Are Skechers Go-Walk Shoes Washable?

Are you having doubts about washing your Skechers Gowalk shoe? I understand you want to be sure if you are to wash them or not so you don’t end up damaging your precious shoe. That is why I am here to clear your doubt on this now and this leads us to the question – … Read more

Can You Wash Skechers Go-Walk?

Can your classy Skechers go-walk be washed? Absolutely yes. Skechers Go-Walk series is washable due to their soft woven wool fabric which features a heathered finish that is one hundred percent machine washable. Skechers is a casual, performance, and fun footwear made by an American company founded by Robert Greenberg and Michael Greenberg. There are … Read more

Why Do Skechers Smell So Bad?

If your Skechers smell so bad, it could be because of a number of reasons: It may be that the odor-causing bacteria that live off of your sweat and dead skin spread to the inside of your shoes, stays there, and begin to make the shoe smell. Your Skechers may also smell bad when your … Read more