What Shoes to Wear at Starbucks

Starbucks strongly advises and encourages that you wear slip-resistant shoes in order to avoid injuries that might arise from slips or falls. The shoe must also cover the whole of your feet. For safety purposes, Starbucks has narrowed down the types of footwear that are allowed for employees. This is found in the employees’ handbook … Read more

Why Do Converse Look Bad On Me?

Your Converse may look bad on you due to so many reasons that include oversize, mismatch of colors, and of course mis-blend of clothing. Converse shoes are very versatile to be worn anywhere including runways and on basketball courts, but when they are inappropriately worn, they will definitely look bad and sometimes unattractive on you. … Read more

Do White Crocs Get Dirty Easily?

Yes, white Crocs get dirty, turn yellow, or brown, and generally, get discolored easily, so long you wear it and use it on surfaces all around you. The Crocs like any other white shoes will surely get dirty. White Crocs can get dirty easily unlike other colors of Crocs and this is simply due to … Read more

Why Do My Converse Make Noise When I Walk?

There are several things that will make your Converse make a sound while you walk, I am sure you are not aware of why it makes noise and that is the reason you are here to get the solution, your Converse keeps on making noise while you walk if you don’t read through. Large Converse … Read more

Why Do Converse Look Weird When You Wear?

Your Converse may look weird based on two reasons; they could be bigger than you or you may have combined them with the wrong outfit. The word weird comes in many folds and for Converse users, weird simply means not appropriate. In my terms, it could mean that they are a little too big or … Read more