Are Woodland Shoes Good for Trekking?

If you are looking for shoes that make trekking comfortable then Woodland shoes are not the best to use. In fact, they are not in any way good for trekking because of how heavy they actually are.

Although Woodland shoes are very durable and tough, they were specifically made for exploration. Woodland shoes can sometimes feel like you are wearing tires on your feet. The soles are huge and chunky.

For some people, wearing Woodland shoes has led to some painful experiences. Apparently, the weight of the shoes can cause sprains to your ankles or pains to your feet.

So, next time you want to embark on a trek, do not think of those Woodland shoes. Try something else.

What are Woodland shoes excellent for?

We know for sure that Woodland shoes are not so great for trekking but what we do not know is what the shoes are very good for?

As mentioned above, Woodland shoes are specifically made for exploration and adventure.

Manufactured to be tough, durable, and reliable, Woodland shoes are the perfect footwear for physically tasking activities like climbing, trekking, hiking, and many more.

Right from the establishment of the brand in 1992, Woodland has carved a niche for itself in the adventurers’ space.

Woodland, from its very first product, has grown to be the most preferred footwear brand by hikers, mountain climbers, outdoor adventurers, and the likes.

Basically, the best activity to use your woodland shoes for is to use them for hiking, climbing, and doing other adventures.

Another thing that makes Woodland shoes excellent is their durability. Durability is surely one of the major, if not the major, unique selling points of Woodland shoes.

Regardless of how you use it, either heavy usage or not, the Woodland shoes have the ability and tenacity to last for five (5) to six (6) years.

Without doing much or spending much on the maintenance of your Woodland shoes, you can rest assured that your Woodland shoes would serve your exploration and adventuring activities for up to a decade and more.

We have had many people talking about their experiences with Woodland shoes and one that particularly struck me was the one a guy said he got a pair of Woodland shoes seven (7) years ago and he used them for biking, climbing, and light trekking.

He later got a new pair of Woodland shoes because he got tired of waiting for the previous ones to wear out. Crazy, right?

Lastly, another excellent feature of the Woodland shoes is that they are water-resistant. Note that, water resistance is different from being waterproof.

Woodland shoes are water-resistant because the materials used in production are tightly woven so much that water can hardly get through them.

They do not provide a complete barrier that stops water from getting through them hence they are not waterproof.

The water-resistance feature of the Woodland shoes makes them stand out among other types of shoes. This feature contributes to why they manage to be so durable.

The ability to strongly resist water makes them not be susceptible to damages that may be caused by water.

Next time, when you wonder what Woodland shoes are good at, remember that they are perfect for adventures and explorations, have better durability than every other shoe and they are water-resistant.

What type of footwear is suitable for trekking?

Trekking is an activity that most of us engage in, but it is rather unfortunate that many of us later end up having pains in different parts of our legs due to wearing bad footwear for trekking.

To combat this, we have curated a list of the best and most suitable footwear to use for trekking. Check them out:

Carenurse Hiking Boots


Although the name of the footwear carries “hiking”, it is actually just as good to be used for trekking.

The carenurse hiking boot is made of synthetic water-resistant leather that is very durable and friendly to the environment.

In addition to this, the boot has an adjustable lace-up design and durable electroplated anti-rust hardware. These features ensure that the boots fit perfectly on your feet and also prevent sprains.

This boot has an impeccable design that works for all kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, walking, cycling, etc

Knixmax Women Hiking Shoe


This product is manufactured by the brand, Knixmax, and it is the ideal footwear for trekking.

The Knixmax Women Hiking Shoe is made with breathable suede leather and mesh that gives your feet extreme comfort and keeps them dry and fresh.

This shoe also ensures that you have maximum traction on any terrain by combining a deep and aggressive lug pattern with the gum rubber outsole.

In addition to that, the Knixmax Women Hiking Shoe has a strong and minimalistic lace that tightens with just one pull. You also get extra shoelaces and shoe insoles for free.

If you think the Knixmax Women Hiking Shoe is only for women, then you are wrong. It is a unisex product.

Mishansha Hiking Shoes


If you are looking for the right shoe to wear when you want to go trekking, look no further than this shoe manufactured by the Mishansha brand.

The Mishansha hiking shoe is made with artificial leather of the highest quality. Its oxford upper material makes the shoe more breathable and flexible.

The breathable mesh lining of this shoe ensures that your feet are kept dry and do not sweat. This shoe is perfect for all kinds of weather; spring, fall, or summer.

A stylish and ultra-lightweight design that ensures walking is comfortable and you do not get tired easily is another standout feature of this shoe.

The Mishansha Hiking Shoe is great for all ages and can be used for any outdoor activity.

