5 Best Acupressure Insoles for Back Pain (in 2023)

As a person that suffers from back pain, you need the acupressure insole. Apart from the fact that acupressure insoles are comfortable, they also prevent back pain by making you feel so comfortable with your feet inside the shoe.

This is why you need the right types of acupressure insoles for back pain. If you suffer from back pain a lot, you may not be able to carry out your duties. In other words, you may not be able to perform your activities and be more efficient.

So in this article, I’ll be recommending the best acupressure insoles for everyone especially if you suffer from back pain a lot.

What makes these insoles great is that it offers comfort, the acupressure benefits for those with back pain and feet pain, the knee support it provides, and the well-fittedness for improved flexibility.

When your insole has these features, there is no way it wouldn’t support you incredibly well.

My top picks

Best Acupressure Insoles for Back Pain

Insoles for Back Pain
Unique features Ratings
ZODIFEVI Acupressure Insole Reflexology and natural pain relief for back pain 3.8/5
Filwahgo Acupressure Insole It is a portable feet massager and a neuropathic acupressure insole for back pain. 3.9/5
Care Spot Acupressure Insole It gives a shock-absorbing effect and relieves overall pain. 4.0/5
NIKKEN 1 mSteps Insoles Acupressure massage nodes, magnetic therapy and supports a weight of 275 pounds. 4.4/5
Dr. Scholl’s Relief orthotics All-day relief of back pain 4.3/5

Top 5 Acupressure Insoles for Back Pain

ZODIFEVI Acupressure Insole

Acupressure Insoles for Back Pain

This insole relieves pain on your back with every step you take, this is a good feature that you should be able to look out for each time you want to get a new insole as someone that suffers from back pain a lot.

It is a natural pain relief insole, it relieves pain on the foot, prevents cramps, and even eases tension all over the body.

This is the best acupressure insole anybody can get and apart from easing back pain. It also works in boosting the circulation of the blood by helping the blood move up to your body, preventing it from forcefully pooling in your feet.

Helps to reduce inflammation and also fights to reduce symptoms caused by poor blood circulation.

It actively reduces back pain in makes walking very comfortable and it can even help improve your posture. When you make use of this insole, you’ll never experience foot ailments.

The reflexology increases flexibility to allow you to wear the insole every day to do a variety of physical activities.

The flexibility node comprises a silicon material, cooling magnet, and extra arch support.

If you’re the type that suffers from back pain, heel pain, foot pain, etc. you would definitely love this insole.


  • A natural pain relief
  • Unisex (for both males and females)
  • It boosts the circulation of the blood
  • It improves posture
  • One of the best acupressure insoles for back pain
  • It treats foot ailment
  • It has a cooling technology to keep your feet dry and clean
  • It offers maximum comfort
  • Increases your posture and flexibility
  • Reduces fatigue and relieves skeletal and muscular pain
  • The magnetic node draws out inflammation and increases blood circulation


  • It is not a one size fit all type of insole.

Final Verdict

With this insole on, you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about especially if you have back pains. The flexibility is also a good feature as it helps to improve your movement to help you carry out all your daily activities.

Unlike other insoles, this one treats all other kinds of foot ailments. For the fact that this insole is not a one size fit all type, I’ll advise you to cut it (it’s cuttable) to fit your shoe size.

Filwahgo Acupressure Insoles

Acupressure Insoles for Back Pain

This insole has a portable feet massager relieve feature that reduces back pain and improves the circulation of the blood. It has several soft ultra particle contact point that serves different purposes.

The plantar fasciitis of this insole presses the feet more evenly to stimulate the acupressure points more effectively to reduce back pain, promote the circulation of the blood, and relieve the tension of the muscle.

The neuropathy contact point helps to relieve pressure while walking. What is a good insole without versatility? It can be used on other shoes and it is suitable for several use and persons

If you’re a frequent standing worker with back pain, fitness enthusiastic, or an athlete with back pain, it is suitable for you.

Apart from relieving back pain, it also reduces muscle soreness caused by cramps caused by carrying out long-term activities. This insole relieves back pain, migraine, foot pain, and arthritis.

This insole comes with a hard TPU and a cushioning layer to improve blood circulation and provide you with the comfort you desire.


  • Reduces back pain
  • Relieves foot pain
  • Versatile
  • Additional acupressure massaging mat
  • Improves the body’s blood circulation
  • Extremely light weighted
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Unique insole
  • Gives a firm fit


  • They hurt the feet after a while of wearing them

Final Verdict

This acupressure insole is very easy to clean as it is made from rubber. Even the air pressure particles are relatively dispersed in the insole.

The cushioning function of this shoe offers a soft and comfortable feel and it is ideal for daily use.

However, if you wear them consecutively, they could hurt the feet so I’ll advise you to get different pairs of the Filwahgo acupressure insole foot inserts.

Care spot acupressure magnetic insole

Acupressure Insoles for Back Pain

This insole is one of the best insoles you can get for yourself as it is one that helps to reduce back pain.

