Chick Fil A Uniform: 10 Things You Need to Know

Chick-fil-A is a restaurant that is locally owned and is operated independently in U.S, U.K, and Canada. They are in the business of chicken and of people, this means that they invest not only in their business but in the future of their team members.

Every standard organization has a uniform, it is usually a mode of identification of the staff because it differentiates the workers from the customers.

It also shows that the workers are members of the same team and of the same organization with a particular goal they want to achieve. It is a way of promoting unity and togetherness in an organization or company, especially among workers.

Does Chick-Fil-A give you a uniform?

Chick Fil A Uniform

At Chick-fil-A, you are expected to put on black, non-jeans pants and then they provide your uniform which includes pants, a shirt, a belt, and a nametag.

Visors may be provided based on your position in the restaurant. A pair of shoes will also be given to you. All new workers usually get their uniforms on their second day of orientation or training.

This uniform given by Chick-fil-A is to create a sense of harmony, unity, and uniformity among the staff of the organization. It also makes their staff look professional and smart at all times.

Chick-fil-A gives uniform as soon as it is being ordered. Though, sometimes it might be different because different stores are managed differently.

Just in case your uniform is taking longer than expected, you can inquire from your supervisor or manager because they are the persons responsible for providing the uniforms.

How long does it take your Chick-Fil-A uniform to come in?

Getting your uniform might take a little time or might not even take so much time to get to you. It solely depends on the store you work for, your uniform may take up to a week to three weeks to come in.

Chick-fil-A staff uniform comes at different periods of time after the order has been placed. It is expected that you order your uniform at Chick-fil-A in order for you to get yours as soon as possible.

You would get the first uniform which usually consists of pants, a shirt, a belt, and a nametag all for free but additional items like shorts are not for free.

If you are facing any challenge or challenges concerning getting your uniform you should contact your manager.

How many uniforms do you get at Chick-Fil-A?

At Chick-fil-A, you are at the disposal to get one uniform for free. As earlier said, this free uniform consists of a shirt, belt, pants, and nametag.

This uniform is usually given to the worker on the first or second day of orientation, though the distribution of the uniform solely depends on the store.

Do I wear my uniform to training at Chick-Fil-A?

Dressing well and smartly is a priority at Chick-fil-A, employees are expected to dress responsibly whether new or old. The old staffs are expected to portray a good example to the new ones.

Dressing for orientation, training, or work at Chick-fil-A is taken really seriously as it is a way of showing the world how good Chick-fil-A is at what they do. It shows how disciplined and principled the management is with their staff.

Normally, candidates are expected to wear the Chick-fil-A uniform to the orientation and training at all times as it is a strict rule in the organization.

However, if the candidates do not have a uniform, they can put on casual wear, having in mind the kind of environment they are in.

Not having a uniform yet is not an excuse to put on just anything to the orientation, training, or to work, as far as you are within the environs of the restaurant, you should always look as decent and professional as possible.

You must not put on jeans, a T-shirt or sneakers for the training, as it might give the impression that you do not take the job seriously or that you see it as just any kind of job.

And even if you would put on jeans, they must be black ones without holes. Wearing “crazy jeans” or jeans with holes is highly prohibited, and whenever you want to put on denim, it must be a black one which can bring out the professional nature of your job always.

You should always have this in mind because Chick-fil-A usually takes their they are always penalties for going against this rule.

What does the different Chick-Fil-A uniform mean?

A standard organization always have their different uniform depending on the management and these uniforms would have several styles like a polo or a T-shirt and different colors.

It can either be red, blue, white, or black or a shirt with stripes, which would mean different positions that are being held by different individuals.

Chick-fil-A uniform is very unique and distinctive especially with the different colors which are meant for distinct positions that are all being held in the restaurant.

Chick-fil-A has several uniforms like the red polo, blue polo, and the dark blue polo for different positions as seen below.

Below shows the different uniform colors of Chick-fil-A and what each of them means.

