Can You Wear Boxing Shoes on Concrete?

I wonder what you intend to do by wearing your boxing shoes on concrete? I mean why will you even want to do that?

Boxing shoes are only meant for the ring. Nowhere else. So you shouldn’t wear yours on concrete. I know that boxing shoes are specially made for boxing, and they are specially made with an arrangement for ankle support and traction but they are not to be worn on a concrete floor.

Can You Wear Boxing Shoes on Concrete?

So, why can you not wear boxing shoes on concrete?

They are unable to withstand hard surfaces

As important as it is to wear boxing shoes while training because you need them for your ankle support, you need them to be able to maintain your stand while boxing, and so on, they are not advisable to be worn on concrete.

You might want to disagree with me by saying they are well made and they provide all the support needed but they are not made to withstand hard surfaces.

All shoes have surfaces they can withstand, that is why in the description by the manufacturer what they are made from are always listed and not all can withstand hard surfaces like concrete.

Athletic shoes are always made in two types; one for outdoor games and one for indoor games. If where you are training is made with concrete and you are putting on boxing shoes all through your training period, they won’t last for more than a month.

They do not have the traction pattern to work effectively on concrete

Boxing shoes do not have the advanced traction style that can grip the concrete effectively and still maintain their durability that is why they won’t last for more than a month when you wear them on concrete after they are being purchased.

As a trainee, you need shoes that can help you improve your contact or interaction with the ring and provide adequate traction to train especially on concrete, and boxing shoes can’t do that on concrete.

Don’t get me wrong, boxing shoes are a good pair of shoes for boxing, they have every support you need for your ankle while boxing but they can’t work effectively for a long period on concrete.

I can tell no one wants to purchase the same shoes every month because of how expensive boxing shoes can be and for you not to keep purchasing the same pair of shoes every month, then do not wear your boxing shoes on concrete.

They do not give effective cushioning on concrete

Talking about cushioning, boxing shoes do not have that cushion to decrease the shock that would be placed on the ankle or knee while training on concrete and they do not have that cushion so that your feet can be able to feel the canvas that is below it.

They are made to be worn in the ring and they have flat soles-we all know well that flat soles can’t grip concrete, you will only end up slipping.

You might not even be able to pivot well while wearing your boxing shoes on concrete and like I know you have to pivot while boxing because pivoting is one of the most important movements in boxing.

So, you can’t put on your boxing shoes on concrete while trying to train yourself to pivot.

Can you wear boxing shoes casually?

No, you can’t wear boxing shoes casually. Boxing shoes are made for the ring and not pedestrian use, plus boxing shoes are made for fast lateral motion, not onward motion and as I said about the cushion, boxing shoes do not have much cushion.

Every casual shoe has a specific amount of durability to be able to use them constantly but boxing shoes lack that durability so they can’t be worn casually.

To shed more light on this, boxing shoes are not made to endure the friction and scraping that is inflicted by pedestrians and you would not want to wear shoes that would make you stop every 5 minutes of walking.

Boxing shoes are made for a better feeling of the canvas and not for tiled roads. Although most professional boxers have been seen to be wearing their boxing shoes while going for training, but do not wear them casually because it is not advisable to do so.

Putting on your boxing shoes casually will wear out your shoes fast.

Can you wear boxing shoes outside?

No, you can’t wear boxing shoes outside. You need to know that boxing shoes are strictly made to be used in the ring and not to be worn outside. They are designed for boxers to be able to stand strong and stay quick while fighting.

Wearing your boxing shoes outside can reduce the lifespan- making them worn out fast and would nullify their guarantee plus they are not made to be worn on hard and rough surfaces, so if you wear them outside they would not fare well.

Recently, purchasing boxing shoes are pretty expensive, wearing your boxing shoes outside could wear it out and you would have to purchase another pair of boxing shoes. Who wants to spend the same amount of money on the same product that didn’t last long? Definitely no one.

Not wearing your boxing shoes outside would help you prevent that. I know most times the thought of wearing them to your training center would pop up in your head so you won’t have to pack up a lot of things in your backpack, but you have to perish that thought.

Do not wear your boxing shoes outside, you need them to last long as you would be doing a lot of training preparing for boxing competitions and all.

So, if they are worn out fast before the competition because you wore them outside what will you do? So for the sake of your purse, do not wear them out.

Do you wear boxing shoes with socks?

Sure, you wear socks with boxing shoes but not the regular socks we wear on a daily basis with our casual shoes. There are boxing socks that are made specially to be worn with boxing shoes.

