9 Best Shoes For Tidepooling (in 2023)

Are you looking for the best shoes for tidepooling? This post is all about the shoes that are indeed great for tide pooling.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

A list of my top 9 Shoes For Tidepooling

Shoe brand Specifications Ratings 1-5
Keen sandals
  • Closed-toe box.
  • Good lacing fit.
  • Slip-resistant
Aledaer quick drying shoes
  • Quick dry technology
  • Lightweight
  • Good grip
Moerdeng water shoes
  • Fast drying
  • Top grip technology
  • Lightweight
Dream city water shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good traction
Neo sport premium neoprene wet boots
  • Quality material
  • Hard sole


Adidas outdoor terex climacool voyager water shoes
  • Anti-slip
  • Strong sole
  • Good cover
Crocs women swift water mesh sandals
  • Velcro hook strap
  • Slip-resistant
Body glove lightweight water shoes
  • Anti-slipping soles
  • Variable color
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
Marrel women hydro shoes
  • Fast-drying
  • Velcro strap
  • Excellent grip technology



Keen sandals

With a rugged design, this keen sandal is a perfect fit for outdoor activities and tide pooling. The sandal’s fabric and straps create a breathable design and extremely advanced slip-resistant technology.

The lace-up system allows for adjustment if the fit and its memory foam insole Provide comfort over a long duration of use.


  • Very lightweight
  • Strong rubber sole
  • Adjustable strap
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • Less flexible
  • Has a costly Price tag

Aleader quick-drying shoes

This particular brand of shoes comes in various styles and designs if you feel like being to the beach fashionable, it is also durable and breathable. With is mesh design canvass keeping it lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

Walking around in them feels natural and sturdy with smart traction technology keeping you upright and balanced. Its design enables the flow of water towards the outsoles to keep it dry and save you from waterlogged shoes.


  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Quick-drying
  • Water draining ability
  • Slip-resistant soles


  • Less flexible
  • Lack of adjustment.

Moerdeng water shoes

The Moerdeng water shoes are equipped for hard wet environments. Their rubber outsole is designed to offer maximum protection against injuries and harm, with its tread giving you the required traction at all times.

This footwear is very convenient and walking in them feels like a second skin. I recommend them for any tide pooling adventure you go to next.


  • Strictly designed to protect against sharp or cutting rock surfaces
  • Extremely Lightweight and flexible material.
  • Fast-drying than most shoes.
  • Excellent water drainage technology.


  • Only suitable for short hiking.

Dream City water shoes

Dream city water shows are among the best water athletic shoes today in the market. With a design configuration that makes it ideal for various landscapes.

They are very stylish but still have extraordinary durable rubber outsoles that give them their unique anti-slipping ability.

They look and feel lightweight and are good traveling companions, protecting across sand, rocky, and were terrain.


  • Can also be used as track shoes for running
  • Made from a fabric material that feels like conventional sneakers.
  • comfortable and trendy


  • Doesn’t dry as quickly as others
  • Waterlog prone

Neo sport premium neoprene wet boots

This premium footwear is made for all environments like Mountain terrain, mud, and rock. other activities include sporting activities like kayaking, hiking, tide pooling, etc.

They have soles that are designed to be puncture-resistant with quality materials that give you the best grip technology. The outsole is designed up to the ankles, offering more protection and comfort as you explore all day.


  • Very comfortable insoles
  • Thick footbed to massage your feet and prevent bruises
  • Affordable than most
  • Available in various styles and sizes.


  • Not as light as others

Adidas outdoor terex climacool voyager water shoes

Though not as popular as other water shoes in the market. Adidas shoemaker designed this to be the peak in water shoe models.

They fit the climate conditions in most seasons and have remarkable slip-resistant technology and sturdy canvass mesh which are lightweight and durable.


  • The shoes dry quickly and its open mesh design makes it breathable
  • Very lightweight and would perform in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Good midsoles supporting the natural arch of your feet and providing flexibility.


  • Can’t be easily purchased in a physical store.
  • Lack of styling variety and range.

Crocs women swift water mesh sandals

These sandals from crocs are a very promising choice when it comes to selecting shoes for tide pooling.

They are hundred percent lightweight and have closed protection for your toes and heels.

They have different colors and styles with Velcro strapping mechanisms for adjustment-able fitting.

They are lightweight and can be used for other activities you deem fit, with its rubber insoles giving you the best of crocs technology and comfort.

Terex mesh design makes it breathable and easy to put on.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Superior mesh quality
  • Adjustable strapping technology
  • Quick dry
  • Stylish design


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Less flexible than others

Body glove women water shoes

This unique body glove water shoes were designed to take the lead in comfort and performance, surpassing others with its revolutionary technology.

The toe box is divided into three big sections to house your big toe and smaller ones into the other two, this gives a feeling of total control and stability as you March across each terrain.

They are lightweight and very breathable with a drainage system that permits the flow of water through and out of the shoes.

Your toes are protected and the design offers its use in a range of sports like wakeboarding, paddling, fishing, and kayaking.


  • Colors are attractive
  • Excellent grip and anti sole technology
  • Toe box is enclosed in sections for maximum grip
  • Stretchable upper canvass material
  • Elastic shock laces


  • Some feet design may not fit adequately

Merrel women’s hydro glove water shoe

The grip on this shoe model is superb and fits various activities and purposes like swimming, hiking, and paddleboarding.