Naikoyo Trail Running Shoes


Getting these shoes made by Naikoyo guarantees you the smoothest trekking experience ever.

The Naikoyo Trail Running Shoes are primarily made with rubber and they are suitable to use on all kinds of road surfaces – paved or unpaved.

With its breathable knit material inner, there is sufficient air circulation which keeps your feet comfortable when walking.

An interesting part of owning one of these shoes from Naikoyo is that the shoes have a moisture-wicking mesh lining that helps to prevent foot odor.

Shulook Waterproof Shoe


The Shulook Waterproof Shoe is another great product to look out for when getting shoes for trekking.

This product is made of premium suede leather and an SL-TEX waterproof membrane that prevents water from entering the shoe.

It is also fitted with a breathable and skin-friendly D01 lining which has efficient ventilation to keep your feet comfortable and dry throughout the duration of use.

Also coming with this product is a removable memory foam insole that provides superior support to the natural contours of the foot which improves overall comfort and reduces stress on your foot.

BomKinta Hiking Shoes


The next best trekking shoe is the shoe made by BomKinta.

This particular product comes highly recommended because of its rubber outsole that provides superb durability and flexibility.

This shoe is described as non-slip because of how hard it is to slip when you are on it. With these features, this shoe provides you optimum safety whether you use it for trekking or hiking.

Asides from its durability, the BomKinta Hiking Shoe uses the air mesh for efficient ventilation and lightweight support. This ensures that you do not have any trouble lifting the shoe and your feet feel really comfortable.

Camel Crown Hiking Shoes


The final product we will recommend for trekking is the shoes manufactured by Camel Crown.

Lots of thought went into the production of this particular shoe because the manufacturers paid attention to the issues most people face when trekking and went to produce a shoe that combats those issues.

This shoe from Camel Crown is spectacular because of the protection it gives to your toes, heel, and ankle.

The shoes can be worn for any outdoor activity and it is just as comfortable and durable as you need them to be.

Are there any woodland shoes that can be used to trek at all?

I can imagine how bad some Woodland lovers would be feeling knowing that shoes made by their favorite brand are not so good for trekking, but all hope is not lost as there are actually some Woodland shoes that can still be used for trekking. Find them below;

Woodland Men’s Leather Sneakers

Are Woodland Shoes Good for Trekking

This is a top product by Woodland, and it is one you should look out for when shopping for trekking shoes. It is a bestseller amongst shoe enthusiasts because of its tough looks and firm design.

This product from Woodland is made of leather and it was specifically produced for the casual lifestyle; so it is just the appropriate shoe to wear for trekking.

Woodland offers a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects on this product.

Woodland Men Sneakers

Finding a Woodland shoe that is great for trekking is like finding a treasure, and this particular shoe is one hell of a treasure.

This is a sleek and stylish leather boot that matches your lifestyle. It has great durability, especially when used on rocky terrains, and its leather material makes it look sophisticated.

Woodland G777ws Leather Sneaker

Are Woodland Shoes Good for Trekking

Woodland produces a wide range of footwear and this particular one is one of the few that are good for trekking.

Made with leather and for the casual lifestyle, this product is a perfect blend of classy fashion and rugged durability.

Like a couple of other products, you will enjoy a 90-Day guarantee from Woodland when you make a purchase.

Woodland Leather Sneakers

Are Woodland Shoes Good for Trekking

This is another excellent product by Woodland that you can use for trekking.

This particular product was designed for the adventurer, explorer, and the one who loves to live in the wild. The athletic outsoles will lift your spirits, soul, and body even when used on the most difficult and demanding terrain.

This product has a rubberized foam insole, anti-corrosive metal fitting, and a compression-molded EVA midsole. Lastly, you also enjoy a 90-day guarantee from Woodland.

Woodland OGC 3737120 Leather Sneakers

Are Woodland Shoes Good for Trekking

This could arguably be chosen as the best Woodland shoe for trekking because of the thermoplastic elastomers used in making the soles.

Having a pair of these sneakers does not only help you make a daring fashion statement but also ensures that you have a smooth, comfortable trek.

This product is fitted with a leather upper that gives comfort and enhances the overall look. These leather sneakers are slip-resistant and have a durable rubber sole that ensures that you get the strongest grip on any and every surface.


Woodland as a brand is doing excellently well and you might need to cut the brand some slack for not having shoes that are exactly perfect for trekking. They really can not serve everybody, can they?

However, they are beginning to tap into that market especially as there is a large influx of many other brands creating shoes for this purpose. Woodland, therefore, has made slight modifications to their products to make it okay for trekking.

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