Barge Cement Yellow vs Blue: Which Is Better?

The popularity of both Barge cement glue has been on the rise for many years. They are both affordable, and easy to find at most hardware stores.

BARGE All Purpose Original cement glue (barge cement yellow) is a classic that has been around for years.

This glue works well with both porous and non-porous materials and is known for its high bond strength. It dries clear and is easy to use.

The major difference between barge cement yellow and barge cement blue is the presence of toluene in Barge cement yellow and the absence of it in barge cement blue.

Barge Cement Yellow vs Blue

Toluene is a clear, colorless, water-insoluble liquid with a characteristic odor. It is a simple as well as a complex product.

It is used as a solvent in the chemical industry, in the manufacture of some paints, as well as in the manufacture of other chemicals.

It is also used as raw material in the production of a number of organic compounds like cresol, xylenes, aniline, and acetone.

What is Barge Cement Yellow (All Purpose Original cement)

BARGE All Purpose Original Cement Glue (BARGE cement yellow) (Buy on Amazon) is the ultimate all-purpose cement glue.

This cement glue can be used to bond almost any material together. It’s economical, easy to use, and dries quickly and clearly. It’s also waterproof, stain-resistant, and paintable.

This cement glue is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It dries clear and is resistant to water, stains, and paint.

It’s also ideal for bonding metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, leather, and most woods.

BARGE All Purpose Original cement glue (BARGE cement yellow) comes in a convenient one-ounce tube.

BARGE cement yellow is perfect for many home and craft projects. In addition to this original formula, you can also buy BARGE cement yellow in white, clear, and black.

This original cement glue formula is ideal for many do-it-yourself home and craft projects.

BARGE All Purpose Original cement can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. BARGE All Purpose Original cement(BARGE cement yellow)  is resistant to water and weather.

BARGE All Purpose Original cement has been designed to be a strong and durable cement that can be used for a variety of jobs including wall fixing, bonding, fixing, and sealing. You can use it to fix bricks, stone, and concrete.

It’s a high-quality cement glue that gives you a long-lasting finish and has been tested to meet building regulations.

It is a naturally durable solvent-based glue, which means the finish will not easily fade or be worn away.

The cement can be used for both interior and exterior applications. BARGE is all-purpose and can be used in a variety of construction projects.

Barge Cement has a quick set time of just 15 minutes, which is perfect if you need to work on your project in a time crunch.

If a project is going to be completed in one day and that time has passed, Barge cement yellow can be mixed with cold water to set up more slowly which is perfect.

What is Barge Cement Blue (All-Purpose Toluene Free)

BARGE All-Purpose Toluene Free Glue (Buy on Amazon) is a super-strong, water-resistant, no-run, no-drip all-purpose adhesive that is perfect for any DIY, crafting or repair job.

This glue will work on a huge variety of surfaces – wood, metal, ceramics, paper, plastic, and more. It is very strong and waterproof, so it will work on both porous and non-porous surfaces.

It is easy to use, just apply a small amount of the glue to the surfaces you want to join together and press them together.

It’s made from 100% polyvinyl acetate. It’s 100% water-soluble, can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, is non-toxic, and contains no toluene. It’s ideal for home, school, and craft projects.

Barge cement blue is a revolutionary product as it is versatility is almost unprecedented. It can be used for a range of applications from:

  • As a toluene-free alternative to Cembrene for waterproofing and building
  • As a toluene-free alternative for concrete
  • As a toluene-free alternative for flooring
  •  As a toluene-free alternative for the tile adhesive
  • As a toluene-free waterproofing and building material. As a toluene-free flooring product
  • As a toluene-free tile adhesive

Similarities between Barge Cement Yellow and Blue

The two products are very similar in that they can both be used for a multitude of purposes. They are both strong adhesives that are suitable for a variety of applications.

  1. BARGE All Purpose Original glue and BARGE All-Purpose Toluene Free glue are both water-based PVA glues.
  2. Both types of glue will dry flexibly and will not yellow with time.
  3. Both BARGE types of glue are designed for a wide range of applications, from bonding and sealing to repairing and mending.
  4. Both are non-toxic
  5. Both are easy to use
  6. BARGE cement blue and BARGE cement yellow were both made in the same process so they are both water-based PVA types of glue with a little difference in the solvent used.
  7. BARGE cement blue and BARGE cement yellow are both flexible and can be used widely in different areas of construction, household, etc.
  8. Both types of glue can be used to bond tiles, repair woodwork, pipes, used in plumbing, etc. The BARGE cement blue and yellow are very versatile.
  9. Both BARGE cement blue and BARGE cement yellow are non-toxic to your health.
  10. Both BARGE cement yellow and BARGE cement blue can be easily applied and used.

Barge Cement Yellow vs Blue: Comparison

  1. The solvent used in the BARGE cement yellow is toluene while the solvent used in the BARGE cement blue is xylene
  2. The viscosity of the barge cement blue is higher than that of the BARGE cement yellow
  3. BARGE All Purpose Original glue is solvent-based, while BARGE All-Purpose Toluene Free glue is acrylic-based
  4. In addition to the solvent, the viscosity of the glue is another major difference between the two. The viscosity of the BARGE All-Purpose Toluene Free glue is much higher than the viscosity of the BARGE All Purpose Original glue.
  5. The Original Glue is a solvent-based adhesive that uses natural rubber latex as its bonding agent. This glue is perfect for heavier-duty repairs, as it forms a durable and waterproof bond. The Toluene Free glue is an acrylic-based adhesive that is completely free of toluene, making it a safer choice for those with sensitivities to solvents. This glue is ideal for lighter-duty repairs, as it dries quickly and is non-toxic.

Which is better and why?

BARGE All-Purpose Toluene Free glue (BARGE cement blue) is better than BARGE All Purpose Original glue ( BARGE cement yellow).

The All-Purpose Original glue is a more traditional glue. It is a 2-component glue that is made of phenol-formaldehyde and a water carrier. It also contains a small amount of a local non-narcotic anesthetic.

Phenol formaldehyde is a strong, but inexpensive adhesive. It is good for high-impact events or jobs that use lots of force like assembling walls.

Toluene is a solvent, which can be an irritant to the skin and eyes. The glue has been thought to cause cancer.

The All-Purpose Toluene Free glue is a more modern type of adhesive. It is a monomer adhesive, which means it is a type of rubber cement. It also contains no toluene and uses xylene instead as a more nature-friendly adhesive.

The adhesive toluene-free glue is better for people who have to go through airport security without “ticking off” the security staff.

Toluene is a chemical found in some dangerous glues and can be used to manufacture drugs. Toluene is not good for the respiratory system and the BARGE cement yellow doesn’t have the necessary protective additives.

BARGE All-Purpose Toluene Free glue (BARGE cement blue) is better because it does not use toluene, which helps to significantly reduce air pollution.


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