15 Best Car Racing Shoes to Buy (in 2023)

Car racing shoes are those shoes you wear to have a professional feel when you drive, they are lightweight enough to let you feel the pedals underneath your foot; also to let you know just the right amount of pressure to apply on the pedals, they are grippy on the heel and offer a narrow fit.

Their thickness is measured by the width of the thumb, making them not comfortable to walk around with and this is in exchange for how long they will last.

They are durable if used for driving only!!

Best Car Racing Shoes

If the shoes you will use to drive will distract you either by being uncomfortable or not allowing you to apply adequate pressure on the pedals then you should change them.

Top 15 car racing shoes to buy

Best Car Racing Shoes
Unique Feature Rating
Simpson High-top Racing Shoe Soft interior & Lightweight 4.5/5
G-Force Top Racing Shoes Fire Retardant Cotton 4.5/5
PUMA Ferrari Drift Race Shoe Rubber sole & Low top arch 4.5/5
Men PUMA BMW Race Shoe Rubber sole & Lightweight 4.5/5
K1 RaceGear Racing Shoes Exceptional pedal feet 4.5/5
Alpine stars Size-8.5 Racing Shoes Laceup Closure 4.5/5
OMP Car Racing Shoe Breathable material 4.5/5
RaceQuip Race Shoe Padded Ankle & Arch Support 4.5/5
Alpinestars Racing Shoes Lightweight & Streamlined 4.5/5
K1 Race Gear Auto Racing Shoes Ultra-thin & Flexible sole 4.5/5
SIMPSON Car Racing Shoes Adjustable strap for customized fitting 4.5/5
OMP unisex Racing Shoes Universal fit & Laceup Closure 4.5/5
HEROBIKER Boots Racing Shoes Versatile 4.5/5
RJS Racing Redline Shoe Hightop Racing Shoes 4.5/5
Euro Carbon-L Series Race Shoes Suede outer & Cotton Inner 4.5/5

Simpson High-top Racing Shoe

Best Car Racing Shoes

These shoes are nicely made, they are light and very comfortable for driving in with, even with the way they look, they appear to be sturdily made which means you will be having a long time use with them.

They come with an adjustable strap at the ankle level to give you a strong grip just like the standard for racing shoes insists on.

The shoelace makes them easy on and off, you shouldn’t have to worry about them having slippery soles if you have a good car mat.

If you limit their usability to just racing or using them to drive, then you won’t have to experience the whole falling apart of them with just a few days of use.

They are made strictly for driving so any activity other than that can result in them falling apart.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes in blue and black
  • Shoelaces and straps for an adjustable fit
  • Very comfortable for versatile use
  • They fit true to size


  • Sole is slippery on some car mat
  • Stitch may fall apart with regular use

G-Force Top Racing Shoes

Best Car Racing Shoes

Products that are made with plugs for electrical use are made in the USA and also for use in the USA.

Electrical voltage may differ so, this product may require some sort of adapter for an adequate supply of electricity and use.

This is one of G-force’s most popular productions, it is made with leather suede and it has an exclusive race grip outsole.

This particular shoe is lined with fire-retardant cotton which protects the foot from any fire incident and in the absence of this, the shoe covers and protects the foot from heat keeping your foot at normal temperature.

They have credible arch support and also come with good insoles that will also help in adding to the comfort of your arch so that you won’t have any side effects when you stop driving and decide to take a walk.


  • Fire retardant cotton
  • Full leather construction
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Comfortable insoles
  • Ankle padding for comfort fit


  • Some models may not be flexible enough
  • Not suitable for walking in

PUMA Ferrari Drift Race Shoe

Best Car Racing Shoes

Having owned this for a couple of months now, I can tell you they are not made of leather but rubber and are absolutely good to go regardless.

Ordering a regular size might come with some disadvantages as this particular shoe does not stretch and doesn’t give in at all.

They are strong and of good quality, the ideal racing shoes you need, they should serve you well if you limit their use to just driving and not walking in them as they are not the ideal walking shoes I would recommend.

For the fact that driving is a one position something and only your foot or rather legs do the whole work below, you can go on without the arch support as they are somehow irrelevant.


  • They have rubber soles
  • They are motor-inspired sneakers
  • Low top from arch
  • They have flexible shoelace for fit adjustment
  • They have 3D overlays


  • They do not have light-reflective parts
  • They do not have arch support

Men PUMA BMW Race Shoe

Best Car Racing Shoes

One of the racing shoes that can be used as casual shoes apart from racing, which is their main purpose. They are strong and durable, be sure to have them for long if you limit their usage to just driving.

