How to Make My Converse Not Squeak

Having shoes that squeak could be really embarrassing and annoying; especially when it is your favorite pair. With squeaky Converse, you’d have all eyes on you once you step into a silent and serious staff room, or any quiet place. Here are a few DIY tricks to make your Converse not squeak. Sprinkle the area … Read more

Why Do Converse Make My Feet Look Long?

Converse creates this illusion of being very long at the feet when you stare straight down at the sneakers. You are the only one that thinks this way, no one else. This is nothing to worry about at all, as all shoes give this perception. Also, Converse shoes have a pretty long “tongue” that reaches … Read more

Do Converse Stretch As You Wear Them

The short answer is YES. Converse do stretch as you wear them. However,  you will have to bear the pain of wearing them at first. Also, note that there are several ways to stretch your converse as you wear them. If it is a newly bought converse, it will soon become comfortable and stretch to … Read more

How to Make Converse Not Hurt

Needless to say, Converse is among the most recognizable shoe brands in the world. It is very easy and predictable for anyone who wants to buy a pair of shoes to consider converse and its all-embracing design. Not only because they are easy to wear but also because they are customizable. While the all-glorifying Converse … Read more