Their fabric design is great for removing water from them and drying out quicker.

Their water sole its are designed with vigram wave grip tread contours suitable for sand or rocky terrain.


  • Glove fabric has a solid hold on your feet.
  • Velcro strap ensures a proper fit.
  • Superior anti-slip soles


  • Might be pricey in the market

Things to consider before heading on tide pooling

If you happen to be in search of tide pools, you first have to know that they are found among rocky ocean shores with three subzones.

Various features like the different action of the elements (water and air) to the exposed rocks and those beneath the waves are the characteristics of these zones.

A lot of fun and adventure can be done on a weekend trip to the nearest tide pool. The ecosystem around tide pools is filled with exotic organisms like shelled mollusc, sea anemones, sea urchin, colored fishes, crabs, and snails also round and uniquely shaped rocks can be found.

Shell hunting and fishing are among activities engaged in when tide pooling, with sharp or uneven surfaced rocks in the surrounding.

Therefore wearing proper protective shoes for tide pooling is vital, and also proper clothing that allows for free movement.

When planning a tide pooling adventure it’s essential that you take a couple of things into considerations.

Check the tides

Having prior knowledge about the level of the tides in advance is a necessary first step to do before going out for tide pooling activities. A quick glance at the weather forecast or local tide chart to get you up to speed on the level of the tide throughout the day and specific times too.

The tide level changes throughout the day and it is best to go for explorations and adventures when the tides are low and the water level is below two feet.

During high tides, all the pools would be submerged underwater restricting your chances of getting your full experience, while at low tides the pools become accessible and safe to explore

Protect your feet

Always ensure to wear proper clothing and shoes when tide pooling. Sturdy shoes are needed to avoid slipping on rocks and other forms of injuries like bruises and broken bones.

Shoes and closed toes sandals are accepted choices for maximum protection and safety. Sports sandals and closed-toe sandals are advised to be worn.

Good grip shoes are very vital to prevent slipping on the rocks and also ensuring balance as you skip from one rock surface to another.

Walk the waterline

Constant waves crash against rocks in the tide pool environment, therefore keeping a close watch on the water line is a safety measure that cannot be overlooked.

You can observe the living organisms or look for shells carefully above the waterline.

By being conscious of this very fact you protect yourself from being carried out into the sea by waves or hit against the rocks by incoming waves.

Mind the environment

Being conscious about protecting all environments and creatures on earth applies to tide pools too.

Caution should be exercised when picking up organisms and sea creatures, some of these creatures are attached to the surfaces of the rocks and any forceful removal would result in injury or death.

Empty heels and finely shaped stones are oaky to pick as souvenirs but learn to leave the area as you met it. Plastics and food items should not litter the surroundings or pollutants thrown into the water.

Visit with other persons

As you prepare to go tide pooling be sure to take one or a group of persons with you. This is for your personal safety as well as exposing you to a wonderful shared experience a simple book guide listing and explaining features of all the creatures and ecosystem of the environment is good.

Proper equipment

Always visit your nearest tide pool with the right tools and equipment. Hand gloves can be worn for safety against cuts as you over-turn small rocks.

A disposable bag should be brought along to store and keep dirt or trash, protecting the environment from pollution.

A hat too might come in handy from sunburn and the application of sunscreen would increase your chances of getting burned.

Frequently asked questions on tide pooling

When is the perfect time for visit a tide pool?

Water levels at tide pools are only seen during low tides. As the seawater is withdrawn from the rocky shores the pools become filled with water trapped behind the rocks.

These pools are filled with interesting creatures and organisms to spend time exploring

When is low tide?

Low or high tides are influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon. With forces of gravity between the sun and the moon acting and changing the tides almost twice a day, you need to consult experts with knowledge of tides level before going tide pooling.

How to spot a perfect low tide?

To achieve the best experience when going on a tide pooling adventure you should know the best moment to go. Negative low tides are the most preferred time to go exploring.

They occur during spring at the early hours of the morning while in winter they occur around noon.

For utmost satisfaction, you should visit at least an hour before in order to have enough time to enjoy the sights and explore.

What to wear for tide pooling?

Tide pools typically feature slippery rock surfaces in their ecosystem, this is accompanied by a jagged rock edge from the action of crashing waves and wind.

Slipping or falling can easily occur to the slippery nature so it’s wise to wear proper shoes with grip for time out on the shorefront.

Going bare feet may cause unwanted injury from sharp mussels or stones. Good clothing and sunscreen, hats, and gloves can be added for more safety and comfort.

When going tide pooling every day brings a new adventure and experience. The organisms seen or creatures witnessed in pool areas differ from day to day because of the different wave action bring in new organisms.

The environment is thoroughly dynamic and those organisms that occupy this habitat have developed special features to adapt and survive.


Tide pooling is a joyful experience and adventure to be enjoyed by persons of all ages. The environment is ever-changing and proper clothing and shoes should be worn at all times.

Shoes that have strong soles with massive gripping treads are the best choice followed by closed sandals or rain boots.

To avoid injury make sure to dress appropriately and every participant carefully educated on safe practices employed when going tide pooling.

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