  • A red polo simply means Team Member
  • The blue goes for Team Lead or captain
  • The dark blue would mean Shift Lead.
  • The Blue shirts are for Coaches and Leads

The above color of uniform and positions are kind of the “first group or positions” of employees in Chick-fil-A. However, the other groups are as follows:

  • The blue shirt with stripes means Trainer
  • Red with stripes means Regular Employee
  • Red without stripes means Regular Employee Summer Attire
  • The blue shirt without stripes means Manager or Higher up
  • The Black Chef Coat means Back of House trainer/lead
  • The Black shirts are for operators and directors

Just in case you get a different color of uniform from that which you have either seen or heard, now you know the difference between them and what each color represents.

Do Chick-Fil-A employees wear hats with their uniform?

At Chick-fil-A, a hat is part of the uniform which its workers are expected to put on though it may not be compulsory.

A hat is included in the uniform of Chick-fil-A employees especially if you work at the back of the house.

This hat comes in different colors too and can be purchased from Chick-fil-A has different types of hats like; the Chick-fil-A unisex trucker hat, the Chick-fil-A-inspired Cow theme pattern unisex surgical hat, Chick-fil-A party Cowboy hat, things scrub cap with buttons.

The hat adds up to make their dressing look as professional and smart as possible, it brings out the beauty of the uniform, making it look casual and at the same them professional.

What to wear to work when you don’t have your uniform yet?

It would be nice to stay professional and simple at Chick-fil-A, the only alternative to putting on your uniform especially when it is not yet available is to put on casual clothes and footwear.

You can just put on casual cloth and comfortable shoes. Jeans and a T-shirt alongside a pair of loafers shoes should be cool as you start your work at Chick-fil-A.

Note that these jeans must be black in order for you to maintain that professionalism which is expected of you, do not attempt to wear “crazy jeans” or jeans with holes in them as it would showcase you as being irresponsible and unserious with the job.

Pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and earrings, should be worn at a decent rate or to be at a safer side, inquire about what needs to be worn at any point in time or day.

Depending on the store, some Chick-fil-A’s have policies limiting the types of jewelry that should be worn, some may prefer a simple earring, others may not want their workers to have a nose piercing or more than one ear piercing, it all depends on the store you work for.

It would also be nice to wear a slip-resistant shoe, to enable you to walk without falling or slipping. Always try to put on comfortable shoes that can enable you to be very active, shoes that would make you look attractive and still professional.

Avoid shoes with too many heels, as it is a means of giving you discomfort and can make your movement very slow and sluggish.

Is it expected for you to pay for your Chick-Fil-A uniform?

You really do not need to pay for your uniform at Chick-fil-A but you need to put on black, non-jeans pants. You would be given a red shirt, a belt, a pair of pants, and likely a visor.

A need for more than one uniform would be deducted from your next paycheck. Also, if you need a hat you would have to buy one yourself and that includes your shoes too.

How to wash Chick-Fil-A’s uniform?

Staffs that work for less than 30 hours a week usually get one uniform for free, this uniform includes your belt, pants, shirt, and a nametag

You can wash your Chick-fil-A uniform with cold water and dry it with medium heat. Ensure you do not leave them in the dryer for the full time.

Preferably, you can follow the Care instruction on the tags that are sewn into the uniform, which might help. Do not forget to remove the nametag before you begin to wash.

Note that: you should not use bleach or fabric softener or dryer sheet on your polo and ensure you turn the uniform upside down before drying.

Penalties for not wearing your Chick-Fil-A uniform to work?

The penalty for not abiding by this rule is that you will be sent back home to change into the uniform, you would get two write-ups for coming late and for not wearing your uniform.

To avoid having a lawless society, rules are set aside for people to follow and any form of disobedience or anyone who goes against such rules/s will have to face consequences.

Just like any standard organization, Chick-fil-A has rules by which all staff is expected to abide by.

One of their rules is for a worker to always put on their uniform, this is a rule that must be disobeyed and anyone who goes against this particular rule will have to face the penalties.


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