These socks are designed with the exact support that would make them comfortable to be worn with boxing shoes.

There is a saying that says “little things matters” that applies to wearing boxing socks with boxing shoes because boxing socks provide additional support, protection and also increase your stability when you wear them with your boxing shoes but they are being overlooked as most boxers think boxing socks would do nothing while they are being worn.

When you put on boxing socks, they can help you boost or increase your performance while fighting in the ring. Wearing socks with boxing shoes is so underrated as most boxers do not know what it does when they are being worn with their boxing shoes.

Socks with boxing shoes are underrated but effective because they double what boxing shoes have to offer your feet, ankle, and knee while fighting.

So, why are boxing shoes so high?

Can You Wear Boxing Shoes on Concrete?

To offer adequate support to the ankle

Boxing shoes are so high because they offer adequate support to the ankle and for all the footwork. In boxing, there is a lot of movement like shuffling and pivoting of foot unlike other sports, here the high top boxing shoes give support during these movements.

Also in boxing, there are different types of styles of boxers and they need different types of boxing shoes for their ankle support.

There are the low top boxing shoes and they are for speed boxers, this offers them additional speed and range in the movement of their feet and ankle and there are high top boxing shoes and they are mainly for boxers that maneuvers.

High-top boxing shoes offer the support they need for the ankle while pivoting plus they allow extra flexibility to your feet to keep them fast and strong so that you can do your best.

To support your feet to move in all kinds of motion

They support your feet so they wouldn’t hurt. Most times, when you are about to purchase your boxing shoes at the store, the store attendant shows you a shoe for wrestling and a shoe with a high top for boxing and tells you both are okay for boxing.

You should go with high-top boxing shoes because they would provide adequate support to your ankle.

How to take care of your boxing shoes?

Taking care of your boxing shoes is so important so that they can last long. If you make use of your boxing shoes without taking care of them, you would reduce the quality and life span plus they would start stinking because of the sweats that were excreted by your feet while fighting.

You know that one of the most important things in your boxing kit is your boxing shoes so you really have to take care of them. In this article, I’d put you through how to take care of your boxing shoes by cleaning them.

Although cleaning them would depend on the type of material that was used to make your boxing shoes, I’d list how you can clean boxing shoes made of different materials.

Steps to clean your leather boxing shoes

Most boxing shoes are always made of leather because of their turgidity which makes them long-lasting.

To clean the stains off these shoes:

  • Get a bowl filled with warm water, add a mild soap.
  • Get a neat towel, dip it into the soapy water.
  • Start wiping off the stain with the wet towel and when you are done, set it out for it to dry. Do not put it where there is direct sunlight.

Steps to clean suede, canvas, and nylon boxing shoes

  • To clean boxing shoes made with suede, canvas, and nylon(mesh)-  boxing shoes are made with these materials because they are breathable materials and they help your feet have a regular temperature. To clean the stains on these materials
  • Get a bowl filled with water and add a mild soap.
  • Put a clean towel in it and use it to scrub the stains away when you are done. Set it out to dry not in direct sunlight but just to air dry.
  • For suede: make use of the suede brush to clean the stains.

There are other ways to take care of your boxing shoes and they are:

  • Set your boxing shoes out of your boxing kit or backpack: After boxing, your shoes would be filled with sweat which was excreted by your feet and if you keep your boxing shoes in the kit or bag without drying them, they will begin to smell and bacteria will store in it. So after using your boxing shoes, set them out to dry so that they won’t stink and so the bacteria from the sweat would be killed. You can also spray anti-bacterial and anti-deodorant in the shoes to make them smell nice and also to keep them fresh.
  • Make sure they are not worn outside: I already talked about this earlier, wearing your boxing shoes out can reduce their lifespan and also spoil them. Boxing shoes are not to be worn outside because they are designed to be worn in the ring only as they do not have the right soles to walk on hard surfaces.


Can You Wear Boxing Shoes on Concrete?

It is not advisable to wear your boxing shoes on concrete because they are not made to withstand hard surfaces. Wearing them casually and wearing them outside can damage them and nullify their guarantee.

Boxing shoes are made to fight in the ring, not on hard surfaces. Wearing socks with boxing shoes seems to be underrated as most boxers do not know that boxing socks add additional support to the ankle while performing various movements like pivoting and also taking care of the boxing shoes is very important for it to last long.

I hope I have been able to do justice to all your questions. Kindly put down your comments in the comment section below. Cheers.

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