One of the features this shoe has that other shoes do not is the fact that they are versatile, you can decide to dress up in them, look casual and still use them for driving.

You don’t need to keep changing shoes like you would with some of the shoes reviewed here.

You should be fine if you order a size up as they are definitely going to run up small, there seems to be a problem with the size chart.


  • These have rubber soles
  • They have flexible shoelace
  • Come in a colorful pattern
  • Have the puma Logo at the lower part of the heel
  • Unisex and versatile


  • Runs small, order a size up
  • Cheap-looking leather
  • They are stiff

K1 RaceGear Champ Nomex Racing Shoes

Best Car Racing Shoes

This originated from china, specifically for racing, they however do not fit true to size. You might want to consider ordering a size down as they might run big compared to your normal size.

They weigh three pounds, which is just normal for racing shoes, their lightweight nature allows you to be the controller of your pedals when you are driving, since you can feel the pedals underneath while you drive you can easily control the amount of pressure applied on it.

It should interest you to know that they have manufacturer’s warranty attached to them, you don’t need to worry about anything in a case whereby you had the wrong order.


  • Perforated leather construction
  • Low profile outsole
  • Exceptional pedal feel
  • High-quality Nomex
  • Leather and suede construction


  • They do not fit true to size

Alpine stars Size-8.5 Racing Shoes

Best Car Racing Shoes

These have a blend of suede material to offer a maximum comfort level, their design is inspired by the formula one racing car.

They are versatile and convenient for in and outside the car activities. They are high-top in nature, which provides cover to the ankle and counters twist of the ankle as the case may be.

They are lightweight and have very good arch support and an anti-fire exterior, there is no warranty for them.

So, you might want to take this seriously and pay attention to the sizing and color when you make your order to avoid misfit.


  • Lace-up closure
  • Weight 2.0 pounds
  • Versatile use of both in and outside car
  • They have good arch support
  • Ankle height


  • No warranty

OMP Car Racing Shoe

Best Car Racing Shoes

These have an ultra-soft lining which makes them extremely comfortable inside, you don’t have to get that itch when you drive or even endure that pain again.

If you are a victim of shoe pain and uncomfortability when driving, then all you need to do first is to get a change in the shoes you use in driving.

These shoes are made with suede material both the inside and the outside are remarkably made to offer a relaxing feeling, their lightweight feature lets you carry them without having to feel the weight of the shoes on you.

These also let you apply the right amount of pressure on your pedals, no more no less.


  • Unique shoelace pattern
  • Flexible shoelace for adjustable fitting
  • They are lightweight
  • They have arch support
  • They are designed with 3D overlays


  • They are not versatile

RaceQuip Race Shoe

Best Car Racing Shoes

The shoe itself is well made, they are strong, durable, and extremely comfortable. They have a rubber sole that is not too wide and just molded appropriately, meeting the racing shoe standard requirement.

They have a covered warranty and are just as classic as normal sneakers. In fact, it should interest you to know that they were made like the American classic sneakers style, which means you will only look sleek in them with minimal effort.

Be ready to have a different experience with these shoes on, you are definitely going to feel your pedal on a whole different level and sense entirely.


  • These have an adjustable strap
  • They have flexible shoelace for customized fitting
  • They are made in the classic American style
  • Achilles flex opening
  • Molded rubber sole


  • Might run big on narrow feet

Alpinestars Racing Shoes

Best Car Racing Shoes

These have an advanced innovative construction, they are lightweight and durable. This is because they are made with strong and credible leather that does nothing but contributes and further enhance their durability.

Full-grain leather is considered one of the strongest and recommended leather in the world of shoes, its soles are well made with rubber and they are equally strong which also ensures durability and longevity of the shoes.

They have a good grip, they won’t go slipping on you when you wear them and rest your foot on the car mat.

One feature this possesses that will intrigue is the fact that they have a cooling system installed on them via the upper part of the shoes, this is possible because of the full-grain leather upper they are made of.


  • They look classic and sleek
  • They are lightweight
  • They are streamlined
  • They have excellent feel and grip
  • They have integrated ergonomic footbed


  • You can only get one color

K1 Race Gear Auto Racing Shoes

Best Car Racing Shoes

These are made with the sole well-being of auto racers in mind, they are light, they are comfortable and they are made with anti-fire inner for protection against hot engines and fire breakout.

They have an ultra-slim outsole which is perfect for you to know how much pressure you are applying on the petals.

There are cases of some drivers not knowing their foot is already on the pedals and they end up applying more than the required pressure which sometimes results in accidents as the case may be.


