14 Best Shoes for Kennel Work (Reviewed in 2023)

Taking care of dogs might seem like a walk in the park but it isn’t. It is a whole different ball game compared to taking care of humans.

It involves a lot of standing, running, walking around, and having substances like dog poop, pee, and other debris spilled on your feet, so it will be of great benefit to you if you get great shoes that will be comfortable for movement and able to prevent these substances from touching your feet.

So, let’s take a look at the shoes that best fit this line of work.

Top 14 shoes for Kennel work

  1. Dansko 2.0 Men’s Clog
  2. STQ Slip-on Breathe Mush Walking Shoes
  3. Merell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-on shoe
  4. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 clog
  5. Sloggers Men’s Premium Garden Clog
  6. Sketchers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe
  7. Colombia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus
  8. STQ Women Lace Up Walking Shoes
  9. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip-resistant Shoe
  10. Sketchers Women’s Plush Flat Shoe
  11. Merell Jungle Moc Slip-on Shoe
  12. Clarks Women’s Delana Abbey Clog
  13. Crocs Unisex clog
  14. Dr Scholl’s Women Shoes

Dansko XP 2.0 Men’s Clog

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

The XP 2.0 clog is the latest model from Dansko’s list of shoe collections. Its upper surface and made from 100% leader material that protects the feet and offers a slip-resistant outsole that prevents you from slipping on a dog’s pee or any other liquid which might make the floor wet.

Its lightweight construction helps you to move around the kennel freely. It is an improvement to its previous version called the Dansko Pro XP.

With this model which is available in black and brown colors, you don’t need to worry about the entrance of water or any liquid into your feet because it has a water-resistant design which is coupled with a padded instep collar.

Its thermostatic removable footbed made from leather material and synthetic foam offers great arch support while its outer layer is hand stapled to its outsole for long-lasting use.

In addition, its lightweight EVA midsole provides stability to the feet and absorbs shock.

However, its new design makes it unsteady and uncomfortable. The comfort it offers is assured for just a limited period before you start feeling in your feet which would cause hot spots on your toes.

Despite its expensive price tag, its staples lack durability and can pop out after a short period.

STQ Slip-on Breathe Mush Walking Shoes

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

If you need a light and comfortable shoe which will make it easy for you to run errands and run with dogs then this is a shoe that you should consider.

This pair of shoes are made from breathable and smooth fabrics which gives freedom to your feet and a memory foam footbed which makes it wearable all day long while working without feeling pain. Its elastic slip-on silhouette design shoes it easy to put on and pull off.

Furthermore, it is made with a high-quality rubber material and a  wear-resistant fabric which ensures its durability, and its rubber sole is made with a non-slip design that prevents you from slipping on wet surfaces.

Its upper body is made with a durable and stretchable knit which provides traction and an on air-cushioned outsole made with PU material.

This sturdy and stylish shoe which provides great arch support is available in purple, navy, white, and many other colors to choose from.

Nevertheless, the absence of laces on it makes it difficult to adjust its grip and fitness on your feet while its heel design makes you feel like you are walking on your toes.

And despite the thousands of positive reviews received by this product, there are numerous complaints of it being larger than the specified size.

Merell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-on shoe

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

This model is a professional-looking slip-on shoe made from the best workmanship to provide good support and convenience to your feet while walking.

It has a stylish-looking smooth upper body which helps you to easily clean fluids like blood and water from it. Its material is tough and its excellent slip-on design makes it easy to put on and pull off.

You don’t need to worry about the comfort it offers because it can be worn all day without causing pain to your feet even if you stand for a long period.

Its ortholite footbed provides arch support and terminates pain, discomfort, and sores in the feet.

Furthermore, it offers a great backheel cushioning that absorbs shock and a mesh lining that makes it breathable and odors free

It’s also has a double padding system which makes it fits well on a thick upper body which is highly durable and long-lasting.

However, its price tag is a little too much for a shoe that isn’t slip-resistant and can lead to severe injuries if you slip on surfaces that have been made wet by water or dog pee.

Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 clog

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

There are no limits to what you can do with this well-cushion clog. Its firm lightweight construction offers all-day support and comfort to your feet.

With this pair, you can easily run errands and exercise puppies without feeling slight pain. Its removable footbed which is made from PU is designed with the Natural Dansko Arch system.

This footbed which is cushioned with a memory form can help you stand for a long time and also offers great support for your feet if you are suffering from plan to plantar fasciitis.

With this pair, you can take your mind off getting a new shoe anytime soon because it is highly durable. Its upper body is made with synthetic leather material which makes cleaning messes and liquids off it easy.

Its EVA-made rock-bottom outsole enhances stability and absorbs shock from your feet. It also has a slip-resistant design which makes it nearly impossible for you to slip on wet or dry surfaces.

Furthermore, this shoe offers a padded instep for extra comfort and is available in various eye-catching colors and designs you can choose from.

However, its sole separates from its upper body after a certain period, and its footbed shreds over time. It can also cause pain to people with high arch since it offers no arch support.

