Crocs Nubs Hurt – What Can I Do?

Crocs nubs hurt you because of what it is being made of and the position it is being made which is in the inside sole of the Crocs and this makes it uncomfortable or painful for you. The nubs are like little pins sticking to your toes and underfoot. At first wear, you may feel … Read more

Are Crocs Good For Hiking?

The answer to this question is NO! Crocs are never good for hiking and you should not even consider using any type of Crocs for hiking. You will only end up endangering yourself and putting your foot at the risk of injury. Crocs have no heel protection and toe protection. They are poor when it … Read more

Are Vans Good For Mountain Biking?

The Vans with waffle grip that helps to provide traction and a flat sole is certainly suitable for mountain biking, but you see those slip-on Vans, avoid them completely. They can come off the pedal of your mountain bikes. You exert more force on the pedals when mountain biking and the lack of a supporting … Read more

Are Crocs Good For Walking On the Beach?

Absolutely. Crocs are excellent footwear that makes walking on the beach great. If you want to go to the beach and you are looking for comfortable footwear that you can go with, you can go with Crocs. They are light, comfortable and they also adapt well to sand. They have holes in them which makes … Read more