7 Best Shoes for BMX Brakeless (in 2023)

Riding any of the best BMX brakeless bikes requires extreme precision and control. As a BMX rider, you need something special that will help you perform the stunts in an expected way, and these special things are usually extra accessories.

Looking into the market for these accessories such as helmets, shoes, etc, you will find a lot of unworthy products… ones that can leave you regretting your purchase big time.

And so, this post has been specially developed for those who ride BMX bikes, especially brakeless BMX bikes. I have compiled the best shoes for BMX Brakeless which are available in the market as we speak.

Our 7 top shoes for BMX Brakeless –  Reviewed

Should in case you are in a hurry, the table below shows the top pick of the shoes we have reviewed in this post. These tabled shoes, in no particular, are presented with their key features, ratings based on our review, and where you can get them online.

Product Grade Key features
Vans Old Skool Pro 5.0 Waffle sole offers the brilliant pedal feel, ‘UltraCush for Super comfort and protection
Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneakers 4.5 Enough sturdiness for riding, Waffle outsole, elegance in multicolor design, and adjustable lace.
Five Ten Sleuth DLX BMX Shoes 4.0 Best for unbeatable grip, and dotty tread for optimal pedal control
Exustar E-SB740 BMX Shoe 4.0 Lightweight, features both lace and strap fasteners for better grip, easy to clean.
DC Hyde S Shoes 4.0 Classy, Minimal styling, Protective and comfortable

I notice that a fair number of BMX riders overlook the need the carefully choose their BMX shoes, but you should know that when you select the best option, it can help in boosting your pedal feel and enhancing the flow from your foot to the pedal.

Are you looking for the best shoe for your BMX brakeless, look no further as we have individually examined and reviewed the best mountain bike shoe as well as a buyer’s guide to show you how to choose the right BMX shoe.

In this post, we will look at these top-notch shoes, why they are the best among thousands of products out there, their pros, downsides, and key features.

Vans Old Skool Pro

A lot of riders turn to Vans to get their favorite shoes for BMX riding. This is not only because the shoe brand has been in existence since when BMX existed, but also because they have been able to diversify their styles such that it has become go-to for most riders and skaters.

While this impressive Vans old skool pro was originally designed for skateboarders, it has some technical features that match with what you should look out for in every ideal shoe for BMX brakeless.

For example, this shoe is designed with the Vans  ‘UltraCush’ sole that adds better impact protection and comfort. Far better than the standard Old Skool shoe.

Why we like it

One of the reasons you should consider wearing this Vans Old Skool Pro for your next ride with that BMX brakeless is that when riding with this shoe, the ‘waffle’ sole (which is present in most of vans shoes)offers the perfect balance of pedal feel and protection.

Underneath the sole of the shoe has a diamond-shaped tread pattern that offers very good pin traction.

In addition, these Vans Old Skool Pro shoes come in a wide range of color for you to choose from when buying which means that can also bask the style off the bike. Plus, the price is reasonable.

While these shoes are very comfortable, it remains one of our very favorite and all-time recommended shoes for BMX riding.


  • Waffle sole offers brilliant pedal feel
  • UltraCush for Super comfort and protection
  • In wide range of colors


  • There are seemingly no concerns about the  Vans Old Skool Pro as it delivers the best for BMX riding.

Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneakers

Still on Vans, this Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneaker has made it to our list of the best shoes for BMX brakeless as it ticks all the basic, essential features needed to be seen in an ideal shoe for BMX riding.

It is made from 100 percent canvas offers nothing but comfort and durability.

You may want to consider this Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneaker for your next BMX riding because of the benefits it has to offer at such a reasonable price.

What’s so special about these shoes, though, and what makes them stand out from other ones out there?

Why we like it

First is the rubber Sole that has been included to give the shoes their desired flexibility. Of course, there are other vans with a rubber sole, but this one is unique such that while it is flexible, it also ensures durability for your BMX riding.

Originally designed for hardcore skateboarders, this shoe takes the design of suede upper which adds to its look and makes it easy to clean.

You know how much dirt your shoe can come in contact with while you do those stunts. But the suede upper makes it easy to clean.

In addition, the Ultracrush footbed, just like the previous Vans old skool shoes we looked at, included in this Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneaker is a force to reckon with.

The footbed design of this particular Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneaker is revolutionary as it helps improve the shoe’s cushioning and added comfort while you ride.


  • Unisex, can be worn by both make and female
  • Enough sturdiness for riding
  • The waffle outsole helps improve its board feel
  • A very nice look with the multicolor design
  • Shoe will fit all feet shapes thanks to the Adjustable laces


We observed that the fabric upper is a little too small for the sole, this raises concern. But it will work just fine with small feet. All the same, it leaves us skeptical with the “fit all feet shapes†benefit.