Sloggers Men’s Premium Garden Clog

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

Walking in a kennel involves activities such as cleaning a dog cage which could easily make your shoes dirty so you need a shoe that is easy to be clean.

This clog should be an option you should consider in this case.

It has an easy-to-clean design and a waterproof upper which keeps your feet odor-free. Its insoles are made with high quality for all-day comfort and are perfect for running errands at work.

Its backless clog design and eco-friendly quality construction make it a perfect alternative to crocs.

Its upper body is made with 100% recyclable leader material which makes it sturdy. It also offers a great foot-health design with its wide toe box which gives your feet extra space for relaxation.

Most often the challenge associated with this product is ordering the right size. Due to its limited sizing, it might be difficult for you to get your proper size. Its 4 pounds of weight is also an issue you should be concerned about.

Sketchers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

This pair of Sketchers has the key features of a Shoe with every kennel worker should have. It is designed to offer freedom and comfort for your feet while you stand, walk and even run with dogs for a long period without feeling pain.

It has flexible cushioning and an easy-to-slip-on and pull-off design which is coupled with a mesh upper body that offers protection to your feet.

Its construction is well made with textile and a thread pattern which enhances traction and flexibility.

Its  5GEN midsole is made with a hard material that protects the feet in case of impacts and can thrive on any kind of surface while its sole is very soft and comfortable.

It is complemented with a durable design that ensures its longevity and a breathable design that prevents heat from building up inside your feet.

This model is very perfect for people with plantar fasciitis and it’s available in diverse beautiful colors and sizes.

Even though it is hard to say a bad word about this product due to its outstanding features, there are certain ways in which it had defaulted.

Its cushioning and inner construction makes it too narrow for people with large feet and its no-lace design makes it difficult for you to adjust to fitness.

Furthermore, it fails to provide adequate support to the feet for a long period and its outsole squeaks on smooth surfaces.

Colombia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

This lightweight shoe from the Columbia brand has features that make it considerable for this line of work.

It is built with soles that can withstand dirt and messy substances like dog poop, dog food, and any other sticky substances that might be held upon them while you are working in the kennel.

It also has a waterproof design and a highly breathable tongue that keeps your feet dry.

Its upper body is made with a combination of mesh and suede leather which is coupled with full-grain leather fabric which offers comfort and protection to your feet.

Furthermore, its midsoles are made with techlite EVA lightweight material which aids flexibility and supports your feet giving you a soft feeling with every step you take.

The construction material of this model which is available in many colors is both seam-sealed and made with metal chassis coated in PU material while its sole is made from a thick rubber material.

However, the waterproof design of this shoe loses its touch after being used for a while and its durability is short. Its toe bends and soles wear out after a short period and you might have issues with its heel design as time goes on.

STQ Women Lace Up Walking Shoes

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

If you are looking for a lightweight shoe with a classy and stylish design for your work hours then this should be a shoe you should consider.

Its outer layer is built with a breathable and smooth synthetic material which makes it soft and super comfortable for walking around and even running.

Its insoles are great and can also be removable and replaced with another if it doesn’t fit your taste.

They also offer great arch support and ventilation to your feet which leaves no room for sweaty feet while you are at work.

Its outsole is made with a thick rubber material and a non-slip design which aids the stability of your feet even on wet surfaces.

Furthermore, this model has a lace-up design that helps you adjust them to fit and is available in multiple beautiful designs and colors.

However, it has low traction and should not be expected to last for a long time due to its short durability.

It is not water-resistant on its sole picks up dirt and other debris as you walk around due to its narrow groove.

Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip-resistant Shoe

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

This pair of shoes from FILA is designed with exceptional features which makes them great for carrying out dog care activities.

It is built with 100% leader material and original upper which makes it super comfortable for constant movement, running of errands, and chasing down dogs. It has classy look and gives a great feeling to your feet when worn.

In addition, it offers great support to the feet which makes it excellent for people with white feet.

With this pair, you don’t have to worry about your feet getting sweaty because it has perforations that improve breathability by giving your feet access to air.

Its standout feature has got to be its non-skid bristly rubber sole which absorbs shock, holds the feet firmly, and prevents you from slipping on wet surfaces.

It is without a doubt the most affordable shoe which offers this kind of quality. However, its sole lacks durability and also collects debris, dirt, and all kinds of the junk while you walk around, leaving footprints on the surface.

The squeaking of its tongue on every step you take, its less traction, cushionless design, and lack of arch support are notable defects of this product.

Sketchers Women’s Plush Peace and Love Flat Shoe

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

The sketcher shoe brand is best known for making great shoes and this pair isn’t an exception either.

It is well made with a fabric material which makes it fully functional.

With this shoe, running errands, chasing down animals, carrying out surgeries, and standing all day won’t be a challenge to you.

It is made with a cute and stylish design that will keep the eyes of onlookers on you and an upper body that is made with strong thread.

Furthermore, it is built with a flexible sole which is super comfortable and fits perfectly.

It also features a memory foam-footed insole which offers proper arch support.

