10 Best Shoes for Working at CostCo (in 2023)

How do you choose the best shoes for a retail job with well over 1000 pairs available on the market? There are hundreds of shoe brands and thousands of shoe retailers so it can be a daunting task to look at each pair and decide which pair is best for you.

But you shouldn’t have to choose between your feet and your head when it comes to workboots.

All you need is a guide. A guide that streamlines your scope and helps you discover what you have always wanted in footwear. Let’s look at them for a start;

  • Fit or personal taste
  • Arch support
  • Insoles
  • Professional advice
S/no Great footwear for working at Costco Ranking Rating (1-10)
1 ASICS Gel Nimbus 19 Best cushioning (for women) 9
3 ECCO Track Hiking Boots Best for protection 8
4 Nike Vomero Best fashionable 8
5 Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clogs Best professional (for women) 9
6 Timberland Pro Titan Best for durability (for men) 8
7 Reebok Classic Nylon Sneakers Best affordable (for men) 7
8 Sketchers Men Afterburn Best memory foams (for men) 8
9 Vans Classic Slip-on Best affordable (unisex) 7
10 New Balance sneakers
Best overall design for women 9

When choosing your next shoe, you need something that will fit you both in style and comfort. Take a look at your wardrobe and then at your own feet. Which is the best for you?

Arch support has been one over-beaten point since the first shoe was invented. You work in an environment that demands thorough movement and what else makes this easier than footwear with an excellent arching system?

Another point to look out for is a shoe with quality insoles. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in unbearable pains at the end of every workday.

The best shoes come with the best materials for both insoles and outsoles. Pick the one that gives you assurance in both.

If you get confused along the way when choosing the right shoe (like most of my friends always do), don’t be discouraged. It is absolutely normal. All you need is some guide or sometimes, professional advice.

There are instances when you need to speak to a health professional for advice on getting new shoes to keep you in a good shape both physically and health-wise.

“Work smart but not hard”. You must have heard this phrase many times but it is true. Apply it to your guide and your shopping will be a success.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 19

Best Shoes for Working at CostCo

ASICS Gel Nimbus 19 Women’s Midi Dress is the perfect shoe for working in any environment – from the warehouse to the customer service desk.

Its lightweight, breathability, and flexibility make it easy to move in all types of environments while maintaining an elegant look.

These versatile shoes feature a simple rubber outsole that provides gel cushioning, maximum arch support, and elegance for both feet.

ASICS is one of the top three shoe brands in the world and their Gel Nimbus 19 will surely make a name for itself among working women.

These days, female workers are wearing more casual clothes and adding some sporty elements to their outfits.

Many female employees want to look stylish so they can carry out their duties with more authority. ASICS has come up with a perfect solution to fulfill their desire through this women’s shoe.

If you are working at Costco, you need to make sure that your shoes, and the workers who wear them, are comfortable and work well. ASICS is making strides in this direction with its new Gel-Nimbus series.

This high-performance shoe features outsole materials that are breathable, supportive, and well-built.


  • Excellent arch support
  • Gel cushioning
  • Good shock absorption


  • Not budget-friendly

ECCO Track Hiking Boots

Best Shoes for Working at CostCo

We move on to the ECCO Track. If you’re going to work in a retail environment, you need to make sure that your shoes protect you from the elements and keep your feet dry. One of the best options for this is the ECCO track hiking boot.

The boot has a waterproof layer between the upper and your skin, so any drop or mist can be absorbed without getting wet.

It also has a contoured outsole to improve mileage and will protect your ankles while working on your feet all day. They are also one of the most durable working shoes you can get.

Best shoes for working in Costco offers recommendations based on our experience in the industry.

Whether you’re shopping for work boots or sneakers, you will find that these are carefully designed to give you maximum comfort and protection while working outside in extreme temperatures.

These high-quality boots ensure you stay comfortable throughout your shifts while saving you money on purchases made elsewhere.

I also highly recommend this due to the excellent anti-slip properties that help prevent slips and falls, padded toes to prevent blisters, and thick soles that provide maximum protection against sharp blades and other obstacles.


  • Quality ECCO leather
  • Very protective
  • Great ankle support
  • Durable


  • Very expensive

Nike Vomero

Best Shoes for Working at CostCo

Yes, our beloved Nike. I know you must be waiting patiently.

If you are looking for the best general fitness shoes for working in retail stores, for me, Nike Vomero appears to be an excellent choice.

These shoes have multiple layers making them incredibly comfortable while still being comfortable enough to work in.

Nike has been making its athletes better for decades. Their innovative technology, materials, and manufacturing processes are developed with the specific goal of improving performance and comfort in training.. or working.

That means no more moisture-damaged feet and high-tops with uncomfortable laces. To help you pick out the best pair of shoes to keep your running feet safe along with your comfort during work hours, this brilliant shoe features soft but firm soles with high arch support for balance.

Unsurprisingly, the Vomero is fashionable too. That is for those like me, who love to work with style.


  • Fashionable
  • Soft insoles
  • High arch support


  • Not budget-wise

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Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clogs

Best Shoes for Working at CostCo

Clogs for working in retail stores? I hear this question asked constantly and it’s a frequently asked dilemma.

Clogs are well-known in the healthy working environment for their slip resistance and versatility. This made them certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

I really see no reason why they aren’t perfect for working in an environment like Costco.

Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clogs offer you a high-quality boot with versatile comfort and support, helping you to be your best foot forward in any environment.

These clogs can be your best friend when it comes to shoe shopping. It’s the perfect shoe for working in a retail environment because once you get in your pair of Dansko women’s pro XP clogs, you will not want to take them off.

