Do Crocs Get Worn Out?

Of course, everything gets worn out, but do Crocs? The answer is yes. You can not wear your Crocs forever. However, your Crocs can last for 4-5 years before it starts wearing out. How quickly your Crocs wear out also depends on how you clean and maintain it, how you walk with it, and how … Read more

Can You Wear Crocs To Work At Amazon?

Amazon companies do not require that workers wear a particular kind of footwear. So the answer is obvious, yes, you can put on your favorite Crocs shoes to work at the world’s largest business franchise. Amaz(on)ing isn’t it? You can wear your Crocs shoes to work at Amazon baring three things at the back of … Read more

Shoes Similar To Feiyue: 10 Best Feiyue Alternatives

For decades, the Feiyue brand has been known for how comfortable it makes people’s feet feel. This brand of shoes has lots of amazing footwear that are lightweight, durable, and comfortable. Initially, this shoe was popular among martial artists and other athletes before it gained widespread popularity some few years ago. It is one of … Read more

Do Timberland Crease?

Yes, Timberland crease. Typically, Timberland shoes are made with leather and after a while, that leather has been used, it would begin to crease. The same goes for Timberland boots since they are made with Nubuck leather, they would begin to crease as time goes by. Most people wear Timberland boots even when it is … Read more

How To Stop Patent Leather Shoes From Squeaking

Imagine you walk into a room, the atmosphere, dead silent, as you take a stride forward – you’re lost in thought thinking to yourself how do I stop my patent leather shoes from squeaking – you break the silence, it’s just your shoes, producing a high pitched and cringe-worthy sound, Embarrassing right? Just thinking about … Read more