However, this shoe shouldn’t be expected to last for a long period due to its low durability. Its sole lacks adequate traction and its lack of anti-slip design puts you at risk of slipping on wet surfaces.

Its narrow design could also lead to soles and pain in your feet. This model is also not recommendable if you have wide feet.

Merell Jungle Moc Slip-on Shoe

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

This high-quality jungle boot is an affordable pair that can be used for various purposes due to its versatility. Its upper is made from thick suede material which ensures its durability and longevity.

It also has a classic and thick design which ensures protection and a tough skin that prevents liquid splashes from sinking into it.

Its outsole is super comfortable and has a great grip on the feet which makes it good for chasing down animals and running errands. Its EVA-foam frame and padded opening keep your feet dry and also offers excellent support.

Furthermore, it has a great look which is complemented with an ortholite footbed and easy to slip on/off design which makes it great for people with wide feet and people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

This audacious footwear absorbs shock with its sole and is available in different colors designs and sizes. However, this model doesn’t contain a slip-resistant and waterproof design which makes it a downgrade in quality compared to its previous version.

The threads on its upper body lack durability and cannot last for long while its heels wear out easily.

Clarks Delana Abbey Clog for women

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

If you are searching for comfortable and elegant footwear that supports your feet then pray no more because this well-cushioned clog fits these requirements and even more.

It offers a great level of support to your feet which can help you walk for long distances without pain. It might not be the most attractive clog available but its excellent quality coupled with its affordability makes it stand out.

It is highly breathable and offers adequate arch support which makes it the perfect shoe for people suffering from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis.

It’s lightweight and easy-to-slip-in/out design help to prevent the feet from inconvenience why its upper which is made with 100% genuine leather prevents fluid splashes from lab tests, blood samples, or surgeries from touching your feet.

Furthermore, it has an EVA midsole and an ortholite footbed which couples with its simple design to make it very versatile and useable for several other activities apart from work.

It also consists of a lightweight build-up and rubber sole which ensures smooth movement.

However, these clogs make squeaking sounds as you walk around.

Crocs Unisex-Adult Men’s and Women’s Clog

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

This pair of crocs is without a doubt the best you will ever own. Its stylish look and great design are coupled with an awesome build-up which offers great support to the feet.

Its upper can be easily cleaned and wiped up with just a rag when liquid or debris is stuck on them. It also offers an amazing design that allows you to wear them for a long time without feeling pain.

Furthermore, its thick insole and great cushion make it hold your feet firmly and comfortably. It also offers great arch support and a waterproof upper which makes it durable and pain-free.

Its sole is made with a thermostatic elastomer and no-slip design which gives you confidence and boldness while working.

However, it has low breathability which could make your feet overheat and sweaty.

Dr Scholl’s Women Shoes

Best Shoes for Kennel Work

This pair of shoes is one of the best sneakers you can use as a kennel worker. Its casual and classy design offers a great fit and comfortable build up which makes it wearable for a whole day without hurting your feet.

Its lightweight and environment-friendly construction coupled with the stylish look makes it very versatile and can be used for various activities outside work.

Yan can find the shoes in different designs and colors. So, you get to make a pick of your choice.

Its outlook is cushioned with soft lining and a high-quality perfect print which is made from 100% synthetic material and recycled plastic.

Furthermore, it is comfortable and offers great arch support which makes it the perfect footwear for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

It also offers an easy slip-on/off design and a well-cushioned sole which ensures the stability of your feet.

However, its build-up makes it very narrow and may cause sores in your feet. Its durability is short so you shouldn’t expect it to last for long.

Things you should consider before buying your shoes for Kennel work

Not every shoe would be great for this line of work, certain criteria must be considered before getting a shoe for kennel work.

Your shoe for kennel work must be comfortable

First of all, the shoe must be comfortable. since you’ll be doing a lot of standing and running around, getting a shoe that offers comfort to your feet would be a wise decision.

Your shoes for kennel work must be a perfect fit

You must also make sure that the shoe matches your size and fits you perfectly to avoid oversize or tightness which could lead to pains in your feet.

Your shoes for kennel work should be waterproof or water-resistant

Furthermore, you must ensure that the shoe is waterproof to prevent the entry of dog pee and other liquid substances into your feet.

Your shoes should be slip-resistant

The shoe should have a thick anti-slip sole that can thrive on various surfaces and prevent you from slipping when there is liquid on the floor.

It should be breathable enough for ventilation

It should also have a breathable design with adequate ventilation which prevents heat from absorbing on your feet and resulting in sweaty feet.

The shoes should protect your feet from heavy and harmful objects

In addition, the shoe should be made from thick material preferably mesh and a thick upper body made with either textile or leather to provide effective protection to your feet from the effects of harmful chemicals which might mistakenly spill on them and heavy materials which might mistakenly fall on them.

However, if you are someone who objects to the killing of animals for consumption and production of clothes and shoes, then shoes made with vinyl and plastic materials can serve as a great alternative to leather-made shoes.

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