  • Nomex inner for Anti-fire feature
  • They are extremely lightweight shoes
  • They let you feel the pedals
  • They have an ultrathin and flexible sole
  • They are durable


  • Ultrathin sole means they cannot be worn outside for normal walks

SIMPSON Car Racing Shoes

Best Car Racing Shoes

You know one of the most common colour that goes with literally every other color apart from white is the direct opposite of white itself which is black.

Luckily, these shoes and their kind are manufactured in black which means they will match your racing outfit regardless of the color they are.

They have good arch support, they also have an adjustable strap which makes up for a customized fitting and is capable of changing the sizing of the shoes to favor you in the case of when they run big.

These however do not come in wide sizes, but that has not been a problem as there are little to no cases of drivers complaining of them running too narrow or even small.


  • They weigh 1.275 kilos
  • They have straps for adjustable fitting
  • They have good arch support
  • They are in form of black color which makes them versatile
  • They are made in the USA


  • They do not come in wide sizes

OMP Unisex Racing Shoes

Best Car Racing Shoes

These are EVO Shoes with perforated leather for more breathability.

Breathability is another aspect of the race shoes that is very important in the sense that when driving, the engine is bound to get hot therefore making the whole car hot as well.

Since the legs are always below where the magic happens, your legs are bound to receive some heat, your foot rather.

Now the breathability of these shoes prevents that from happening, the heat affecting the foot is controlled due to the breathable upper they come with.

They will also give a strong grip to the ankle since they have straps around there and this to prevent your ankle from twisting when putting pressure on the breaks in some cases and the pedals.


  • Made with the looks of a high top sneaker
  • Gives the racer expression from the exterior design
  • They offer universal fit
  • They come in different colors
  • They have a lace-up closure fitting system


  • No warranty

HEROBIKER Boots Racing Shoes

Best Car Racing Shoes

These are value for money and are very versatile, they are made with fabric sole, might as well be the only one we have on this list that has a fabric outsole.

They have excellent grip even with the fact that they are made with fabric soles, they are flexible on all parts making it possible for a customized fitting.

They come with two closure systems, the hook and loop and then the shoelace system, these collectively provide good grip and ensure a secured fit.

They are breathable which makes them capable of cooling your foot when you drive.

The inner of a car is sometimes hot especially when you drive for long which is a common activity for racers, the breathable upper this shoe possess will subdue the heat and make your feet cooler.


  • These are made with fabric sole
  • They have a breathable mesh upper
  • They have two closure system
  • They have excellent grip
  • They are versatile


  • No warranty

RJS Racing Redline Shoe

Best Car Racing Shoes

This is one of the most recommended shoes for racers, this is because of all the shoes reviewed here, this is one of the few that comes as a high-top and the top is actually long enough to cover your ankle.

The thing is they do not only cover the ankle, they protect the ankle from heat as well as the foot in general.

They are fashionable, their versatility level is remarkable, and they have breathable upper which completes the comfort circle they have to offer, your experience as a driver is going to change when you rock this.


  • High Top design
  • They are made of Nomex and leather
  • They have fire retardant skivvies
  • They come in different sizes
  • They are available in different colors

Euro Carbon-L Series Race Shoes

Best Car Racing Shoes

These have arch support and are highly recommended for racers who have their comfort in mind.

There are no regrets with the Euro Carbon-L Series Race Shoes as they are perfect for racing.

They are even 30% lighter than standard shoes, they can serve as your regular shoes only that you are advised to go light and easy on them when you are not driving.

They have fire retardant features and are also made with padded ankles to ensure your ankles are covered and protected in the case of a tough ride.

The fitting system is ensured in the sense that they have both straps to hold the shoes tight on the ankle and they also have shoelaces to further ensure they are easy on and off and also perfectly fit.


  • Suede upper and cotton outer
  • Contrast stitching
  • They are 30% lighter than standard shoes
  • They are made with rubber sole
  • They are designed like European styling


Your racing experience should have gotten better if you pick a shoe from the ones reviewed here.

Have in mind that good and recommended racing shoes are the ones that have light soles, fire retardant, and also comfortable and well-cushioned among other features just like the ones reviewed here.

Racing and driving entirely is an activity that needs your utmost concentration and attention with absolutely no distraction from anything whatsoever, so

Just like I said initially, if the shoes you will use to drive will distract you either by being uncomfortable or not allowing you to apply adequate pressure on the pedals then you should change them.

Racing for real racers is more than a sport, it is a way of life and a tradition, you should not be distracted by bad shoes and get the moment spoiled.

Get a pair or two of the best Car racing shoes reviewed here, the best you can get anywhere.


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