At the same time, Dansko never cuts any corners when it comes to manufacturing these shoes. They use only top-quality materials like leather, vinyl, and PU.

These features allow you to be sure that your feet will stay comfortable throughout the day, and that is just about what you need, really.


  • Slip-resistant
  • Podiatric-certified
  • Professional footwear
  • Durable


  • Not fashionable

Timberland Pro Titan

Best Shoes for Working at CostCo

The best shoes for working in Costco wholesale stores are those that offer the utmost comfort and support when working on your feet.

The best boots or shoes for walking will have a thin layer of leather to stop the toes from being burned by the impact of falling heavy boxes on which you work.

The Timberland Pro Titans are specifically designed for retail workers like you. These solid-state shoes have a thatch upper that provides lockdown traction for maximum safety when working on thick carpets and uneven ground.

You want your boot or shoe to provide maximum support without being too small or bulky; it should be comfortable but not overly heavy. Although these shoes do not do so well with weight.

They are not the lightest to find but they are certainly protective, stylish, easy to clean, and extremely durable.

The Pro Titan is also waterproof and prevents your feet from moisture or odor, which is quite amazing for a working boot.


  • Waterproof
  • Very protective
  • Durable


  • Quite heavy

Reebok Men’s Classic Nylon Sneaker

Best Shoes for Working at CostCo

Next up is the Reebok Classic. Reebok is one of the top shoe brands for working at Costco. It offers a variety of men’s shoe styles with quality materials, like breathable rubber soles, eye-catching design details, suede uppers, and of course, good arch support.

These shoes are designed to keep you comfortable with its unique padded foam sock liner while working inside a busy store. It offers a variety of colorways to give your outfit a unique look that will set you apart from everyone else working in the store.

Working at a retail store can be tough. The schedules are hectic and can change at any moment. You’ll need to find the best shoes for your daily needs and wardrobe.

Not only will you need to look good with the Reebok Classic, you also perform at your best. Simply put, Reebok has developed the Reebok Classic Nylon Men sneakers as the perfect choice for when you need to look sharp without breaking the bank.


  • Very affordable
  • Padded foam sock liner
  • Suede upper
  • Breathable


  • Not waterproof
  • Liable to stain and scratches

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Sketchers Men’s Afterburn

Best Shoes for Working at CostCo

The best shoe for working in retail stores is almost always going to be lighter weight. This is to accommodate working between two to three shifts simultaneously as well as being able to keep track of your inventory.

This shoe will also help workers maintain good posture and don’t have too much material on the bottom of its foot for perceived discomfort.

If you choose to purchase footwear that is leather or more supportive material will likely be required for work that involves prolonged periods of sitting or standing as well as other activities that place excessive demands on your joints.

This footwear offers quality mesh fabric, padded collars, an excellent arching system, and a memory insole all to make you feel comfortable while working.

Workers who love to work can get great shoes to help work efficiently. They’ll need to find a shoe with a good grip, comfortable design, and something that will keep them looking stylish on and off the clock.

A good working pair of walking shoes can help an employee land more salesmanship jobs as they approach or take positions of power in various company hierarchies. The shoes are simply awesome!

Vans Classic Slip-on

Best Shoes for Working at CostCo

This one is for the simple-minded, but not in a negative way. Some workers just prefer it simple and casual without spending much.

If you would like to work in a modern retail space like Costco that encourages employee collaboration and engages customers through familiarity, Vans Classic Slip-on should be on your radar.

This footwear brand already has the pedigree in the retail scene for a number of years now. This is due to their quality synthetic materials and fashionable design.

As one of their flagship product, a slip-on shoe for both men and women blends classic styling with contemporary tech to create a fashion statement fit for any modern working environment.

For me, one of the best shoes for working in any retail store are the Vans Classic slip-ons. This is a no-brainer.

Coming from a basketball background, I was immediately drawn to the feel of these shoes. They have a familiar but modern look. Working with them, however, was a different experience.

They provided me with a level of comfort I don’t think I could have attained with any other shoe option available at the time.

For 100% work efficiency, they provide padded collars and tongue and fit both men and women seamlessly.


  • Multi-color options and fashionable
  • Padded collars and tongue
  • Unisex


  • Weak arching system

New Balance

New Balance 840 is one of the most favored footwear for working in retail stores because it helps employees have sharper, more aware minds while working.

The best details are engraved into the upper of each shoe, ensuring each is uniquely yours.

It has a premium leather upper that is breathable and smooth to the touch. It also has a unique rubber outsole that provides supreme grip even in wet or dry conditions.

As one of the leading manufacturers of running shoes, New Balance has set the standard for high-quality performance technology and design in running shoes for many years.

The award-winning, innovative brand has pioneered numerous sports shoe designs that are lighter, more responsive, and more comfortable than any other brand.

In addition, if you are looking for shock absorption, cool design, and lightweight, you should seriously consider it.


  • Cool design
  • Very light
  • Excellent shock absorption


  • Susceptible to stains

My verdict

You can choose to wear any shoe you like while working in any environment: in a warehouse, a store, at an event, or just about anywhere. At the same time, you can choose shoes that will help show your personality and that of your company.

Look for shoes that have comfort features as well as style.

Working at Costco demands that you should look for shoes with good support and versatility so that you can get through long hours without any injury or discomfort without having to take them off.

That said, my pick of the day is a difficult one given the shoes on this list are excellent. But there must be a number one on any list and mine is the New Balance 840 brand.

Not only does it come with maximum protection and a fantastic design for any workplace, but there are also versions for both men and women. They are also lightweight and features one of the best shock absorptions in the market.

With a shoe like this, you want your appearance and the image your company gives off to be perfect. Therefore it is one good choice you should remember when choosing the right shoes for working at Costco.

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