What Do NBA Players Do With Old Shoes

I have been wondering what NBA players do with their old shoes and now that my friend has asked me again. I decided to research and put up this post as a way of making sure everybody learns. What NBA players do with old shoes is that sometimes they are sold, sometimes they are usually … Read more

Can Badminton Shoes Be Used On Concrete?

Yes! You can use badminton shoes on concrete. You can use badminton shoes to play on concrete, synthetic, clay, or grass. This is possible because the soles of badminton shoes are made with different types of plastic-like soles. But be careful though, that your shoes can wear out quickly and you run a risk of … Read more

Can Woodland Shoes Be Used In Snow?

No! Woodland shoes are not suitable for use in the snow because of the heavy, non-waterproof, and poor grip qualities. You try to wear a Woodland shoe in snow? Be sure to find yourself tripping and falling to the ground. What people do in the snow is that they’re trekking or probably hiking. If a … Read more

Can You Wear Skate Shoes Casually?

The answer to that question is YES! You can wear skate shoes casually. The reason being that skate shoes have a casual look. When you wear them casually it also feels and looks so good and you do not need to be a skater before you can wear skating shoes. They can be worn manually … Read more

Can You Cycle in Hiking Boots?

Yes, you can cycle in hiking boots. There is a slight difference between hiking shoes and cycling shoes. The sole pattern is slightly different and the weight differs. It is extremely okay to cycle in hiking boots. Hiking and cycling are different, but you can cycle in hiking boots. You can use hiking boots to … Read more