Are Crocs Good For Hiking?

The answer to this question is NO! Crocs are never good for hiking and you should not even consider using any type of Crocs for hiking. You will only end up endangering yourself and putting your foot at the risk of injury.

Crocs have no heel protection and toe protection. They are poor when it comes to slippery ground and are not suitable for Rocky or any gravel Ground. Instead, if you want to go hiking, you should consider investing in hiking boots which will only cost you a couple of dollars. You can check out this one.

Are Crocs Good For Hiking?

Why can you not hike in Crocs?

There are several reasons why you should not hike in Crocs, that is what this segment of the article is about. I will let you know why.

  • Crocs have no heel protection
  • Crocs Have no toe protection
  • Crocs perform poorly on slippery ground
  • Crocs cannot be worn for long periods of time

Crocs have no heel protection

If you use Crocs frequently, you will notice that Crocs have no heel protection. The heel is quite close to the ground and if you take that hiking, it can cause you to have severe damage on your heel. And you are not going to like that. It could lead to Tendinitis, calluses, etc.

If you do not want to experience any of these, then you should not take your Crocs hiking.

Crocs have no toe protection

The Same way that Crocs have no heel protection is the same way that they have no toe protection. The toe of Crocs is not secure and it comes with no padding or strong material at the toe. It is just a soft material. If you happen to hit your toe on a rock or something, it could result in severe toe issues.

It is not advisable to use your Crocs in hiking. If you do you’re exposing yourself to toe injuries.

Crocs perform poorly on slippery ground

Crocs do not have friction like hiking boots. When you’re walking on slippery ground while hiking, Crocs will not be able to protect you and keep you standing firm. You could slip and fall.

You fall while hiking, you already know what can happen. You could have a severe injury. If you do not have hiking boots, you should go get one as soon as possible.

Crocs cannot be worn for long periods of time

From experience, this is one thing I have also noticed. Crocs do not have enough cushion to keep you comfortable and firm while doing work or walking for long periods of time.

If you want something to keep you comfortable and stable for long periods of time, you should go get hiking boots.

Hiking is something that takes a long while, Crocs will not serve you well if that is what you have in mind to use.

I will advise that you do not depend on Crocs as footwear when you want to go hiking. I advise that you go in hiking boots for the best experience.

What you must consider before buying any shoes for hiking

Are Crocs Good For Hiking?

When you want to get shoes for hiking, you just don’t go to the market or to any online store and pick any kind of hiking shoes. There are things you must check before making your decision. Things like

  • Presence of lugs on the sole
  • The material build
  • The breathability
  • Waterproof feature
  • The overall fit

Presence of lugs on the sole

Lugs are traction-giving bumps on the outsole of the hiking boots. The soles of hiking shoes should come with lugs, this will help you hold your grip as you walk, the deeper the lug, the Better for you. With deep lugs, you will hardly fall or slip.

It is also good your insole is made of a sticky rubber grip. The sticky rubber grip that the hiking shoes have is what enables you to hike with it without you falling or slipping off.

Imagine mistakenly stepping on a very sharp object while you are hiking and it pierces your shoes and hurt your leg.

The Material build

There are three materials that are used in building hiking shoes. Leather, synthetic & Mesh.  Leather build quality is usually made very durable, and it is a good thing because they usually mold to your foot as you continue using it.

Leather materials are not so good with breathability. As for the synthetic, they’re materials like nylon, polyester, etc. They’re versatile, they dry quickly and they’re also lightweight & with synthetic boots, you can kick rocks aside. They’re also durable.

It’s left to you to choose which one you want exactly. Mesh is also another type of material that allows a lot of air to enter. If you are the type that sweats a lot, you may want to go for this.

Mesh is quite delicate, but the amazing thing about Mesh is that it dries up incredibly fast & if you mistakenly put your foot in the mud, with the mesh material, it will dry incredibly fast!

The breathability

Technically, leather boots usually have problems with being breathable, because moisture has no easy way to escape. You should choose hiking boots that allow air to pass through especially on hot days. Also, if you notice that you’re the type that sweats a lot on your foot.

You should consider this breathability before you choose hiking boots. The material that allows good breathability is the Mesh material. If breathability is your concern, then you should go for hiking boots made with Mesh.

Waterproof feature

You need to know that it is water-resistant and waterproof. Any hiking boot you see that is water-resistant should not be mistaken as waterproof, water-resistant can only survive water, but waterproof can get submerged in mud or water and it will have no adverse effect on the boot.

Sometimes, the weather could be so wet when you are hiking. You need waterproof hiking boots that make it very easy for you to hike even during hot weather.

The waterproof feature comes as a result of the thick waxed leather which makes you sweat and because of the thick leather, moisture does not escape from the feet and this could bring discomfort to your foot. This is one disadvantage the waterproof feature has on hiking boots.

The overall fit

Who wears footwear that does not fit? Nobody will like to do that at all. The same is applicable to when you want to get hiking boots, you need to get hiking boots that fit you so well. If not, poor fitting of the hiking boots could result in you having injuries or discomfort.

