Should I Buy White or Black Converse?

The white Converse is better and a majority of people will agree with me. This is because it is very chic, much more versatile, and unique, and can be worn with a lot of outfits. 

The Converse shoe is that one shoe that does not go out of style and is still reinvented by the brand with new colors, styles, and collaborations. There has been a silent battle about which is better between the white and black Converse and the answer is, it depends.

Everyone is different so our tastes and personal opinions vary so it is easy to get confused. This does not imply that the classic black Converse is not any good because, in comparison to the white Converse, there was a close call.

In what situations are white Converse better than black

Should I Buy White or Black Converse?

There are quite a lot of situations that you would find either white or black Converse better than the other. I own both the white and Converse so I have had firsthand experience in these situations.

Here are some situations where the white Converse is better than the black Converse:

  • The white is very versatile and matches well with many items. This is one of the reasons for their popularity and trendiness.
  • The white Converse looks great and gives a nice contrast with the majority of jeans I have tried it with, they also look good when paired with chinos or khakis.
  • White Converse pulls off a better look especially during summer and during really hot times as it is a lighter color.
  • It tends to pair very well with other light-colored cloth too. I particularly love the white Converse because they brighten up my whole outfit.
  • It looks fabulous when I pair it with shorts and I can decide to wear them sockless in the summer or not and they would still look great anyway.
  • The white Converse has this light charming vibe and they tend to look fine patterned with almost anything.

In what situation are black Converse better than white

Should I Buy White or Black Converse?

 While The Black Converse outshines the white Converse in these situations

  • The black Converse is the more classic Converse style and I would prefer the black Converse especially if you are buying the Converse shoes for the first time.
  • The black Converse does not get dirty easily and that is something when compared with the white Converse which although looks great, gets dirty very easily.
  • The white Converse has a more feminine style unlike the black Converse which is more neutral and conventional

Things to consider before buying a white Converse


Before purchasing a white Converse or any color of Converse in general, the fitting should be kept in mind.

According to the official Converse site, they state that Converse runs a half size larger than your normal shoe so let’s say you are a men’s size 11, you would be a Converse size 10.5. An amazing way I find my Converse size is by manually measuring my foot.

This can be done using this very easy reliable method. All you have to do is get a piece of paper, put it close, straight against a wall, and stand on it. you will need someone to help you mark the top of your feet and the back of your heel.

When this is done, measure the distance between the points marked. You are good to go!


I will not deny that although they look chic and elegant. There is a glitch though which is the fact that they get dirty really fast. This is one thing to consider before purchasing a white Converse.

There are lots of methods out there for cleaning and caring for white Converse and I have found that the majority of them get the job done.

From baking soda, vinegar, toothpaste, bleach to even laundry detergent, you do not have to worry about a cleaning agent to use to get off the stains.

The safest way possible to clean any type of Converse be it white or black is by hand. Below is a quick method I use to clean and remove stains from my white Converse.

  1. I usually start by removing the lace of the white Converse then I move on to using a soft brush to brush off dust and dirt
  2. Mix a dish liquid, I just use dawn into a bucket of cold water and soak the lace of the Converse
  3. Using a brush, toothbrush or rag, dip into the mixture and go over the entire shoe till it’s sparkling clean
  4. Wipe the Converse with a clean damp cloth to rinse it and leave it to air dry. For a tough stain, baking soda has always done the work for me


No one told me white Converse starts to yellow when I first purchased a white one, to simply put it, I was shocked when I first noticed my white Converse yellowing. Do not be alarmed because there is a reason for this and it can be prevented.

White Converse as with most of all the white shoes will start to yellow due to stable substances such as sweat stains or some dirt being deposited.

Yellowing can also happen when you do not properly rinse out your white Converse and there is some detergent or soap leftover, this will create a chemical reaction under the sun while the Converse is airing.

So proper care is needed to maintain your white Converse.

Things to consider before buying a black Converse

Should I Buy White or Black Converse?

We have already discussed the sizing and fit before buying any pair of Converse so we will jump right into the next thing to consider before purchasing black Converse sneakers.


The material the black Converse shoe is made off is very susceptible to fading and this is why the washing technique used matters. I have owned quite a handful of different styles of black Converse and I know the things to avoid if you still want to maintain that vibrant hue of the shoe.