It comes with an acupressure technology massage system that relieves the overall body from pain, reduces tension, cools the feet, and also boosts endurance with the acupressure technology.

It has a shock absorption technology that absorbs shock with every step you take.

This acupressure insole features eighteen strategically placed magnets to stimulate reflex therapy points to moderate and reduce back pain and foot discomfort by rejuvenating the entire body.

The magnets visible on the insole emit frequent magnetic waves continuously which helps to weaken the fat cells in your body by also losing weight by walking with the acupressure insole on.

It provides extra arch support and the memory foam of this insole keeps the feet cool by providing proper ventilation.

You may wonder what it is about the magnet that makes it so special, it not only massages the feet, but it also helps in muscle relaxation for pain relief, proper circulation of blood, and reduces stress.

This insole will help to increase your productivity because how comfortable your feet are will determine how effective you will be.

With this insole, I can assure you that you will never have it go wrong in comfort.


  • Added shock absorption technology
  • Relieves back pain
  • Soothes the feet
  • It separates and deodorizes sweat
  • Boosts blood circulation with acupressure technology
  • User friendly and washable
  • They have great value for money
  • Cushions the feet
  • Extra arch support
  • Stimulates reflexes
  • Provides ventilation
  • Comfortable
  • One size fits all


  • They are not durable

Final Verdict

One good thing about this insole is that it is specifically made to relieve back pain.

If you are the type that suffers from it a lot when you wear shoes, then I’ll urge you to try out this insole and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

This insole is not durable and the doctors recommend that you change your insole every 3 months to promote healthier feet.

NIKKEN 1 Msteps Insoles

Acupressure Insoles for Back Pain

This insole has a dynaflux technology that controls the degree of movement raised that provides a refreshing sensation.

It has an all-day shock-absorbing technology that promotes comfort. This insole is a really good option for you especially if you need it to relieve pains.

It features an energizing massage node to give you the extraordinary comfort you need and to enable you to carry out your daily activities more effectively.

The exclusive Triface technology adds gentle infrared energy and soothing negative ions to produce your feet with the refreshing sensation to give you all-day comfort.

Heat, friction, and moisture clogging will not be a problem for you as it helps to absorb them. Another unique feature this insole has apart from relieving back pain is the ability for it to support a weight of over 275 pounds.

The arch support system will always keep your feet positioned at all times. If you’re the type of person that suffers from extreme back pain, I recommend this acupressure insole.


  • Works well for weights over 275 pounds
  • Reduces back pain
  • Versatile insole
  • Amazon’s best-seller
  • Stabilizes blood circulation
  • Value for money
  • True to size
  • Provides a refreshing sensation
  • Extraordinary comfort
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • This insole is hard at first wear and it takes a long period of time to get used to the wearer’s legs.
  • You might need to go through the stress of cutting and trimming it well before wear.

Final Verdict

One good thing about this insole is that even after going through a lot of stress you wear it, it still works perfectly and can be used over a long period of time.

If you have really narrow and thin feet, you’ll enjoy this insole and the best part of this insole is that it is one of the best acupressure insoles that relieves and reduces back pain.

This means goodbye to back pains and welcome to the whole new world of comfort.

Dr. Scholl’s Relief Orthotics

Acupressure Insoles for Back Pain

This insole is one of the best insoles that help in relieving back pains. It is known for reducing impact as you move and it was specifically designed to reduce back pain and everything relating to it.

It comes with a shock guard technology to treat persons feeling pain from the ground up to every other part of the body for immediate and all-day comfort.

It is a versatile insole that can be used on sandals, shoes, boots, casual shoes, and sneakers.

It is said that with every step that you take, your foot immediately strikes the ground and it sometimes generates a shock that travels up your leg to your back which results to back pain.

Dr. Scholl’s acupressure insole for back pain was specifically designed with the shock guard technology to absorb the shock received from every step you take for immediate pain relief.

This insole also helps to relieve and prevent pain felt from the arch, relieve heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis, and to also relieve pain in the knees, feet, and hip.

With this insole, you can move around more confidently and comfortably, even if you suffer from back pain, it will make you feel more energized with enough protection and support to help you perform at your best.


  • Reduces impact as you move
  • Absorbs every pain caused by inducing shock
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Very comfortable
  • Gives an immediate pain relief
  • Provides heel support
  • Helps in preventing feet, ankle, knee, and hip pain.


  • No warranty

Final Verdict

This insole is a multipurpose one and it will serve you a whole lot.

It doesn’t even matter the type of shoe you want to use it for, it will still help reduce the back pain as long as you have it on.

It reduces pain and stress and will still make you so comfortable.


Having back pain wasn’t chosen by anyone, as a matter of fact. I don’t think there’s anyone who enjoys it but in as much as we don’t choose it.

It still comes and one of the things we can do to live properly with it is to wear the right insoles while we hopefully pray it’s out of our lives.

The insoles I reviewed in this article are the best you can get out there so it’s left for you to make good use of the information above. I wish you the very best.


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