Your hiking boots should fit you, but not too tight so that it does not Injure or make you uncomfortable. Make sure the hiking shoes are comfortable, but not too tight. That is the idea behind the hiking shoes fitting you.


What shoes are then great for hiking?

I am going to show you some hiking shoes that you need to get that will serve you a whole lot. You should read through and select the ones that are suitable for you.

Hiking boots Special feature Rating
Cole Haan men’s Hiking shoes Premium weatherproof upper that protects from adverse weather conditions 4.0/5
Salomon women’s hiking Shoes


Designed with the technology to deal with difficult terrains 4.3/5
Merrell men’s Moab Hiking shoes Absorbs shock and improve stability 4.5/5
Keen men’s Targhee hiking boots Soles provide massive grip in muddy environments as well as rocky terrains 4.0/5
Forsake patch women’s waterproof hiking boot Oil-tanned leathers are durable and offer protection when hiking 4.5/5

Cole Haan men’s Hiking shoes

The Cole Haan men’s Hiking Shoe is a waterproof hiking shoe that will serve you so well. Remember I explained that the waterproof feature is something you should not compromise.

If you are someone that sweats so much on the foot, you might have issues with this waterproof feature because it comes with thick waxed leather which makes it difficult for moisture to get off your foot when you sweat.

Pros :

  • Waterproof feature
  • Leather build
  • Rubber pods
  • Added traction for durability

Cons :

  • Leather material could cause sweating on the foot.

You will so much enjoy making use of this hiking boot as it will serve you so much. The leather material helps with durability and also, when it rains or when you are on wet ground, it can resist the water.


Salomon women’s hiking Shoes

This is a hiking shoe that women will love so much. This shoe will hug the foot & it will give you the maximum fitting that you so much need. Remember that fitting is something that is required before getting any hiking shoes.

This hiking shoes will tackle any hiking issue you are having and if there happens to be any obstacle on the ground, this hiking serves you so well.


  • Waterproof feature
  • Fits so well
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to wear

Cons :

  • May cause blisters

From experience, one thing I have noticed is that this shoe may cause you to have blisters. To prevent this from happening, what you should do is that you should wear it with socks and you will not have those blisters. You should get one for yourself.


Merrell men’s Moab Hiking shoes


This hiking boot is made with a combination of suede leather and mesh! This is a good combination Because the mesh is lightweight, and mesh also allows breathability so that you do not have to sweat too much when you’re hiking with this boot.

The leather material is also a good one in terms of durability and for the waterproof feature.


  • Continuation of mesh and suede leather
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Rubber sole
  • Removable insole


  • The sole has no flex

From personal experience, when you wear this hiking boot, you will be comfortable at first, but one thing is that you will notice that because the sole has no flex, it will cause you to have a lot of pressure on your heel.

This is not a good experience at all, however, if you don’t mind, you can still go on to purchase this hiking boot.


Keen men’s Targhee hiking boots

The sole of this hiking boot is made with rubber and the body is made with leather. With the leather build, it makes this hiking boot waterproof. This means it will not be affected by water. It is very fit and comfortable.


  • Very fit
  • Very comfortable
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Leather build

One thing about this Keen hiking boot is that they’re probably one of the most comfortable shoes for hiking that you will ever get. But take note that the previous models are quite smaller than this.

This was made half size bigger and I complained about it too.


Forsake patch women’s waterproof hiking boot

This is a colorful hiking boot that is made out of leather. One hiking boot is made out of leather, then you should know that it comes with a waterproof feature.

The build construction of this hiking boot allows moisture to go out which helps to keep your for dry if you are the type that sweats so much on the foot. It is breathable as well.


  • Smell resistant
  • Sneaker boot design
  • Breathable
  • Water-resistant


  • Gives blisters on longer hikes

The sneaker boot design that this hiking boot comes with makes it look really attractive. It is attractive and very durable at the same time, you are not going to have any issues with it except for the fact that if you hike in this boot for too long, it could cause blisters on your leg.


Can you then walk long distances in crocs?

No! You should not wear Crocs for long distances. The reason for that is Crocs are not built for long-distance walking. What you should do instead is that you should wear Crocs only if you are going to short distances, probably you are wearing the Crocs for a walk on the beach, or you are taking your dogs on a walk.

The summary is that you should not take your Crocs on long distances, it could end up damaging your toes and heels. Crocs do not have toe and heel protection.

Can kids hike in Crocs?

No! Not at all, kids should not hike in Crocs. In fact, Crocs are not hiking shoes and you should not even allow kids to hike in Crocs. What you should do is that if you want your kids to hike with you, they should not hike for long & they should wear kids hiking boots.


In conclusion, Crocs are not good for hiking & they will never be an alternative even. Crocs do not have enough protection, tour toes and heels are not protected when you’re using Crocs.

Also, it does not come with enough cushion for you to be safe and comfortable when you’re hiking. You should get any of the hiking shoes I talked about.

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