Five Ten Sleuth DLX BMX Shoes

What has given these Five Ten Sleuth DLX BMX  Shoes an edge over other BMX shoes out there is the phenomenal class-leading levels of grip.

Popularly known for its mountain biking capabilities, this shoe has its Sleuth with an integrated classic Adidas silhouette.

In other words, you get to enjoy this shoe and operate with it both on and off-bike. Similar to the Vans Authentic Core Classic Sneaker above, this one also comes in a variety of color where you can choose from to look good both on and off-bike.

Here is why we picked it as among the best shoes for BMX brakeless:

Why we like it

Like I mentioned earlier, this is the grippiest shoe you will find throughout this buying guide for BMX shoes. The shoe offers top-notch levels of grip on pedal traction regardless of the conditions.

The shoe also protects you from harsh landings and transfers power well when sprinting at a lip thanks to the sole.

If you want a BMX shoe that focuses more on pedal support and grip, this Five Ten Sleuth DLX BMX  Shoes might be the best option you will ever find this year.


  • The Stealth Phantom offers unbeatable grip
  • Features dotty tread for optimal pedal control
  • All-day comfort, thanks to the Suede upper
  • Regular fit; Lace closure
  • Best when it comes to grip levels
  • Cool shoe option for both on and off the bike


  • When it comes to doing some stunts, this shoe can be too grippy. And that is not really a nice thing.

Exustar E-SB740 BMX Shoe

For those who would love to maintain stability all through the times, they will be on the BMX brakeless bike, then the Exustar E-SB740 BMX Shoe is a perfect pick.

It is designed with soles that are reliable, especially when looking to perform those demanding tricks on your bike.

This impressive Exustar E-SB740 BMX Shoe is made with Suede leather not only to help keep the shoe durable but also to make maintenance much more efficient.

Here is why you chose it among our best shoes for BMX brakeless:

Why we like it

First is the breathable Nylon Mesh which will observe to be handy for those long rides on your BMX bike.

This breathability will allow for circulation of air around your feet while you ride. This is a feature you will not find in many other shoes for BMX.

Secondly, the PU upper with ankle protection has proven to be an essential saftey feature for any BMX rider as it protects your ankles in event that there is a fall or mishap in pedaling.

Your foot is safe in the Exustar E-SB740 BMX Shoe.

For flexibility without compromising strength, we recommend this Exustar E-SB740 BMX Shoe.


  • The shoe is lightweight enough to allow easier pedaling which means you will rider longer without getting tired easily
  • Features both lace and strap fasteners for an excellent grip on the feet
  • The EVA insole and rubber soles are washable to ease cleaning process
  • Sturdy and robust
  • It will fit various feet sizes and shapes since it is flexible


Unlike the other two shoes we have reviewed earlier, this Exustar E-SB740 BMX Shoe does not present much of choice when it comes to colors.

DC Hyde S Shoes

Understanding that DC no longer has an actual BMX program, The major feature that brought this DC Hyde S Shoes into our ultimate list of the best shoes for BMX brakeless is the good levels of impact protection.

Not only does this DC Hyde S Shoes fulfill the ideal BMX shoe criteria, it also features the latest DC technologies which include the EVA footbed that gives you cushioning from heavy landings.

Why we like it

One thing we also like about this DC Hyde S Shoes is that it has some of the most controlled cushioning out of anything else, and its features are truly effective.

Not only does the DC Hyde S Shoes make a very good shoe for BMX brakeless, but it also features a minimal styling which is presented in three classy color options to choose from, which means you can look good with the shoe both on and off-bike.

One more thing worth considering is the DC’s ‘Ghillie lacing system’ in this shoe that allows your foot to be securely and comfortably locked in place.


  • Classy, Minimal styling
  • Protective and comfortable


  • Having a suede upper doesn’t make it easier to maintain
  • Not easy to find in the store, unlike some other shoes.

Etnies Men’s Jefferson Shoe

Etnies has never failed in bringing revolutionary shoe designs to the market and this particular Etnies Men’s Jefferson Shoe is no exception.

This shoe has yet again given fans reassurance that they are still top on their game.

While it is celebrated among many skateboarders, the shoe has also seen great relevance in the BMX riding industry. Here are the things we saw in the shoe that made us ranked it among our list of the best shoe for BMX brakeless

Why we like it

You need maximum comfort when riding on BMX brakeless among other things.

The puffy tongue and collar of this impressive shoe have been included to give you maximum comfort while on that ride.

Also, the Die-cut EVA Midsole and Insole offer you durability and flexibility.

We also like that the Etnies Men’s Jefferson Shoe features 400 NBS outsole that assures excellent grip on the pedal of your bike and also ensures that your shoe is stable on the pedal for a long time.

You also have improved air circulation while you ride, thanks to the sturdy but perforated upper of the shoe.

For anyone who wants a shoe for BMX brakeless that will make them look like a star while riding or on street, the Etnies Men’s Kingpin Shoe is a sure bet.


