has worn a lot of really uncomfortable footwear to Disney world, I always appreciate when I find one that is just awesome.

This sandal from Skechers is sure to give you a fun and memorable walking experience at Disney world.

Crocs Eve Slingback

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

As we draw to the end of this list, I have to mention this awesome product from the Crocs brand.

This sandal is fitted with all the comfort features I have come to know, love, and desire from any sandal I am wearing to Disney World.

This is a sandal that looks good and is comfortable to wear from one end of Disney world to the other.

Many shoes and sandals have accompanied me to Disney world but this product from Crocs is just different.

It is super comfortable, easy to clean, and I found out that it is waterproof so you can use it for your water rides while at Disney world.

No one has worn this sandal and not liked it. A renowned professional travel blogger describes this Crocs sandal as the best travel shoes for Europe, and I totally agree.

Chaco Z1 Classic

Best Comfortable Sandals for Disney World

My final recommendation to you is this sandal that gave me the best tan lines ever.

The Chaco Z1 Classic has a rubber sole and adjustable straps that allows you increase or decrease the size of the sandal and have it fit perfectly on your feet.

This sandal is also waterproof so even on a rainy day you can still go on to wear it. Also, for people who enjoy the water rides at Disney world, they can go on these rides with this sandal.

One thing about this sandal that I am sure you will love is that it is very affordable and it comes in different fun designs and pattern. I absolutely love this sandal, I bet you will too.

There you have it! Fifteen (15) of my favorite and most comfortable sandals to wear to Disney World.

I am sure you have found one or two that you love. Go ahead and get them and have a wonderful time at Disney World.


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