Why Do Skechers Smell So Bad?

If your Skechers smell so bad, it could be because of a number of reasons: It may be that the odor-causing bacteria that live off of your sweat and dead skin spread to the inside of your shoes, stays there, and begin to make the shoe smell. Your Skechers may also smell bad when your … Read more

Are Vans Actually Good for Skating?

The way I see Vans, seems like it is just made for skating. You don’t think so? Well, let’s find out together. Vans are just the perfect shoes for skateboarding because of their thorough grip and durability. The design is cool and fashionable too. The best skateboarding shoes for the Vans varieties that I know … Read more

Is There A Difference Between Men and Women Crocs?

The truth is that there is no striking difference between men’s and women’s Crocs. Most Crocs that are seen as men’s can also be worn by women and vice versa. However, in terms of fit, color, design, and overall outlook, there are some Crocs that better suit men than women, and there are others that … Read more

Can You Wear Crocs to Work at Starbucks?

Yes, you can wear your favorite Crocs to work at Starbucks as long as they are anti-slip and do not possess any holes or straps. The heels must be covered so as to represent some good professionalism which is a reflection of the Starbucks Company. My favorite go-to Crocs work shoes is the On the … Read more

How to Make My Converse Not Squeak

Having shoes that squeak could be really embarrassing and annoying; especially when it is your favorite pair. With squeaky Converse, you’d have all eyes on you once you step into a silent and serious staff room, or any quiet place. Here are a few DIY tricks to make your Converse not squeak. Sprinkle the area … Read more