The best way to sustain the durability of your Converse is by hand washing.

  1. I always hand washed and they have lasted for years. The cloth dryer and washing machines should be avoided most times because they can be too rough on the black Converse.
  2. Another crucial thing to be wary of is the sun, yes. If you expose your black Converse to the sun for a long time, it will start to fade so it is best to limit the exposure.
  3. Avoid using hot water when washing black Converse shoes because this can cause them to fade
  4. Bleach is another enemy of the black Converse because when used, it can break down the shoe’s fabric.

Even if they lose their shine, black Converse sneakers can be brightened up again but not to how they originally were. This should not be a concern as the fading gives it a more rugged look. If you still want it to be black then you can dye your black Converse sneakers 


Before purchasing the black Converse or any Converse in general, you should consider whether you would like to buy the high-top or low-top Converse.

This would all depend on the look you plan to achieve with the white Converse. This should be kept in mind before purchasing your white Converse.

What can you pair white Converse with?

Should I Buy White or Black Converse?

Denim and Chinos

The white high-top Converse has a very nice aesthetic and gives a classic vibe for the gents. this Converse style goes best with simple chinos or casual denim if you want to opt for a more modern look.

The high-top Converse can look weird with cuffed pants because of the fact that they finish higher in the ankle. Pants that a long and uncuffed give a more balanced look. Slim trousers go best too due to their lean shape which works with the slender design of the sneaker.

You can finish the look and layer it up with a jacket on your polo or shirt.

Dark-colored jeans

If you are looking for perfect casual and summer sneakers to complete your outfit, the low-top white Converse is what you need. These sneakers make for an easy and airy look due to their simple style and light bright color.

Light-colored pants like light chinos, light washed jeans when paired with the white low-top Converse look fabulous. With this pair, you are making the most out of this very stylish Converse.

With dark-colored jeans, the contrast will be very noticeable, and to get away with this kind of look you have to balance it.

The low top white Converse should be dressed up with a smart casual look and can be completed with a white shirt and a blazer

Converse sneakers paired with shirts be it high-top inverse sneakers or low-top Converse sneakers is a fun look for all mall body types and fashion styles.

They can be worn with any length of shorts without looking outlandish. The key to making them work with shirts is to keep the look casual. There are multiple choices when choosing shirts from chinos shorts to denim shorts.

With high top sneakers, the shorts you pick should sit above your knee for a balanced look and can be paired with great and exciting styles of tops with different varieties to pick from while the low top Converse sneaker goes well with knee-length shorts and they best suit classic simple tops to be paired with.

Accessorizing with sunglasses and a hat ties the whole look together.

What can you pair black Converse with?

Plain tees

The all-black high-top Converse gives this edgy look and feel. When dressed right the whole outfit looks great. An ideal trouser to pair with these dark Converse sneakers is black, cuffed jeans as they further attribute to the look.

When pairing a top, opt for a cooler, more plain tee or you can decide to be bold by pairing with a patterned shirt (Short sleeve looks great). Have fun with creating this outfit and you can finish off the whole look with a pair of shades (dark preferably).

Skinny Jeans

The black low-top Converse is the perfect sneakers for a casual winter outfit, unlike the white low-top sneakers which make for a great summer look.

When paired with a neutral, cold tone along with dark hues, the dark low-top Converse appears more stylish. Something to avoid doing is dressing from head toe in black.

This can be avoided by adding some color variance to keep the look modern and crisp. Formal outfits do not go well with these sneakers, unlike casual outfits which they look best with.

Skinny jeans or slim chinos paired with a jumper or cardigan completes the whole look. Beanie or scarf to accessorize depending on your taste.

Play around with your outfits.


Should I Buy White or Black Converse?

The Converse sneakers are that trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. There is no overall best Converse color and this is because although there will be relevant facts to back up why one is better than the other, as it all goes down to personal taste.

The white Converse was the best pick due to it having an edge over the black Converse. If you still prefer the black Converse or any other color then you should proceed to buy what you like.

Overall, if you are still confused then just know this, go for a white Converse if you already own a black one but opt for the black one if you are buying a Converse shoe for the first time. They can be dressed up in different ways

In general, the Converse shoe is worth buying and they are durable for a pair of sneakers as my last pair lasted well over two to three years of persistent use.

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