  • Great comfort for both walking or riding
  • Fit your shoes to the right grip with the adjustable lacing
  • Herringbone-treaded outsole for that perfect grip on pedal


We observed that those who complain about the shoe nor holding up are as a result of extensive use over time. Whereas, other shoes above will stand the test of time much longer.

We do not see reliability in the arch support, but this does not need great concern as far as BMX riding is concerned.

Adidas Men’s Seeley Shoe

Adidas is one of the famous footwear for sports activities and need not convince any on about their high-quality shoes.

There is a wide range of BMX shoes under the Adidas brand that is dependable and durable shoes for all seasons. We have found this special Adidas Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe as a very impressive, yet affordable option.

Designed with no wear-in time, it is similarly popular in the skating and cycling industry. Here is why it stood out for us.

Why we like it

This shoe will really hold up daily cycling and park sessions as it is designed with synthetic suede which has been designed to give the shoes some abrasion resistance.

The Adidas Men’s Seeley Shoe also keeps your feet comfortable while your ride your BMX brakeless or while you walk, thanks to the textile lining.

In addition, the Adidas Men’s Seeley Shoe features a lace closure which ensures your feet fit into the shoe easily as long as you have the right size.

While you get great durability from this shoe, it also boasts enough flexibility and good grip on the bike pedal as it has been designed with a definitive rubber sole.

And for cycling uphill, there is no other better option than this Adidas Men’s Seeley Shoe as it features a laid-back style.

Being that this Adidas Men’s Seeley Shoe comes in various colors which you can select from, it will be a good shoe for both on and off your BMX brakeless bike.

To sum it up, this is a recommended shoe for BMX brakeless for anyone who is looking for the right shoe that does not need break-in periods.


  • Enough flexibility and good grip on the pedal
  • Ideal for cycling uphill due to the laid-back style
  • Shoe is kept in shape, thanks to the strong and sturdy sole
  • Variety in choice as it comes in various colors to choose from when shopping


  • Quite difficult to remove the insoles if you want to
  • While it is comfortable for BMX riding, it is not as comfortable for long walking distance

Choosing the right shoe for BMX brakeless – Our ultimate buying guide

Now that you have been presented with a list of the best shoe for BMX brakeless, how do you make the perfect choice in picking the right shoe for you? That is exactly what this segment is developed to help you with.

In this buying guide, we will look at the features to look out for when choosing a shoe for BMX brakeless.


The best shoes for BMX brakeless prioritizes pedal feel which maximizes overall bike control when carrying out tricky maneuvers.

You need a shoe that has a good amount of grip especially if you love’em epic stunts.

The best BMX shoes with enough grip can be seen in the shoe’s sole flexes and conform around the pedal.

You also want to focus on the tread design as it is still key to ensuring that the sole positively grips with the pedal of the pins.

BMX shoes are not like other traditional cycling shoes when it comes to grip and stiffness.


Secondly, you want to make sure that the fit and sizing of the shoe you intend to pick are thoroughly considered.

Unlike high-tech road or mountain bike shoes, you have to be specific with fit and sizing when choosing BMX shoes. It is a safer bet to go with your normal shoe size.

But it is recommended to try the shoes on before buying them to be very sure that they fit your feet without compromising comfort.


If you are familiar with BMX shoes, you will notice that almost every option in the market is a traditional lace-up design, even nearly all shoes on this buying guide.

This is due to BMX shoe styling going after the urban look

We recommend lace-up designs because they are highly adjustable for different foot shapes and the timeless design is seemingly reliable.

Some BMX shoes are slip-on designs and work well, but mostly to look good off the bike. Hence, going for shoes with lace fasteners is the best bet.

Design and appearance

We have been able to scout durable shoes for BMX brakeless that do not sacrifice their durability for appealing looks.

The manufacturers at the top ensure that they integrate a skate shoe silhouette into their appearance. But in the end, the looks and design will depend on your preference and your choice of ambiance.


The best shoes for BMX brakeless will usually feature a slim sole that enhances your control and pedal feel.

If you look at all the shoes we have reviewed, their tread design works well with pedal pins and offers a good grip on the streets.

Some of the shoes also feature thicker, more padded soles to better absorb impacts from heavy landings.

Looking for the best shoe for BMX brakeless that works well for you can be a little difficult as there are many unworthy products out there.

But with this buying guide, I hope you have been able to make the right choice.

Finally, when you are riding without brakes, ensure that you do not drag your feet or jam it in the tire.

Before you must come to a complete stop, gently stomp your feet, and insert your foot into the rear tire to completely make it stop.  Do this to avoid messing up your shoe over time.

One more thing, when riding BMX brakeless, it helps to ride through the grass to keep the shoe bottom looking brand new.

Enjoy riding BMX Brakeless bike on your new shoes!

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