Are Clarks Wallabees Waterproof?

The New models of Clarks’ Wallabees are fully waterproof. The GORE-TEX suede lining and Vibram sole with which the boot is made protects it from water.

Due to the outcry of users about the stains that were visible on the shoe anytime water touched them, the Clarks’ shoe company made improvements to its previous model by introducing a water-resistant version of the shoe in 2018.

As opposed to other shoes from Clarks Originals which had the water-resistance feature on just the liners, these Wallabees have water-resistant uppers as well as water-resistant liners.

This model also features a stain-resistance design which will come as a delight to the shoes’ users who had to cope with its previous easily stainable nature.

Major features that make the Clarks Wallabees waterproof?

Are Clarks Wallabees Waterproof

Inspired by the moccasin, the ever-present Wallabees are now built with an epic GORE-TEX Membrane which makes it waterproof.

Created by Robert W. Gore, the GORE-TEX membrane uses synthetic and expanded polymer polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to achieve its water-resistant capabilities. These fabrics are water-resistant, breathable, and also windproof.

Its waterproof ability can be attributed to the 9 billion pores on every square inch on it, which makes it twenty thousand (20,000) times smaller than a drop of water hence making it impossible to water to get into it.

Meanwhile, the breathability of this material can be attributed to its pores which are also a whole lot bigger than a water vapor molecule hence preventing the accumulation of sweat in your feet after walking in them for a long time or walking in them during hot weather conditions.

However, to ensure the top-tier performance of this material, it is further bonded with quality outer textiles and linings.

This material which is also used in sportswear, winter jackets, backpacks, gloves, and many other apparels and accessories is a huge improvement to the suede material which was previously used on Wallabees shoes from the inception of the shoe collection until this material was introduced in 2018.

Although the suede leather material offered a great look and was breathable, it never remained the same when it came in contact with water which was a major turnoff for most users.

In addition, Wallabees made with suede leather are less expensive compared to the ones made with GORE-TEX.

Nevertheless, the latter makes it worth every penny through its features.


Can you then wear Wallabees in the rain?

With the current use of the GORE-TEX fabrics on the uppers and liners of Clarks Wallabees, you can comfortably wear them in the rain without being afraid of them getting sucked or damaged.

The enormous thin pores on this material make it impossible for droplets of rain to even get into the shoe. This helps keep your feet dry while walking in the rain.

In addition, hence this fabric is water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about the visibility of rain stains on them any time it comes in contact with water or is worn in the rain.

Furthermore, they are built with an all-purpose thick, anti-slip, and durable sole from Italian sole-production giants Vibram.

An added advantage of this sole is its inability to be affected even when worn in wet environments.

They are also built with a comfort-ensuring and waterproof crepe outsole.

In some cases, there is a slight twist whereby the Vibram material is used in the production of the shoes’ outsoles while crepe rubber is used in the production of the shoes’ soles.

Can you wear Wallabees in the snow?

In time past, Wallabees were dropped on the shelf or kept indoors during the winter season because exposing them to snow will lead to its damage, but due to its recent upgrade, it is now a whole different story.

Since the Wallabees are built with water-resistant and breathable GORE-TEX fabric which is designed to fit all weather conditions including winter, then yes, you can wear your Wallabees in the snow.

These Wallabees also feature the ever-rugged Vibram sole and crepe outsole which are thick enough to survive even a snowstorm.

Is Clarks Wallabees true to size?

Clarks Wallabees are true to size. However, to its stretchable nature it has a tendency of stretching over time so you can rather go down a half size to prevent it from being oversized when it stretches.

So, if you wear a size 10 then you can go for 9.5.

Are Clarks Chukka boots Waterproof?

Clarks Chukka Boots are now waterproof, all thanks to the introduction of a water-resistant material called GORE-TEX.

The suede material in which Chukka boots are oftentimes made up of is very vulnerable when it comes to contact with moisture, and that has been one of the shoe’s major cons.

However, this led to the introduction of the GORE-TEX technology which has helped in making these suede shoes waterproof.

Some of the waterproof chukka boots from Clarks include Clarks Desert GTX Chukka Boots and Clarks Men’s Morris Peak Waterproof Chukka Boot.

Clarks Desert GTX Chukka Boots are well constructed and stylish boots that have their liners built with the fully functional water-resistant material GORE-TEX and a suede upper.

Its thick rubber outsole and crepe sole ensure its stability and long-lasting use. However, its sole isn’t anti-slip so you be careful while walking or running on slippy surfaces.

You must also endeavor to pick one that is a half size up if you have wide feet because the attachment of the GORE-TEX liner to the upper makes it fit a bit tighter, but If you have thin feet then you don’t have to worry about the sizing.

Are Clarks Orinoco boots waterproof?

Not all Orinoco boots from Clarks are built with a waterproof design. However, they all have liners made of textile which could help keep your feet dry when exposed to water even if your shoe isn’t water-resistant.

Some of Clarks Orinoco boots are built mainly for styling while some are made for outdoor activities hence its water-resistant design to ensure it is usable even in the rainy or winter season.

Inspired by the Chelsea boots, Clarks Orinoco boots are also known for their double closure pattern and irremovable footbed.

Clarks Orinoco/style boots are perfectly made boots with a heel height of 3cm and zip and lace-up closure. It has a textile liner and its uppers are made from thick leather materials.

It also has an exceptional look which you can use to make a statement, whenever you wear them out.

Meanwhile, Clarks Orinoco Riding boots are waterproof boots that are made up of water-resistant GORE-TEX material and have textile liners that aid in keeping the feet dry even when the shoe comes in contact with water and also has a synthetic sole.

Its only con has to be its sizing issues. It has a narrow buildup which makes it run small in size. So, to prevent it from being tight, you can equally go for one that is half or one size up.


Are Clark Cloudsteppers waterproof?

Clark cloudsteppers’ winter boots are very comfortable and waterproof. They are designed with a lace-up closure to grip your feet and hold them in place in wet environments and an upper which is designed to handle the toughest weather.

In addition, they have well-cushioned soft padding for extra comfort and smooth liners which also help in keeping your feet dry in wet areas.

However, they aren’t built with slip resistance so they could be a bit slippery when worn on snow or wet floors.



Termed the shoe for people who don’t wear shoes, Wallabees have evolved from being just unique square-toe footwear to a trademark shoe and also the best selling footwear in the Clarks Originals Shoe Collection.

Named after the Clark family, which are its inventors, Wallabees are shoes that have been around for decades.

Although there have been little or no changes on how it is looks, there have been a lot of improvements to its buildup and features to ensure each user’s experience is a delightful one.

This shoe isn’t a stranger to the elite either as celebrities like Justin Bieber, Raheem Sterling, Drake, David Beckham, Tyler – The Creator, Kanye West and many others have been seen donning this masterpiece.

Clarks Wallabees are shoes you should definitely check out if you are looking for water-resistant and breathable footwear that can be worn for both formal and casual activities.


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